Saturday, January 14, 2017

An oldie but a goodie on demonic activity.

Something else we can all use a refresher course on from time to time.

Much thanks to our friend Kevin for this rocking article on demonic activity.

I am certain TTC readers, who are Eucharistic, Sacramental Catholics have experienced and sensitive to demonic activity.

The only time I experienced a real harrasment was when I was practicing Mystical prayer, going to daily Mass, frequent Adoration, Doing and teaching St Louis DeMontfort Consecration, etc.    I think the most powerful Church Mikitants are our prayer warriors, celibate priests and consecrated religious who move mountains with their prayers and intercessions.  The devil has of a lot of interest in throwing stumbling blocks in their direction.

The scariest thing I ever experienced was the bed shaking. Until this article I didn't know that was one of the devils regular tricks.  I got a kick out of the description of paralysis that sets in when it happens.  You would think the instinct would be to jump out of bed and get the Blessed salt and holy water, but you get so scared you don't move a muscle!  You are not supposed to talk to them but I got rid of it by calling him a no good so and so and saying the Hail Mary and Glory be.

Most of us only cause enough trouble for the devil to be on his lower list of priorities. He hangs around looking for ways to tempt us and lead us away from God. I like how the article talks about feeling the presence of something before he pull a stunt. That is such an obvious clue that we often dismiss until he strikes or provokes. One of the exorcists in the article describes how the devil can feel the Presence of Christ in a hidden pic. I believe the opposite is also true. A soul in a State of Grace can also feel the presence of a demon though we usually dismiss that feeling. Our Guardian Angel is constantly counseling us. We have to pay much more attention to stay ahead of invisible spiritual enemies And our own flaws.

One of the most clever things a demon does is use people we love and trust to infuence or derail us. Remember when Peter suggested Christ not suffer and die and Christ responded with "Get behind me satan"? I'm seldom on my toes enough to manage this and even more unaware when Satan is using me to get to somebody I love.

Holy Water can keep us out of an awful lot of trouble!

The instinct of the soul is constantly speaking to us about spiritual things. My new year's resolution is to listen more carefully. It's a full-time job!

A few reminders from Fr Z about Holy Water

I benefit from refreshers on Holy Water from time to time.

Blessed Salt too.

Use them.  A lot.

Have a small bottle in your purse, in your desk at work, in your car, buy a contest for your house and keep it filled.

Any time you experience the slightest feeling that something is off, going wrong.  The devil hates it and takes flight.

Find a priest who says the Latin Mass, buy a gallon of distilled water and some Kosher salt and call to make arrangements to have him perform the Rite.

Don't dilute it.

A few weeks back I went into an antique store to try to find an antique pin.  The woman who ran the store, a lovely woman, told me the building was an old freemason's hall and after that, a funeral parlor.   She told me she was into ghost chasing, showed me a few pictures of ghosts captured in and around the building and on ghost tours in CE!Etwroes and other places around town.  She took me to the funeral parlor room and said a woman comes once a week for small group sessions to summon the dead, how she "cleans" things with sage.

When I find people who are caught up in "ghost" hunting, I try to find ways to explain that these manifestations do rarely occur, but they are souls trying to reach out to us in their suffering to ask us for prayer.   

And, my simple response to an invitation to summon the dead is to explain I am a practicing Catholic and follow Church teaching on the matter.  They are often practicing Catholics too and it's enough to drop the seeds upon their thick heads, praying for them to take root.

I couldn't get out of the antique stores fast enough, and when I got to my car, I rummaged through it to see if I had Holy Water.  I was so glad to find it.    It is a good practice to keep supplies in various places to use when you come across a little locus of principalities and powers.  And I don't have to tell TTC readers, these sacramentals are not magical forces that are effective in a state of mortal sin, so always keep yourself in a state of Sanctifying Grace.   Most demons would rather host on somebody who is less work to convince, but there are demons who like the challenge and if you enter a locus, they'll hop a ride on your back to cause mischief with you or in your home.

With the 100th anniversary of Fatima, it is a big year for spiritual stuff.  Keep on your toes!

Friday, January 13, 2017

What do you suppose is wrong with a bishop who announces "avoiding sex can be humanly impossible"?

Askde from being someone the Pope should hire a private detective to follow, this man should be defrocked.

He is absolutely clueless about what the Sacraments are and what they do.

He goes on to advise people that make judgments about acting upon temptation to sin based upon whether you can make Jesus get comfortable with mortal sin.

What a freak show!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Knights of Malta Fire Another Salvo at Kangaroo Investigation

It should be obvious that a termination is warranted when an employee is involved in a project of leading souls into temptation and sin by passing out condoms. Here is a broken bottle. Go scratch your backsides.

With the library of of letters we have sent to the Holy See documenting spiritual abuse and malpractice,heresy and apostasy in our parishes, schools, chanceries and apostolate, which they have refused to act upon, this really tells the story of the sinister forces of the Pope Francis papacy, doesn't it?

They stopped the investigation of decades of diabolical activities of the coven of dyke nuns and they initiate an investigation into the terminations of pimps.

I am shocked the Holy See is willing to boldly march into war with the Knights of Malta. All of its members are extraordinarily wealthy donors to the Church and many hold very influential positions in the public sector.

Money has always been the oxygen of of bishops and cardinals. They have spent decades selling the salvation of immortal souls for money.

They are so bloodthirsty for Cardinal Burke they are cutting their own supply of oxygen.

I would love to know if Soros gave the Holy See money and if so, how much.

Something really stinks. What we need is a Catholic Wikileaks.

There is some speculation that the Holy See will eventually retaliate by taking away the red hats of Cardinals who have asked the Holy Father to clear out the smoke of Satan.

The good Cardinals will not be threatened into silence and the pushback is going to make the covert coup that floored Hillary Clinton look like a weekend retreat with the Tinkerbells at the Peace and Justice Commission.

They have no idea what they are up against.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Cardinal Müller (oddly) claims Amoris Laetitia is crystal clear

Fr Z has the scoop.

A very strange interview in which he also says it doesn't pose a threat to the faith and he doesn't like the idea of asking the Pope what in God's Name he is talking about.

He's got to be pulling our leg.

Even if he doesn't have the backbone to publicly admit the process was hijacked and manipulated, the exhortation was intentionally muddled so the Holy Father could grant license to the beloved heresies he surrounded the circus with, it is simply not possible to take the position there is faithfulness and clarity in Amoris Laetitia.

The man is in charge of the CDF and therefore knows how the perverted instrument has been declared as changing in practice withholding reception of the Eucharist when the communicant is living a life of unrepentant adultery. 

The Holy Father was asked directly whether Amoris Laetitia changed practice and he said "yes and no", which is precisely what is happening.   Yes, some bishops changed practice and no, other bishops did not change practice. 

The document was intentionally written so that some bishops could say yes to change practice while others would continue to say no.   That was the the goal.  People who in good faith have produced something that is being misinterpreted , and those interpretations are being used to lead people into believing mortal sin is approved under some  circumstances would immediately correct those misinterpretations.  We would not have to beg him to do so and he would not respond to our petitions with silence and slander.

It stands to reason, not to mention common sense, that if the Holy Father's intentions were to uphold Church teaching and practice, the documents and practice were already endowed to the Deposit of Faith by 2000 years of theologians and Popes that preceded him.  That is what we were doing. 

Consequently, Pope Francis wouldn't need to call upon the heretics and organized a poop show calling for changes.

Pope Francis would not have expressed his support for Kasper's proposal, called it good theology and asked his see assembled at the Synod to digest virtuous sodomy and adultery as updated practices in the family.

The Holy Father would not have deliberately instructed rejected paragraphs 52, 53 and 55 be inserted in the Relatio.

The German Cardinals would not have revealed the Pope worked with them behind the scenes to bring about these changes to practice which they have already implemented.

Pope Francis would not have written his letter to Argentine Bishops praising their guidelines for implementing acceptance of sexually active unmarried couples to the Holy Eucharist and said there "could be no other interpretation" of his motives and intentions.

We would have missed out on the Holy Father's asshattery on every interview on a plane ride.

We would not have Pope Francis compendium of insults to Catholics who tried to teach their children the fiat of living every day in a state of Grace while living in a see of heretical priests who spent their vocations persuading them the Deposit of Faith is outdated and a false witness to the unconditional love of Christ.

I would not have had the pleasure of hearing a homily a few weeks back, telling us of the new paradigm shift, how free we are to commit sins without remorse or guilt and how the absolution of sin in the Sacrament of Confession is a thing of the past.

My family would not have come across a "Mr & Mr" picture frame being sold at a Catholic Shrine and hear one of my own children explain Pope Francis approves of gay marriage.

We all would have missed out on the venomous accusation that our outreach  to the Holy Father, to ask him to clarify the confusion HE is sowing, is received by him as diabolical.


We are now treated to the head of the CDF saying the Pope is doctrinally clear, there is no threat to salvation and he "doesn't like" efforts asking the Pope to undo the damage he is doing and confirm doctrine?

Dear Cardinal Muller:

What is his burden in this request?

Isn't this his job?

Do you expect us to believe that as head of the CDF, you are ignorant of the catastrophic confusion being sown by malformed Cardinals and priests and the damage it is doing to PEOPLE we love?

Forgive me, but I find that hard to believe.

This is the trial balloon for "pastoral edicts" that tell pastors the Deposit of Faith can be disconnected from every parish as they wish.   He is fracturing the Church into Congregationalism.   His hand-picked spokesperson for the Synod, Cardinal Kasper, said this was the beginning of the end of a Church as the arbiter of Truth.   They are decapitating the Head of Christ as the arbiter of Truth and replacing it with malformed consciences in a state of mortal sin.

Listen, you can all pretend you have no idea what we are talking about but I am here to remind you that we were safer when you were all pretending you couldn't see the pedophiles.

Stop lying to us.

Put a lid on it.

Get over yourselves and answer the dubia.

You are not in a contest with a handful of faithful Cardinals.  You have waged war against the hand that rocks the cradle. You are on the losing team because you do not have the truth on your side. 

Good day to you sirs!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The faint cries of sede vacante in 2017 are being heard throughout the vineyard

There certainly was no relief from the buffoonery of Pope Francis and company while I was recovering.

This one really got under my skin:

Vatican:. Catholics now recognize Martin Luther as a "witness to the gospel"

That notorious drunk and heretic is a witness to the gospel all right.

 He is the poster boy for Luke 17:1.

And he said to his disciples: It is impossible that scandals should not come: but woe to him through whom they come.

It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones.

The article references a new initiative of the insufferable birdbrains in the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, which Cardinal Kasper suggests is tee'd up to advance desecration of the Eucharist through 'intercommunion' with protestants.

That's when we'll really see the poop hitting the fan.   I personally don't think he's going to pull the trigger.

I hope I am mistaken,  but I quickly read through the Vatican document and it left me with the impression they are inviting us to 'celebrate' the 500 years of the suckers and their descendants who were robbed of the forgiveness and absolution of mortal sin and the Holy Father's nonfeasance edicts relative to the fiat of converting the uncatechized.

Here is the linkmto the doc.    Read and let us know your thoughts! 

Look, everyone wants to see Protestants come into communion with the Catholic!I'd Church and have access to the Sacraments of salvation.    But you are not going to get fish on the hook by telling them the cespool of heresy and sin they are swimming in is a path to salvation.

That's like telling alcoholics you're going to celebrate decades of getting drunk with a week of free Dewers thrown from the Pope mobile and expecting that to lead them on the path of sobriety. 

We are not dealing with people who are in a state of grace able to overcome the mixed messages.

The Reformation was a train wreck that continues to be lethal.   There isn't a sane Catholic in Christendom who recognizes Luther as a "witness to the gospel".  Not a one.

Over the past few weeks I'm starting to hear solid, smart, faithful Catholics predict we'll see sede vacante in 2017.  An interesting development!    I am surprised by the quality of Catholics taking this position and I predict we'll be hearing more about this in the near future.

I don't have a crystal ball but my educated guess is the Holy Father will come to Jesus and clarify Church teaching before he is tarred and feathered.   I do think it's going to get ugly before we see his white flag.

More on this later.

The party is over!

Apologies for the vacation!  It's been a bit of a time sick juggling recovery with chores but all is well and I'm starting to catch up with things like emails and blogging.

I think our war with the Romans is about to intensify.   There is lots of work ahead of us. Buckle up and keep praying for everyone involved.   Don't forget to pray for bloggers.  We have a long rope and a lot of influence and keeping our powder dry in this insufferable crucible is quite challenging. 

Thank you for your emails, messages and prayers.  You have all been in mine!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Rigidity of Heresy

Some really good op-eds and commentary on the Holy Father's pugnacious indefensible snittery.

From Fr. Porkosky's Rigidity Dog Whistle:

Many seminary authorities – at least in the 1980s – were overly confident in themselves. They used “rigidity” as a code word for “unbending orthodoxy,” a high crime then in the priestly formation business. Many bishops, unfortunately, were out of touch with the modern seminary system, and the ambiguity of the word was exploited by dissident seminary authorities.

It's truly maddening when you think about how spiritually malicious this actually is.

"Rigidity" is used to slander and malign Catholics who resist temptation to break Commandments.

They actually want us to commit mortal sins or encourage others to commit mortal sins.

Because they do.

When we won't follow their example, resisting temptation and mortal sin becomes their enemy. They don't want people around who live the actual fiat of our religion.

For decades insidious men kept sound, faithful Catholic men from the priesthood.

What really gets me is, they actually think their slander and nasty asshattery so they could teach heresy for the last 50 years isn't 'rigid'!

Jeff Mirus echoes some of my thoughts:

Is it a mark of rigidity to accuse others of rigidity?

Now, am I saying that Pope Francis frequently says and does things that suggest the lack of an examined life? In his frequent careless remarks, so dear to those who regard Christ as a stumbling block, he has actually provided abundant evidence of this possibility. No modern pope has more consistently given voice to what our dominant culture wants to hear, right down to his frequent criticism of Catholics courageous enough to live deliberately counter-cultural lives. Moreover, the frequency of such very questionable remarks seems to be steadily increasing.

I admit that such speculation is dangerous, for none of us is close enough to the Holy Father to form this kind of judgment. But I am convinced that the following statement is absolutely fair and just: We have more evidence on which to question either the spiritual or psychological health of Pope Francis than he does to question the spiritual or psychological health of the entire class of young people who treasure the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. Longtime readers know, by the way, that I have no personal attachment to the Extraordinary Form, so this is not special pleading. It is simply the sad reality of our current situation in the Church.


His own people in Argentina are eating cats and pigeons to keep from starvation and yet to this very hour, the Holy Father promotes murdering communist dictators who promise free cheese.

Seems pretty 'rigid' to me.