Friday, May 26, 2017

Cardinal Mueller's Interview is not helpful.

If there's one thing that gets under my skin, it is their amaranthine dog and pony shows around a disaster.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

The good Cardinal Mueller dances around Raymond's attempts to engage him in honest dialogue, right up until Raymond reminds him that the pope himself has affirmed the heretical interpretations of the Argentine Bishops - and then he says there are rules in the Church and we ought to stop talking about the way the pope is misleading and demoralizing our relatives.

And I say to this, we'll be quiet about their misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance when pigs fly.

I continue to be appalled by what they are concerned about while the Holy Father distributes, ad nauseum, the insidious propaganda of unfaithful prelates in Christ's Church:

When asked about the dubia and whether they should be answered by the Holy Father, Cardinal Müller says that, with regard to the content of the dubia, these are “legitimate questions to the pope.” However, he regrets that “that it came out into the public,” causing “tensions between the pope and some cardinals.” “This is not good in our world of mass media,” concludes the cardinal, adding that “our enemies are glad to see our Church in a certain confusion.”

"The public, the tensions of the pope, the mass media, the enemies of the Church"

Blah, blah, blah.

While we want them to pull the plug on the Holy Father's affirmation of heretics and heresies because it is robbing people we love of salvation, they are worried about the egg on their faces and the pope's emotions when told he is misleading people with his nonsense.

There was one good clearing of some smoke of stupidity:

With regard to the question of the female deaconate, Cardinal Müller makes it clear that there cannot be a sacramental female deaconate and that Pope Francis established his study commission merely in order to find out more ways of participation in the Church for women.

Of course not. The deaconate involves ordination. Women can never be ordained because we are invalid matter. Its an infallible teaching of the Church.

But then he goes right back to gobblygook:

Raymond Arroyo also asks the German cardinal whether the invitation of Paul Ehrlich and other progressive speakers at the Vatican is disturbing for him. In response, Cardinal Müller explains that, as a former academician, “I can discuss with everybody,” but “we must avoid the impression” of a relativization. “These people might be good scientists, but anthropologically, they [these secular academicians] have some lacks [deficiencies],” but we must “always have respect” for the natural law and the dignity of man, explains the cardinal. It is important to highlight the “right to life,” according to Cardinal Müller. “Overpopulation of the world could be a problem [sic], but we cannot resolve it with the killing of the half of mankind.”

Raymond has to corner him again.

When asked whether he is worried about giving moral credence to these speakers, Müller responds: “That could be the danger.”

It's a simple question dude. Just answer it.

Here is the crux of our inability to see eye-to-eye:

There is one group however, whose approach I find very strange: the intentionally orthodox among higher prelates and theologians who treat the turmoil arising from Amoris Laetitia as a matter of ‘misinterpretations’. They will focus on the text alone, abstracted from any of the known antecedents in the words and acts of Pope Francis himself or its wider historical context.

The 'one group' we are talking about is our children and the uncatechized. Due to their spiritual immaturity from lousy catechesis for the last 50 years, they are incapable of complicated theological analysis necessary to overcome the Holy Father's gushing over heretical interpretations.

The Holy Father is giving credibility to crackpot theology. He is doing irreparable harm to the people inside of our homes who suffered through the last 50 years of ordaining heretics and sexually active gay men. The 'higher prelates and theologians who treat the turmoil arising from Amoris Laetitia as a matter of misinterpretations' are simply trying to get our concerns through their thick heads.

It is impossible to have an honest conversation with them about the people doing irreparable harm inside of our family.

That has always been the problem. At every level of the internal structure of Christ's Church. In my many years of observing this peculiar phenomenon, it comes across to me as an inability to accept responsibility for their mistakes. The sin of pride.

The sad thing is, Cardinal Mueller is a faithful man. The pussyfooting and dishonesty stands out like a sore thumb.


Michael Dowd said...

Cardinal Muller tipsily walked Arroyo's questions of trying to reconcile Pope Francis words and actions with Catholic doctrine. Bottom line: Muller is a "company man". We received no new light from any of this just more equivocation and obfuscation. No one would say this is Christ's Way, Truth or Life. So we wait, and pray as we wait, for the Catholic Church to come to itself in doctrine and action.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Isn't it interesting that the super flexible mess maker, the down to earth doctrine hater, the anti-intellectualism, anti-rationality (2+2 can be 5 or 7, all depending on the desired agenda, in tune with situational logic and ethics) finds his defenders with clever theological acrobats, while being unconvincing to any clear-thinking, simple (as in: simplicity embracing) person?

No average honest Catholic, who cares to know, ponder and follow Church doctrine, falls for these acrobatics. Unrepentant sinners, on the other hand, love them.

Anonymous said...

Clerics like Cardinal Müller are trying to keep up the farcical "hermeneutics" of Benedict XVI, rooted in a false notion that exaggerates papal infallibility to the point of making the Pope of Rome similar to some kind of Sibylline oracle. Those who criticise the Roman Pontiff for his flagrant assaults on Catholic doctrine are thus stigmatised as rebellious transgressors against the dogma of pontifical infallibility, lacking faith in the Divine Promises to the Church Catholic. The more Pope Francis writes encyclicals, apostolic exhortations, or whatever the titles that he attaches to his mutterings, the more absurd the mentioned "hermeneutics" become. And this, I think, is the reason why Divine Providence has permitted the Bergoglian wrecking ball to be unleashed; to destroy the exaggerations of pontifical infallibility, which have been obstructing vivid resistance to disastrous concoctions like "Dignitatis Humanae" and "Nostra Aetate" for decades.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

Catholic Mission said...

MAY 28, 2017

There are liturgical abuses and a lot of errors in the dogmatic sphere -Cardinal Gerhard Muller on the SSPX