Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Father Lombardi Retiring

You won't see me shedding a tear over  Fr. Lombardi's retirement ,but with the other fruitcake acting as Pope Francis communication wingman, I think the chances our Vatican Press Office is going to start sounding like Elton John are more likely than not.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What traits to look for in a seminarian during the papacy of Pope Francis?

I'm sure you've all read by now that Pope Francis conveyed to his see, once again, that seminarians devoted to the Divinity of Christ who flat out refuse to entertain or teach heresy are to be weeded out.

Those of us old enough to remember the demoralization and sissification of the seminaries in the 60's and 70's are very familiar with this rhetoric.

Back in those days,  most candidates admitted were loosey-goosey sexually-active men.  Men who were afraid of the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration, undermined and poo poo-ed Church teaching.

Some seminaries were as sexually active as a Nevada brothel.  They would approach and sexually harass heterosexual men who would then complain to administration.   This headache was dealt with by refusing celibate, prayerful and devout men to seminaries.

Mundelein seminary was so replete with overt homosexual sex, it earned the nickname 'fundelin'.    Numerous seminarians were raped and sexually abused in this sick and hostile environment.

Normal, well-balanced healthy heterosexual men wanted to be around this perverted conduct about as much as they wanted to be around ISIS beheading Christians.  Some held their nose and flew under the radar because they wanted to be a priest so badly.   A great number of men who wanted to be priests were dispossessed of their vocation.

The papacy of St. John Paul II cleaned it all up.

I'd say it was almost 100% reversed.

But from the sounds of it, Pope Francis wants seminaries returned to the glory days of candidates who reject Church teaching.

That worked out really well for them.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Church Remedies When Pope is as Mad as a Hatter.

This is a very interesting article on Restoring Catholicism (similar name to Janet Baker's blog) on Church history in times when a Pope is leading Catholics into heresy and sin.

 Most of us have never had the misfortune of being in a situation that required knowledge or even curiosity about the topic.  While we are all waiting for the papal synodal shoe to drop, the process for the removal a Pope has very quietly (and reluctantly) been a topic of discussion in Our Lady's cavern--i.e.- how his see would go about that tragic process.

Some of my questions were answered in the article.  It doesn't hurt to process the worst case scenario.

Pope Francis' peculiar conversation about lutherans having access to the Sacraments of the Catholic Church got some good coverage at Fr. Z's here and here, and some fun here.

It could be the Pope's thoughts were to convey to the woman that the Lord may be calling her to conversion, I don't know.  Like everything else he's intended to convey, what he did say is scandalous because it left that woman and the world the impression it's open season for the Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

Several things in this exchange stuck out like a sore thumb.

Think about this exchange for a minute.

A samaritan woman approaches the highest ranking teacher in the Catholic Church and asks him to answer her question.

He tells her he is not the teacher, she is, and to go figure it out herself.

This is quite a loaded gun.

He seemed to be saying he doesn't have the authority to make judgments about the infallible teachings of the Church and teach them.

There's a deposit of faith and the hierarchy charged with making judgments.  He's the man.

Furthermore, this completely contradicts the abuse of authority he's suggested he has to issue the an edict to obstruct and contradict Church teaching on sins against the Sixth Commandment and salvation.

Frankly, there is still a shred of hope that the Pope will affirm Church teaching and I'm still holding onto it under the aphorism that nothing is impossible with God.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas? Bah Humbug!

I'm sure you've all read that Pope Francis announced that the Incarnation of Christ is a charade.

Because of the existence of evil and murderers, the miracle of Christ's Holy Birth is a farce to the Pope.

The Incarnation of God is a farce because Herod murders.

Is that not unbelievable?

The Holy Father does not comprehend the meaning of John 1:5:   The light shines in the darkness and the darkness could not overcome it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On Obedience to Priest, Bishop, Cardinal, Pope Suggesting Unfaithfulness to God

Our friend Janet has an outstanding reflection on right judgment when a priest, bishop, Cardinal - and yes even Pope - is teaching disobedience to God.

Until this Pope took the helm of the ship, I never realized how precious the gift of right judgment is and how lost people are without it.

Some people can't seem to -- I'm guessing because they don't want to -- make the distinction between the people accountable for teaching the practice of the law and the law itself and what fidelity to God is when a priest, bishop, Cardinal or Pope is teaching contradictions to the Ten Commandments.

Janet's common-sense post is a good read for the confused.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

One knows exactly the buffoonery he's talking about.

From the brilliant mind of a good shepherd...

November 15, 2015
by Fr. George W. Rutler

Since Arturo Toscanini lived to be nearly 90, dying in the Bronx, I was able as a boy to watch an orchestra conducted by the man who led the premiere of Pagliacci in 1892. In operas like that and Otello, divas never have a better chance to hit a high E-flat than when they are being strangled or stabbed. It is said that Pope Benedict XV’s last words in 1922 were the same as in Leoncavallos’ opera after Nedda and her lover Silvio are slain: “La commedia è finita!” Lest one think that the pope’s domestic life was unruly, the line was first used at the end of Haydn’s more decorous opera, Il Mondo della Luna. Anti-Catholic polemicists, whose less than rudimentary Italian imputes cynicism to the pope, infer from this that his reign and the papacy itself were a farce. If the pope did say what was claimed, he spoke of “commedia” as did Dante: the drama of the pope’s life was ending, and he had fulfilled the work assigned him. It was a happy ending, though the world around him had passed through a terrible sadness of war.

Aristotle’s concept of happiness as the goal of life is different from run-of-the-mill notions of feeling satisfied. His eudaimonia is the serenity that comes from a virtuous life lived with balance and dignity. The Oxford professor of rhetoric and logic, Richard Whately, a mentor of John Henry Newman, summed this up in the line often mocked by those who lack subtlety: “Happiness is no laughing matter.”

There are different kinds of laughter, and another professor, Ronald Berk (biostatician emeritus of Johns Hopkins University), has categorized them: snicker, giggle, chuckle, chortle, laugh, cackle, guffaw, howl, shriek, roar and convulsion. You can see how they gradually degenerate from Aristotelian serenity. One must be suspicious of the media cynosure, rampant in politics and such, who laughs habitually, with the same pose and bluster. I do not mean the mad man who laughs at what is not funny, but the calculator who laughs for effect: sometimes out of insecurity and often to ingratiate and manipulate, a clown outside and a cad inside. It is the sardonic impulse of one who does not want the people on deck to see the looming iceberg, or who cajoles you into buying the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Lady of Lourdes told Saint Bernadette: “I promise you happiness not in this world, but in the other.” The Lady did not laugh, but bestowed on Bernadette a smile that she keeps today in realms above. And the Lady’s son is not recorded as guffawing (although his amiable fraternity was like none other), but he came that our joy might be full. “These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you shall have distress; but have confidence, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cardinal O'Malley Commemorates the 500 Year Anniversary of Luther's Stampede Out of Christ's Church - A halloweenie treat!

Evidently, it is not obvious to the leadership in the Archdiocese of Boston that Catholics would not participate in an anniversary celebrating 500 years of the separation of millions of souls from the Sacraments of salvation.

Allow me, by way of example, to demonstrate the foolishness of 'commemorating' an 'anniversary' of a tragic event in the life of the Church:

When Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa stood in St. Peter's Square with his boyfriend to denounce Church teaching on the Divinely-ordered use of human sexuality and encouraged his colleagues to do the same, this was a tragedy for him, all those watching whom he spiritually misled and scandalized and the Catholic Church.

One would not accept an invitation from Krzysztof Charamsa to celebrate the first anniversary of his separation from the Church by announcing your intention to go because you hope for his communion.

Get it?

It's the wrong time and the wrong place.

We have no business celebrating the substance.    It was a day this man threw his salvation into a toilet and flushed it.

Here's another example:

We would decline an invitation to celebrate the day marijuana was decriminalized.    If a bishop showed up at such an event under the guise he was going to teach about the usefulness of plants and the duty of humans to care for them, most of us could figure out the real reason why he was there:  He is encouraging the use of smoking dope.

Is there such a thing as a theologian with common sense in our Chanceries who would give counsel to the ignorant when such a suggestion is made?

Is there anyone there who says "Now wait a minute here. Let's think this through."?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rebuttal to movie "spotlight": Sins of the Press

Several weeks back, the Boston Globe and a handful of folks in the Chancery were all in atwitter-and-atwatter about the movie 'spotlight' which was marketed as 'a true story' of the Boston Globe 'investigation' into the sexually active ephebophiles in the 1960s and 70s.

I haven't seen the movie, nor do I know anyone who has, but I'm skeptical they honestly reported the genesis of the investigation was Richard McBrien, Walter Cuenin and a group of priests and lay people interested in overthrowing the structure of the Roman Catholic Church with a blueprint that is oddly identical to that of Pope Francis.

Cardinal O'Malley issued a statement that he couldn't wait to rush to the theater to see a movie about catastrophic corruption in the Church. Rather peculiar for a man who expressed his disinterest in the movie The Passion of the Christ.

Funny how he doesn't respond to our letters documenting spiritual abuse but will rush out to see a movie about how ignoring complaints once took a big chunk out of their backsides.

Aside from journalists, Cardinal O'Malley and a few handful of seniors from 'voice of the faithful', I couldn't imagine who would be interested in playing audience to another round of flogging the Corpus of Christ. After ten thousand apologies and eight years, malcontents continued to advance with malice and vengeance. Eventually, everyone realized these people had an antiCatholic agenda.

Most people eventually came to realize priests were being maliciously targeted. Many knew falsely-accused priests and saw their horrific treatment. We all watched as every vulture with a heretical agendas surfaced to advance their causes.

Dave Pierre did an excellent job in putting the history together in a book called Sins of the Press which I highly recommend. The book is being sold on Amazon. It's a great rebuttal.

The movie Spotlight was released on November 6th. It has piddled, grossing only $295 thousand opening week. As a comparison, Jurrasic World grossed $524.5 million opening week.

It appears to have broken a record for the lowest grossing movie in film history, beating "The BIG Balloon Adventure" which grossed $444 thousand in its opening week.

Not on the radar of the people in the pews.

Pope Francis Again Accuses Church Teaching of Error

I was with some dear friends this weekend, people I dearly love, who were using Pope Francis words and actions to justify the sin of adultery and discredit the deposit of faith.

These are people who feel very comfortable expressing their conflicts in the knowledge that I love them and they me. Some of us friends since grammar school.

We have discussions on faith almost each time we meet. I usually just lay out logic of Church teaching as best I can and hope those seeds some day plant.

They are of course intercepted by priests, bishops, Cardinals and now Pope, who prevent those seeds from taking root.

While spending time with these precious friends, I was reminded, once again, of the catastrophic damage Pope Francis is doing to the Church and family every time he opens his mouth and proclaims his belief that Church teaching is a false teaching of some "real" Christ he has invented in his head.

I have watched the Holy Father's words and actions gnawing on their trust and confidence in Church teaching like a rat gnawing on a big piece of cheese.

Ever undermining, ridiculing, slandering the fiat that draws the soul into Sanctifying Grace and salvation.

He did it again over the last few days.

John Allen summarizes the Pope's 'vision' that Church teaching must change and reject using Church teaching and the Sacraments to control impulses to sin. Loosen up the rigidity of resisting sin. Join the club and commit adultery every once in a while. Encourage others to sin. Because Jesus died for everyone.

This homily stinks to the high heavens of the protestant heresy that Christ's Sacrifice on the Cross purchased salvation and we are therefore free to shed inhibitions and prohibitions against sin.

I drove home from my gathering of friends thinking about his habitual deception, ie that he has come to save us all from Church teaching that has led people astray for 2000 years. Taking an inventory of people I love who are being deceived by him, the damage it is doing to them and perhaps generations ahead.

My disgust deepens with each encounter and confirmation of the damage of his deception.

Elton John, the longtime advocate of caricaturing the sin of adultery as virtue in the public square, said Pope Francis is an ally in the culture of death and encouraged him to keep on doing what he is doing:

On BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme the musician said he considered Pope Francis an “ally” against conservative bishops in Africa in his views on same-sex relationships.

“My sly bet is yes he is. He’s just had the [synod] in Rome and I think he’s fighting an uphill battle against the African cardinals and bishops.”

Elton John said his message to the Pope was: “Keep going, keep pushing it. Change is very hard, especially in the Catholic Church, you don’t get things done immediately, you’re not going to persuade people, just keep going and keep going and eventually the wall will fall. I think he’s on our side.”

If he isn't on your 'side' he might as well be.

As Elton explains, they are not in a hurry. If the Holy Father publishes an edict out to obstruct Church teaching in catechesis and contradict it in practice, they will effectively rob our people of the temporal goods of the Church. After a generation or two, the Body of Christ will be drawing its last breath. In It's place will be the hare krishnas dancing in the sanctuary and the instincts to resist sin almost completely overcome.

Oh wait, they have already accomplished it!

The disservice the Holy Father is doing to Christ's Church cannot be calculated. He has made Truth an enemy of the people he was ordained to lead to It. He's pulled the rug out from the underneath It's efficacy and beauty.

We must continue to confidently and very loudly express that there will be no opening to his changes in the family and as soon as he issues his long-awaited declaration, he will be rubber stamped as anathema.

His rude awakening will be a change he can take to his corrupt bank.

Cardinal Dolan on the "Starbucks" Controversy

I have not followed the Starbucks 'cup' controversy. Whether it is or isn't an attempt to offend Christians is irrelevant as they have been doing so, quite publicly, for a long, long time. Starbucks goes out of their way to market their antiChristian culture in the public square.

It's ok with them to add the murdering of babies and selling of their parts to their list of 'charities'.

They have formally announced that no Christian should cross their threshold.

They felt comfortable enough in all the hating of Christians in the public square to confidently announce that if we believe in Christ's purpose for human sexuality, they do not want us in their establishment.

Their overpriced coffee takes like dirt. They have to load sugar, syrup and whipped cream in their drinks to overcome the rancid taste.

Join the rest of Christendom and find another merchant.

We could put them out of business.

And we should.

Of course these days, every moment of sanity in the asylum is breached by the shriek of a mad man.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan sent a message Tuesday to Christians up in arms over the Starbucks red cups — chill out.

He said he doesn't want to be viewed as a crabbing naysayer.

This is a man whose vocation is supposed to be saving souls who when told about a person making a choice that cost him his salvation said "bravo, good for him".

The apostolic see is filled to the rafters with imbeciles. It is insufferable!