Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Archbishop Gänswein: Women will never be ordained.

No kidding.      Can you believe this really news?

I wonder if the coven is still 'studying' whether women can be ordained as deacons?

One charade after another. Such a colossal waste of time.

Instead of handing out Church teaching on why women can never be ordained, and explaining that the diaconate requires an ordination, and therefore women will never be deacons, the Holy Father makes believe the question is open, convenes a committee of buffoons willing to give up years of precious time loving family and friends to play a game of rope-a-dope with people who are deceiving them. That is my idea of hell.

I don't see good will in their endless game of stringing people along. I came across a heartbreaking thread on Facebook yesterday discussing the latest "God made you gay" sophistry. A gay man was convinced Pope Francis believes God is the creator of homosexuality and therefore the disordered use of God's gift of human sexuality doesn't lead to hell. Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.

Deception cripples the brain. The idea that there are people out there who cannot process the diaconate requires ordination and therefore women will never be ordained, is astonishing. Their brain deliberately puts the brakes on to prevent it from crashing into truth. They can't see beyond the deception.

I've always been a person who uses my brain to think. That's what saved me from being sucked into the rabbit hole.

For the life of me, I cannot fathom why a person wouldn't carry the thought through, that if the Pope is suggesting God creates disordered use of sexuality, then he created the victims pedophile, and his words are applicable to pedophilia: "You have to be happy with who you are. God made you this way and loves you this way, and the pope loves you this way.”

The same flaw in critical thinking would be applicable to liars, mass murderers and serial rapists.

Ergo, coming full circle with your brain, it is not possible for God to be the creator of homosexuality. That would be vicious. God endowed us with free will. Our transgressions against Divine Law are our own creation.

Of course God loves us all, in spite of the things we do and say that violate and harm other people. He loves us in the same way a parent loves a child, even when that child is unruly and undisciplined.

Just as parental love is incapable of saving their children from the consequences of committing a crime, God's love doesn't absolve us from the consequences of committing mortal sin.

God's love made only forgiveness available. Forgiveness requires contrition, a promise to avoid not only the sin, but anything and anyone who would cause us to sin, and the Sacramental absolution of Reconciliation.

If Mr. Cruz is giving an accurate depiction of what the Holy Father said and did not say to convey the idea that God loves and created his sexual disorder with the intention that he act upon them, he's been lied to, by commission and omission.

Nothing the pope says or doesn't say, does or doesn't do changes that reality.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Pope Francis Words to Abuse Victim

  Here's some balanced coverage of the latest hoo-ha.   

As frustrating as some of the headlines and resulting confusion is on this story, I don't think this crack pipe is worth getting worked up over.  Though I'm in complete agreement with Phil.

God made you a polygamist and loves you as a polygamist.   It doesn't matter.   You have to be happy with being a polygamist.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Pope Francis Says Jesus was Daring to Pick Apostles Who Were So Stupid...

That statement you make when you think all blue collar workers are stupid:   “It really seems too daring that Jesus entrusts the task to a small group of simple men without great intellectual abilities!”

The man seems to subscribe to an awful lot of urban legends.

Blue collar workers are stupid.

People who own guns are not Christian.

Women who trust God and are open to life know about as much about procreation as wild bunny rabbits.

Folks who come to Mass to immerse themselves in Christ in mystical prayer are people who don't like to dance.

People who know the effects of receiving the Blessed Sacrament in a state of mortal sin are museum mummies.  

Catholics complaining about the stupid things he's doing and saying and the damage its doing to people we love are bitter, rigid, pickle-pussed gossip terrorists.

It's all so tiring.

Tomorrow, citizens of my beloved Ireland are voting on a referendum to put children to death.   The Holy Father has said nothing.   Absolutely nothing.  He expresses his disgust for every raised eyebrow but nothing to say about the lives of the unborn and the salvation of their mothers.

At the end of the day, Christ knew when it comes to an apostolic mission, even an apostolic imbecile is better than someone who just doesn't give a damn.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Are Catholic Blogs Cultivating a Cottage Industry of Outrage?

My general sentiments are: Some things in this life require outrage. The problem we have in Rome is one of them.

But, I am in agreement with many of bear's most recent observations about the response Pope Francis pontificate has elicited on Catholic blogs.

I'm not a person with a propensity toward despair or letting negative emotions find a home in my heart and intellect. The sacraments and intimacy with Christ are my oxygen - so synthesizing the Holies of Holies and the angelic mystical world as associated with the broken and corrupt, thereby weakening my own faith, is impossible for me. I'm truly baffled how anyone would or could make an intellectual association between the reception of Divinity and Christ in one's soul and all  its gifts and effects with the products of sin, and reach a conclusion they need to stay away from Christ's Intimacy and Divinity in His Sacraments. (IMHO, this is also an intellectual product of some kind of deadly sin that requires the Sacraments.)

But, people do leave comments on the blog and reach out to me personally to discuss their despair. Not very often, but it does happen and I see its effects on Facebook and other public media sources. I understand why the bear made a personal decision to stop writing about the big problem and return to evangelism.

I started this blog in the late 90's to chronicle various catechetical, liturgical, problems in the Chancery in the Archdiocese of Boston. As I've written about before, Thousands of faithful Catholics tried to resolve misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance of teaching and sanctification of their loved ones internally for decades. We went all the way up to dicasteries in Rome on many occasions. Those efforts were a complete waste of time. Most of us have boxes of patronizing communications expressing gratitude for bringing the problem to their attention, but the spiritual abusers were actually coddled and emboldened.

Similar to the effects of episcopal enabling and coddling of ephobophiles, the enabling and coddling of spiritual abuse made problems worse.

Similar to the public exposition of coddling ephobophiles, blogging about heresy and liturgical nonsense in parishes (and the Chancery) is THE ONLY response that will bring a screeching halt to spiritual malpractice.

I couldn't count the number of priests who have told me that they stopped something or refused to do something because they "didn't want to read about it on your blog". Priests friendly to practicing Catholics have said it with a grin, priests no so friendly through gritted teeth. Faithful bishops telling war stories of catechetical problems told me they wished I lived in their diocese, that it was 'too bad' when bishops don't know how to 'use you' to defect criticism and blame when he explains why some half-baked idea can't be implemented.

We have many years of experience in how bishops license spiritual abuse.

With respect to the Holy Father - et al - we've tried internal charitable dialogue to explain the effects upon the family and Church and ask him to stop it. The response has been enabling, coddling, promoting praise and defense of abusers and ridicule, slander, removals and vindictive punishments directed towards people asking him to stop it. Sadly, this is all very familiar to us.

I do not know who or what he is or why and frankly, after experiencing the damages in my own network of poorly catechized Catholics, and his response to our disclosures, I do not give a damn. I pray fervently for him and I'm doing my best to continue to say what needs to be said in charity and love. It certainly is not the behavior of any prelate I've ever met whose desires were for children to have access to the tools to live every day in a state of Sanctifying Grace. As a mother and grandmother, that is all I need to know.

It's been my experience that public exposition has an immediate effect upon episcopal leaders who operate this way. As bad as things are, I believe the public exposition has effectuated an inability to fully roll out ideas and plans. We will never know in this life whether a desired letter written to German Bishops about reception of the Blessed Sacrament would have instructed them to give it out like bubble gum. Or whether the Holy Father is dealing the cards to faithful Catholic Bishops. Or a little of both.

The non-answer paved the way to deflect criticism from the Holy Father. Which ever way it turns out. This is how the game is played. It will be left to the minority of German Bishops to what we refer to in Boston as "gum it up".

This minority needs the back up of faithful Catholics in the public square. More than ever. This back up is also essential to the handful of Romans (working with Cardinal Burke) to our local priests and bishops.

The problem for Catholic bloggers is, things have reached a point where something screwy is happening every day. If you haven't ramped up your apostolate to several writers who can focus on different things, your stuck making choices about what is more important service to Christ's Mystical Body on a particular day.

For me, writing about this stuff is the complete opposite of what I say and do in my real life. The zeal for the teachings of the House of the Lord, love, joy, compassion, laughter is on the backburner on the blog. As the hauntings from the Romans ramp up, I do struggled with what to do about the blog.

Lately, I've been choosing my battles, writing about my zeal for Christ's teachings or writing less often. I'm feeling a change down the road, but I'm not sure what it will mean. I may recruit a few others and create a new blog that can focus on zeal while still producing back up, I may cut back to writing once a week. I'm praying about it. You'll be the first to know when I come to a decision.

One thing I do know: I'm not going to stop writing about the buffoonery.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Legacy of Pope Francis Pontificate: Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur

Cardinal raises question: Is Pope Francis part of Church’s ‘final trial’?

A Dutch cardinal has said that Pope Francis’ failure to uphold the Church’s authentic faith makes him think of the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s prophecy of a “final trial” for the Church before the second coming of Christ.

Cardinal Willem Eijk, 64, the Archbishop of Utrecht, made the startling comment in an article published today at the National Catholic Register.

Startling? To whom?

I think the number of informed Catholics who haven't thought this pontificate could be the CCC prophecy of the Church's final trial could dance on the head of a pin.

The legacy of this papacy is Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur!

If it isn't the prophecy, it might as well be.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Holy Father Tells Heretical German Bishops to Vote for Doctrine Rather Than Seek Answers from the Magisterium

This is a significant development.

After a clear division over giving Communion to the Protestant spouses of Catholics in mixed marriages led to a rare summit between German prelates and Vatican officials on Thursday, the Germans were told that Pope Francis appreciates their “ecumenical commitment” and would like them to find a “possibly unanimous” solution.

The outcome seems to make clear that Francis is not inclined to settle the dispute himself, preferring that the German bishops work it out among themselves.

So, here we have a situation where Church teaching is clear, but a group of heretical bishops formally asks the Pope for permission to openly violate Church teaching.

They’ve asked, “should we give the Blessed Sacrament to non-Catholics who reject the Magisterium?”

In practice, the Holy Father tells them the authority of the Chair of Peter and the CDF no longer exists and therefore they have no resources put answers they already know in writing - but they can do something schismatic if they take a unanimous vote.

The Head of Christ's Church is the means through which the Holy Spirit unites us to the Truth. When a pope (bishop or priest) severs us from unity in the Truth, it's an act of decapitation to the Body of Christ.

The Holy Father's synod with another act of decapitation. These same bishops took their swords and decapitated the Magisterium. In turn, diocese, parishes, families were severed and scattered.

Cardinal Burke has been attempting to return Christ's Mystical Body to its intact state.

As we are trying to patch the pieces, they've delivered another blow with the sword.

It'ss bad as it gets.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Did the Notorious AntiCatholicism of British Aristocracy Play a Role in Alfie Evans Case?

Prayers ascending for Alfie's parents. Two 20-year-olds whose names are Love and Courage. So proud of them. Alfie was a baptized Catholic who died before the age of reason, so we can say with confidence, he went straight to Heaven.

A few thoughts and lessons learned about socialized medicine and letting your country fall into the rabbit hole morally-bankrupt Machiavellian political power.

1. When Tom and Kate first brought concerns to Alfie's pediatricians, they were told Alfie was just lazy. Here's a reality check: As it turned out, its was the doctors practicing socialized medicine who were being lazy.

2. When it became clear that doctors at Alder Hey did not have the knowledge and resources to determine what was wrong with Alfie and treat him, they refused to refer him to doctors and facilities with greater expertise and resources. They held Alfie hostage to their limitations until his condition deteriorated beyond his ability to full-recover.

3. At this point, Alfie's doctors began to recommend the best course for Alfie was to let him die.

There is much speculation that Alfie's diagnosis is medical malpractice or a possible reaction to Britain's aggressive immunization schedule and the refusal to refer him to another facility is a cover-up. This is certainly within the realm of possibilities. Alder Hey is notorious for egregious ethical violations, including unauthorized removal of organs and retention of children's bodies in their basement.

Here's where it starts to get complicated:

4. When a hospital decides it is going to stop treating a patient, people who are free have the ability to say "bye Felicia", pack up their belongings and walk out the door.

We are free to accept an offer from the Pope for free medical care and step into his helicopter loaded with doctors and resources to care for us. Or, we are free to come to terms with the futility of further treatment and hitch a ride back home to die in the comfort of our own homes, surrounded by the things and people who love us.

In the US, we do have doctors, hospitals and insurance companies make life and death decisions about health care. This is a necessity.

We also have judges who have the authority to take legal control away from the parents of minor children. This is also a sad necessity.

These two infrastructures need people in them who have right judgment and the resources to treat or care for sick or at-risk children. Problems start to develop in both of these infrastructures when we elect morally-bankrupt politicians.

There are US cases that intercede when the religious convictions of a parent prevent a sick child from antibiotics and surgeries that will cure their maladies. There are also US cases where doctors obtained legal authority over minor children in cases of suspected Maunchhausen by proxy or neglect.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no case in US history where the doctors who refuse to treat a patient obtained legal authority to instead imprison a child in a hospital for the purposes of keeping him from people who want to help him and starving him to death. This is a new low.

And this one is the most important...

4. Doctors stated the reason they were preventing parents from taking Alfie home to die was not a medical issue, but was related to an 'attitude' of the parents.

Doctors actually admitted they were using the powers of police and the court to prevent Alfie from dying at home to take revenge for criticism directed towards them by his parents. The extraordinary cruelty of using a dying child for revenge is corruption of power of the worst kind.

What reason could their possibly be to prevent a child from receiving free health care at another facility? Especially when it's an offer from the Pope?

What would the possible motive be for imprisoning a child in a medical facility whom you've stopped treating for the purposes of killing him?

It's important to analyze what's gone awry in the UK. The US is well on its way to surrendering our freedom to totalitarianism. We are not there yet and if we never want to arrive there, the time is now to do everything within our means to reverse eight years of power with Democrats in control of our three branches of government.

The British aristocracy has a long history of conducting themselves like murdering savages incapable of mercy. Does socialized medicine grant the license necessary to subjugate citizens to the oppressive cruelty of political barbarians?

Or was something more sinister at play?

Who wouldn't respect an offer from the Pope? Why, if it cost them nothing and they were not treating a patient, would they obstruct him from being walked 50 feet to hop on a mediflight? Something stinks.

Sadly, I think its entirely within the realm of possibilities that Alfie was a victim of notorious antiCatholicism in the UK.

Whatever has gone awry, if we don't want our relatives to be subjected to the cruelty of revenge of reprobates, we need to put enormous effort into preventing it from happening in the US.

We dodged a canon with Trump. Moving forward, it is critical to use our voting power to keep socialists/communist/democrats out of office. (More on this later.)

Finally, speaking of miscreants, this case once again demonstrated we're not going to have the help of Bishops in the Catholic Church. As physicians surrounded Alfie by police to kill him by cutting off nutrition and hydration, the bishop of Liverpool ran into the public square to claim the attempted murder was 'doing everything humanly possible' for Alfie.

In 2004, Pope John Paul II addressed a group of physicians in Rome, saying: “I should like particularly to underline how the administration of water and food, even when provided by artificial means, always represents a natural means of preserving life, not a medical act. Its use, furthermore, should be considered, in principle, ordinary and proportionate, and as such morally obligatory, insofar as and until it is seen to have attained its proper finality, which in the present case consists in providing nourishment to the patient and alleviation of his suffering.

It is clear that "by euthanasia in the true and proper sense must be understood an action or omission which by its very nature and intention brings about death, with the purpose of eliminating all pain"; such an act is always "a serious violation of the law of God, since it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person".

The teachings of the Church convict the bishop of Liverpool of lying.

Bishops are right where they always have been when our people are being slaughtered: Licking our blood from the swords of our murderers, twisting the teachings of the Church to help them get elected, defending their crimes against humanity to help them stay in office.

Children, let us love not in word or speech
but in deed and truth.
Now this is how we shall know that we belong to the truth
and reassure our hearts before him
in whatever our hearts condemn,
for God is greater than our hearts and knows everything.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Legal and Ethical Problems in Latest Developments in Alfie Evans Case

Very important ethical problems with the hospital's issued demands for Alfie's release to his parents for home care.

The hospital made the statement they would only 'consider' releasing Alfie if the attitude of the parents changed.

The hospital is not holding Alfie because of a medical condition. They are holding Alfie because of public criticism of their cruelty, imprisonment and attempted murder.

What legal and ethical authority does a hospital have to impose the cessation of public criticism as the benchmark for releasing a patient from a hospital?

This is actually an outrageous development.

There is basis for a hospital to argue they need the legal authority to detain Alfie because the conditions to keep him medically stable or comfortable can only be achieved at the hospital.

But, let's think this through.

In this case, we have doctors who, in fact, want the child's condition to deteriorate. They tell the court Alfie will only live minutes after withdrawing life support. When they withdraw life support and Alfie wouldn't die, they attempted to kill him through starvation.

Sadly, for the family, Liverpool is burdened with a rat of an archbishop who makes the claim that the starvation of a non-dying child - which by the way is a violation of Church teaching - was the hospital's way of 'doing everything humanly possible to help Alfie'.

There certainly is no shortage of liars and murderers in the episcopal see. Every time one opens their mouth to display their forked tongue, we see why Christ sweat His Precious Blood in the Garden of Gethesemene. Fr. Longenecker has an excellent analysis of this no good episcopal cretin HERE.

If the medical conditions of palliative care for a child breathing on his own is hydration, nutrition and oxygen - all of which can be done at home - where is the legal authority to keep the child surrounded by police officers imprisoning him in a room and set the conditions of release the silencing of criticism?

Another excellent analysis HERE - Alfie vs the State.

What is the medical criteria for a court to give authority for doctors to detain a child over the objections of his parents?

From what I am seeing, criticism is on the list.

This treachery cannot be tolerated.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sources Claim Rebecca Bratten Weiss Spearheading Attack upon Catholic Theology at Franciscan University

Weiss is still trying to infect Steubenville with her ideological and theological cancer.

I don’t understand how her ideas get traction amongst the catechized.

Their grievances are so nonsensical, it begs the question: What flaw or vice is behind the attraction to such ridiculous logical fallacies?

Is it women with low self esteem? Not a heckling question.

An open letter published by "alumni and friends" of the university accuses Professors Anne Hendershott and Stephen Krason, among others, of being "strongly ideologically aligned with the far right of American politics." As proof, the letter cites articles authored by Hendershott and Krason calling out liberal Catholic schools, leftist protests, Obama policies and feminism.

Duh. Of course Catholics with right judgment align ourselves with politicians whose policies don't rob the uncatechized of salvation and human life.

These are the actions demanded by Church teaching.

The only other alternative would 'ideologically align' us with politicians who murder children and sick people and advance the culture of immoral and amoral antichrist.

This is not theological rocket science. There is no principle of sufficient reason to advance, vote for or support politicians who will morally debase and kill our people.

Scripturally, these politicians are Herod and Herodias. In accordance with the Holy Family, we flee from and shelter our families from their political empires. In accordance with Scriptural Apostolic witness, we testify against them in the public square.

Like apartheid and slavery, politicians who cultivate ideological moral bankruptcy and abortion rule out a voting Catholics ability to align ourselves with them.

I'm dumbfounded by the theological daffiness of asking Franciscan University to disassociate themselves with Scriptural and Apostolic examples of how and what to teach and preach and do in the public square with morally bankrupt political leaders who kill children. The complainants are not attacking professors, they are attacking Catholic teaching and the witness of the Holy Family and the Apostles.

How did these women spend four years at Franciscan and walk away so theologically uncatechized?

Was one 'professor' with low self esteem given the license to destroy right judgment of students? Or, is there a bigger problem at Franciscan?

If I were their parents, I'd be sending Fr. Sean Sheridan a FedEx demanding my tuition money back!

N.B. In the comments section, it appears one of the authors of the letter is a sede vacanist? I'm guessing this is the fruit of a rotten tree at home and FU has no culpability in her sad trajectory. I'm not familiar with the internal workings of trad families, but breeding feminists seems like the furthest thing from trad family culture. Am I mistaken? Was this woman was sucked into Weiss' vacuum?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Strikes in Syria and Catholic Just War Theology

I'm a huge believer of teaching and evangelizing through Facebook.  I know controversy has developed over privacy and Catholic censoring concerns and some are considering moving to MeWe.  But, I take the position that having political warriors poaching our opinions is actually a desired outcome.   I'm thrilled Trump wants to use Cambridge Analytics to shape policy.  If the communists want to send up a trial balloon and they read their own logical fallacies, that is an excellent use of my time and treasure.     Why on earth would I want to move my efforts to a social media website where my efforts echo in a canyon?!

Yes, there is censoring of Catholics.  How is this different from the 2000 years that precede us?  Quo Vadis?!

I've been on Facebook for about ten years.   But over the course of the last year, I've noticed the virulent habit of Catholics posting fake news on my feed.   What's extremely frustrating is, these Catholics used to be reliable sources for Catholic news and theology.

Before I realized folks were falling into rabbit holes, I confess to sharing a story or two before somebody informed me it was fake news.    Because I use Facebook as an evangelization and teaching tool, and because I have a family member in the military, I'm extremely careful at who I've friended and what I personally share with the Big Tent of people who have friended me, some of whom are uncatechized.    A few times of being duped  - I immediately removed the story from my feed and now personally verify anything I share, even if the person is a solid, reliable Catholic.   I was floored to discover solid Catholics defending the posting of fake news and conflating their own opinions as Church teaching.

Yesterday, several solid Catholics on my FB feed were rushing to Assad's defense.   Their position is, his atrocities and mass murders are ok because Christians are not his primary target.   Maybe, but many Christians who flee his tyranny complain of his brutality, torture and murder - he is not our friend.  

All hell broke loose when I asked one Catholic "So then Auschwitz was ok with you?"

When it comes to the Middle East, I trust no one.  Between the Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, HAMAS, al-Qa’ida, the rebels, Obama and Putin, whom I do not trust, I feel like the demons change form so often, it's impossible to keep track.

What we do know is, Obama was on the side of the rebels who were killing Christians.  It is absolutely true that Assad and Putin were defending Christian lives against Obama and his Islamic allies ethnically cleansing Christians.  But, with absolute certainty, I knew and know that Assad is a sociopath and mass murderer.   He is not a good guy.  He is a brutal murdering dictator.   His countrymen have been fleeing the brutality of his dictatorship and seeking political asylum.   He is not our ally.  He is a murdering sociopath.  Sociopaths, charm and pretend they are your friend.  You never suspect they are your enemy until the nanoseconds before they slice your throat.

The way some Catholics are speaking of Assad, you'd think he was Joan of Arc!

There is THIS.

and THAT.

and THIS.

and THAT.

and THIS.

and THAT.

and THIS.

and THAT.

I could keep going, but this is enough diligence for any honest, rational person to come to the conclusion Assad is a tyrannical sociopathic liar and murderer.     An individual like this, if he hasn't done so already, will eventually kill Christians.   Just as the Third Reich did.

Putin is a mystery to me. He is a dictator and runs a tyranny, but, I believe his respect for Christianity and concern for persecuted Christians is sincere.  I pray for his conversion.  Whatever he's doing in the Middle East, he is not an ally of US citizens.  He will kill us in a New York minute.  He is not to be trusted.

Trump has done more to defend the life and liberty of Christians since Ronald Reagan.  He defeated ISIS within a year.   He is on our team, as is General Mattis.

When looking for solid information that has the interests of US citizens at its core, these are our go-to people.

Assad has all but won the civil war against rebels in his country.  The US is winding down our military action in Syria.  Assad wants us out and we want to go.   Although Assad controls the chemical weapons infrastructure and has used weapons of mass destruction on his own people dozens of times, it was within the realm of possibilities that the few cornered rebels were responsible for last weeks attack.   Not very likely, because why would Trump and our military, who have feverishly been working to defeat ISIS in Syria, now lie about evidence to help the handful of Islamic terrorists?

That wouldn't make sense.  But,   I wanted to know the truth, so listened to military briefings and read coverage from a variety of reliable media sources.

I was surprised to see reliable Catholics posting FB links to a story reporting General Mattis 'admitting' there was no evidence Assad was responsible. This completely contradicted what I personal heard General Mattis say in press briefings. I clicked on the link and discovered it was a story from several months ago.

If you are too lazy to click on a link and read the story about who is bombing whom before you post it to your feed for my unchatechized people to read, regretfully, we're not using FaceBook for the same purpose, and the time has come to cut you loose.  

All of a sudden, it seems like people are jumping off of the sanity ledge.    I probably cut 50 people loose over the last week. Some of them had been on my Facebook feed for years.  

Ain't nobody got time for that.

If you're looking to be on the side of is the guy helping to defeat islamic terrorists killing Christians,  Trump and his military are your freedom fighters.

There was also a flurry of FB activity concerning Catholic Just War theology as it relates to allied strikes in Syria.   

This is very important.

With respect to the strikes in Syria and Catholic teaching:

All conditions to justify the legitimate exercise of force have been met.

1. Assad's mass murders, atrocities and war crimes have been lasting, grave and certain.

2. Many years and many leaders from numerous countries have attempted and exhausted diplomacy, giving ample warning to Assad of consequences should he continue endless atrocities, human rights violations and mass murders. These efforts were ineffective.

3. Allied forces strike was tactical and precise hits to chemical weapons infrastructure.  No deaths, and only 3 injuries are reported.

4. The use of arms did not produce evils and disorders graver than Assad atrocities.

Finally - The responsibility for determining whether these conditions are met belongs to "the prudential judgment of those who have responsibility for the common good." Military leaders who are privy to intel. In this case, there are photographs of Assad's planes dropping the explosives, chemicals and gas.

This is incontrovertible. There is no authority or case to be made by honest, educated Catholics to convict allied forces of actions that violate Church teaching.  

Yet - here are some of the responses from what I formerly considered educated, sound in mind and spirit Catholics:

Living in Boston usually means abortion supporter, ultra liberal socialist and feminist...I have relatives in Boston whom falsely claim to be roman Catholic. I know the dance of deception. Please list what you have done to oppose the evil genocide of abortion? Do you vote for candidates who promote abortion?...

What does the Church require, Carol? I’m a dumb priest. Please educate me. Tell me, how was number 2 (in the modernist Novus Ordo Catechism, no less), fulfilled in this case?

Are we really incapable of leaving the lunatic-fringe schismatic chit chat aside? I'm a Catholic daily Mass goer who tries every hour to be in a state of Grace. I'm pretty educated in the faith. That should be enough to hold an adult conversation about theology without the absurd inference there are two religions within Catholicism and I belong to an invalid sect.

Here are more chestnuts:

You are just a liar. Sins of slander and detraction to promote grave evil are themselves gravely evil. What have you done to vote in pro life candidates in Boston to substantiate you are not a deceptive hypocrite? ?

If you support unjust murder and the mortal sins of detraction slander and calumny to justify same you are not in a state of grace. You avoid stating for the record what steps you have taken in Boston to be pro life and vote in pro life politicians. I know for a fact no pro life politician can be elected dog catcher in Boston. I support innocent Christians in Syria and want them to be protected from ISIS. You hate Catholic justice which thinks well of others until the contrary is proven. Enjoy your invalid blasphemous fake mass in your invalid Modernist sect.

I do not associate myself with sinful detractors and immoral heretics. I refuse to submit to false altars who defame the blood of the Lord and mock the saints. Enjoy the unjust attack on Syria Madame.

Hey, Thanks for giving Pope Francis the ammunition to conclude all trads are nuts.   Ok.  Bye.

Many who have wondered what they would do if they were alive during the holocaust of the Third Reich now have their answers: They would do nothing and claim their cowardice and sins of omission are on behalf of Christ.