Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Split in the Road That Lies Ahead of Us in October: Desuetude?

I had never heard of Vox Cantoris before the Team Francis thugs threatened him.

If his writings are anything like this one, I now understand why a father with a free blog became a target for the Pope Francis team of hit men.

Now, it all becomes clear.

When Kasper insulted our African brothers and sisters (the Fox is born in South Africa of Irish, Dutch and African descent) and mocked them in his arrogant, euro-centric, xenophobic, paternalistic, condescending and racist tone, "they should not tell us too much what to do" there was more there then, than most picked up. I stated in discussions what Kasper and these Germans were up to -- let the Africans be "bigots" we Germans, we are better after all, we are efficient and much superior to these, you go your way, we'll go ours. I said it then: It is the German Catholic Church, that is what these manipulators, these traitorous prelates and their minions are out to accomplish. The logical step of a false collegiality as promoted by a hermeneutic of rupture from the Rhineland influence and domination at the Second Vatican Council. Isn't this one of the critical doctrinal points of the Society of St. Pius X? Theodore McCarrick has revealed his part in what appears to be a lobby effort to elect Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope. He would only need "five years" to have the Church "back on track" McCarrick himself, with a special interest in extra-curricular activities, says for all to hear in this video.

Now we can begin to put the pieces together - it is just too obvious, they have shown their cards.

Schism in on the horizon de facto or de jure remains to be seen but schism, no doubt. Each bishops' conference will do what it wants with pastoral practice under a static universal doctrine to cater to its own needs and to do so, they needed to ensure that they could elect someone that they think would be sympathetic to their cause.

I keep saying this, but the schism has been in swing for decades. The losses are catastrophic. Our beautiful Churches, schools, our relatives, friends, loved ones, our country.

I haven't visited another county or state and walked into a local Church for at least 15 years. I do my homework first, find out how close a priest who practices our religion is and the means to get there. I look at their parish website, review linked ministries for content, review 'youth ministry', read bulletins, do research on the priest with buzzwords, ask people I know living in the area, etc.

Long gone are the days when we can just find out where the local Church is, especially if we are towing our children.

One priest can undo years of Catechesis in a nanosecond of a heretical homily. That moment can impair your children's judgment for the rest of their lives and has the potential to rob them of their salvation.

Personally, I am repulsed when an ordained man incorporates homosexual lust into his persona, in the way he walks and talks and mannerisms. The priesthood is no place to incorporate the gifts we all have to lure lovers into bedrooms.

Let me be clear: I don't care about what a priest's 'sexual preferences' were before they were ordained. I know several that I suspect were at one time, attracted to men but are now asexual. I've never heard a heresy from their lips and they teach and practice the moral theology of the Church. They are kind, generous, loving witnesses and a gift to the priesthood and Christ's Church.

There is a dramatic difference between a faithful asexual priest and a priest who incorporates sexuality into the way he walks and talks.
My dear friend Fr. Bill Scanlan, RIP, used to refer to the phenomenon as "he floats". Gliding across the room or Church in effeminate movements that look like their feet are not touching the floor, movements in wrists and arms that give the appearance they are underwater. I want to avoid a priest's sexual pole dance in a Sanctuary during a Sacred Liturgy like I avoid stepping into a big pile dung on a sidewalk.

When heterosexuals let lust drive their animus in the workplace, they are eventually terminated. Sensuality and sexuality is reserved and preserved for private moments in a bedroom.

Bishops have been ordaining effeminate men who use their homosexual lust inappropriately for decades and the Pope is warning the elephants in the room not to ordain prayerful, pious men. And he thinks his agenda doesn't resonate from his private edict to keep pious, prayerful men out of the priesthood?


Let us not kid ourselves.

An invisible schism has long been in operation for decades. We have to do our homework. We don't just walk into the nearest Parish or buy homes in towns where the counterfeit church is operating. And, that is what it is: a counterfeit church within.

But something big is brewing now. I am not sure how we will take the ax to the root because we are tied to the Chair of Peter and always will be. That is where the Deposit of Faith and Sacraments live.

We will go nowhere voluntarily.

If the Holy Father wishes to avoid his official jeweled crown of anathema, he would be wise to cut Cardinal Marx loose. Remove him from his position and see if he can keep the structure and people underneath him tied to the Ark.

Retaining him on the team of superdooper Cardinals will be construed as a deliberate inaction and tactical approval and salute to the strategy of 'decentralization'. As Mundabor suggests, the man should have been defrocked years ago. He has no place on a team brainstorming 'reforms' for a pope to implement. The appointment was ludicrous.

If it all proceeds on course, as Pope Francis has said it will, I am starting wonder if Cardinal Wuerl's post and Fr. Rosica's tweet of it was a tip of the hand of their strategy. Perhaps taking up the offensive position of severing faithful Catholics involuntarily with the slander "we" are dissenters in Pope Francis Church.

The election of a Pope who spends two years discrediting the faithful practice of Catholicism, the sleazy corrupt synod, an announcement from one of his supercardinals that a failure to accept virtue in adultery and sodomy will be construed as 'dissent' by Team Francis , Rosica's threat to sue Catholics who openly discuss theological errors of Team Francis, Marx's announcement that 'decentralization' severs the deposit of faith from bishop's conferences and gives them the power to codify desuetude...

Is it possible that Team Francis is going to take up an offensive position of caricaturing our rejection of pastoral policies shepherding the clapping uncatechized into Mapplethorpe as the schism?

It never occurred to me that Team Francis could force an involuntary schism by declaring the faithful adherence to doctrine in the face of policies that contradict It as schismatics.

Why would one of Team Francis 'Super Cardinals' post an op-ed that makes a declaration that faithful adherence to doctrine is 'dissent'?

Why would the Pope's spokesperson promote this declaration and then threaten a Catholic father who points out his promotion of Cardinal Wuerl's slander?

Why exile Cardinal Burke and appoint the longstanding heretic Cardinal Marx to Team Francis?

Why no disciplinary action from the Pope to Cardinal Marx's schismatic announcement?

Why no disciplinary action against Cardinal Wuerl and Fr. Rosica?

In the stead of disciplinary actions against Cardinal Marx and Wuerl and Fr. Rosica and in the face of the herd of ordained men prancing their lust in Sanctuaries practicing heterodoxy that has done catastrophic damage to the Church, why, in the Sacred and Holy Name of Christ, is the Pope warning against the ordination of prayerful and faithful Catholics as the scourge in the priesthood?

All this time, I have been worried that people will voluntarily flee turning over Christ's Deposit of Faith to the demons.

Is it possible they will slander us as the schismatics?

It sure looks to me like that is the road they are going down.

Turkey Closes its Borders to Christians Fleeing Murderers

Breathtaking cruelty that is painful to watch.

Really? You can shut your border to Christians fleeing savages and sleep at night?

You know what is striking?

Where is Cardinal O'Malley and Pope Francis who are always praising their own "concern" for immigrants?

Why wouldn't he say something publicly about Turkey's cruelty and publicly beg them to temporarily take fleeing Christians with promises to rescue and bring them to America?

Why wouldn't he fly over there and pass out Communion at the border? These are the people who need it.

Do you remember Cardinal O'Malley's publicity stunt?

He flew to the border of a country where the Catholic religion is alive and well and passed the Blessed Sacraments through the gates so the photographers they brought could snap pictures of them doing it.

Why didn't he fly over the border to any of the thriving Churches in Mexico, including the Shrine of Guadalupe and say a Mass?

Catholicism is not oppressed in Mexico. Savages are not slaughtering our brothers and sisters. Mexicans are free to apply to Immigration. There is a process in place which my grandparents used or I would be writing from Waterford and Dublin.

The borders of Syria is where that publicity stunt would be meaningful.

Why isn't Pope Francis making public statements begging Turkey to shelter fleeing Christians?

Couldn't they take a break from their vigilant work spinning and weaving virtue into adultery and sodomy and help our brothers and sisters?

Why wouldn't they make their phone calls to Obama like they did in their work with the communists in Cuba and beg him to do something meaningful?

Why isn't the USCCB calling an emergency meeting and organizing something to pressure Turkey?

I can't stop thinking about these families, how terrified they must be to experience unspeakable cruelty of the crusaders of the religion of peace, to know they can do nothing to save their children and will most likely witness their massacres, hear their cries for help, before their own death. Knowing the bishops and pope are working on pastoral policies making virtue out of adultery and sodomy.

I am beside myself at their priorities and their deafening and craven silence.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Team Francis Code Red

The antics directed towards Cardinal Pell are laughable.

We wouldn't be able to figure out this is a malicious attack against another faithful Cardinal.

Just look at the rubber ball on the end of our noses!

Boston Globe Editorial: Vatican Outdated Rules on Divorce and Annulment Need Reform

The Boston Globe is very encouraged by Pope Francis who, unlike 2000 years of his predecessors kisses the little children, and has added dissolving marriages and using contraception to his agenda:

It’s encouraging that Francis is adding divorce to the list of topics open to debate under his papacy. But just like other controversial matters of dogma, such as the church’s ban on artificial contraception and gay marriage, there’s a wide gulf between traditionalists and those who long for change.

Francis is trying to bridge that gulf. But it still feels like it’s going to take a miracle to convince those who oppose any softening of the idea that the sacrament of marriage is forever.

Oh, believe you me, Pope Francis will be needing something outside the realm of 'a miracle' to issue his edict saying marriage is over when you meet some new eye candy. If he doesn't realize by now that disordered and heretical act will be the waterloo of his papacy, his expertise in willful ignorance will go down in the annals of Catholic history as historic.

Check out the drama:

THE SISTER-IN-LAW who faithfully attends weekly Mass, but couldn’t celebrate a second marriage in a Catholic Church because she and her husband-to-be were previously divorced. The friend who was told he couldn’t join the Parish Council because he married a divorced woman and, by the way, shouldn’t be receiving Communion.

To Catholics, practicing and lapsed, those are familiar anecdotes. They are the stories of fellow Catholics who find that due to a decision to end their own marriage, and remarry, or to marry someone who is divorced, “they are excommunicated de facto,” as Pope Francis put it, with all the personal anguish that can entail.

These people entered into a contract with the Church where they vowed to remain in their marriage until death - no matter what happens.

Through sickness, poverty, boredom, unhappiness, meeting someone else or whatever else have you.

They couldn't be bothered filling out paperwork that explains the reasons why they didn't or couldn't.

It was too much trouble and they don't wish to state that when they entered the contract and made the promises and vows to remain in the marriage unto death, they lacked information or substance to enter into the contract.

Yet annulment is still unappealing to many couples who want to dissolve an unhappy marriage but don’t care to share intimate details, as required by the church, or agree to the notion that the marriage never happened at all.

Today, those couples have only two choices: Stay in an unfulfilling marriage and remain a good Catholic in the eyes of the church; or end their marriage via divorce and lose connection with their church. How wonderful if Francis could change that. For Catholic families burdened by the church’s unfair annulment process, that would be revolutionary.

Good old Francis is on the case.

TTC friend CJ Doyle submitted an outstanding letter to the editor:

February 27, 2015

Letters to the Editor
The Boston Globe
P. O. Bo 55819
Boston, MA 02205-5819

To the Editor:

In its editorial on the Catholic Church and divorce, the Globe referred to those who believe "the sacrament of marriage is forever." (Outdated rules on divorce, annulment need reform, 2/23/2015).

Your editorial writer neglected to mention that those who believe that marriage should be until death include the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, who said "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder."

Does anyone seriously think that the Catholic Church is going to abandon the 2,000 year old teaching of her Founder so she can embrace the bourgeois values of modern society exemplified by, well, the Globe's editorial board?

The Globe views the Church in sociological terms, as a human institution which could ease the consciences of its members by making its requirements less rigorous. The Church understands herself as an institution of Divine origin, entrusted with the mission of saving souls, by bringing men and women to the knowledge of the truth.


C. J. Doyle

Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
35 Montclair Avenue
Boston, MA 02132
(617) 524-6309

I believe they do seriously think Francis is going to abandon the 2000 year old teaching of Christ!

The muslims are executing villages full of Christians

Prayers for our brothers and sisters who are experiencing the terrifying and malicious 'religion of peace'.

If you have ever wondered whether the systemic executions of ethnic groups could be happening in the town next to yours and Americans would ignore it, I think we have our answer.

The coverage of the mulsim crusade to ethnically cleanse the world is practically non-existent.

God help them.

Latest Schismatic Statement from Pope Francis "Reformation" Team Member

I've read several stories now on Cardinal Marx schismatic announcement that the church he runs in Germany is severed from the authority of Rome.

Marx said sin resonates in a human heart and so sin needs to resonate within the Christian message and the bishops themselves.

How sane people sit through his insufferable screwball performances is beyond me. I couldn't do it without barging the podium and inviting him to sit down and shut up.

Let that resonate in the bishops conference!

Remarkable that the Pope isn't calling Chanceries around the world to tell them to to reject applicants for the seminary who promote adultery, sodomy and sacrilegious Communion as it indicates they are head cases.

Anyhow, some of the writers think Marx's revelation indicates the winds in Rome have switched direction and are now blowing against him.

From Rorate

The main point seems to be the new German Bishops' attitude of moving on alone, which could indicate that they foresee that they will not be able to "guide" the Synod as easily as they had thought possible. Blackmail is in the air in the German Conference...

It could be the division and chaos the agenda has created for Pope Francis has pulled the rug out from underneath them. Marx and company have waited 50 years for a pope who would do what Pope Francis is doing.

If they were a few months away from a pope issuing a dictate to stop teaching moral theology, start teaching the virtue of adultery and feed Christ's elect sacrilegious communion, why would he risk formally announcing the operation he runs in Germany is schismatic?

Wouldn't the Pope have to do something in response to his statement?

The absence of an action from the Pope means something and will be judged.

After all, who would let one of eight men you have appointed to reform the Church make a schismatic announcement and not do anything about it?

A pope focused on penalizing and obstructing faithful Catholics perhaps?

I don't construe Cardinal Marx's actions as a sign Pope Francis has defected from helping him carry out his agenda. He may simply know Pope Francis is going to look the other way or keep his focus on insulting, discrediting and exiling faithful Catholics.

I will say this: I do firmly believe that a Pope who would foster the culture in the Church and world against the faithful and dedicated practice of our religion has challenges ahead of him.

I read something on The Catholic Thing that really got under my skin.

Cardinal Marx’s troubling interview is a warning: we cannot assume that Church teaching and discipline will be properly maintained at the October Synod on the Family in Rome.

Pope Francis is a pope who has played a fiddle of the virtues of adultery and conducted his affairs to lead the world and Church into this uncertainty.

Every uncatechized and misled Catholic I know has been led to believe adultery is good and the 2000 years of practicing our religion before Pope Francis played his fiddle in St Peter's Square, is bad.

The corrupt bishops the Pope surrounded himself with to carry out his 'reforms' lack his prudence.

I doubt they expected so many of us to resist a pope as we have resisted the priests and bishops who have carried out the destruction underneath the Chair of Peter.

They best be keeping the virtues of adultery and sacrilegious communion off of the agenda in October, or they have a few more surprises in store for them.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cardinal McCarrick Admits being lobbied to vote for Pope Francis

They must have started with the dullest tools in the shed.

God bless the man. He doesn't even know enough not to disclose evidence the election of Pope Francis involved corruption. (Do not be scandalized by this revelation. We see them come. We see them go. This too shall pass. It will correct Itself. Stay close to Sacraments.)

You know what this reminded me of?

I can't remember the saint - but one of them who could see the mystical world told the story of seeing a group of demons being driven to their own destruction. They were moving in a direction over her head saying something about the Holy Spirit forced them to reveal themselves, their lies and deception.

Does anyone remember the saint and the exact story?

Here's another member of Pope Francis' hand-picked team of 'reformers' revealing himself.

We are not waiting for any stinking synod. The Church headed by me in Germany is separate from Rome!

This guy is chosen as one of Pope Francis most intimate advisors to carry out "reforms" of Christ's Church, while at the same time demolishing FFI and telling Chanceries to be suspicious of men faithfully practicing our religion as it indicates they may be mentally ill.

He's got to be kidding me.

And, another blunder from Pope Francis Pontifical Council for Culture. Don't be chewing any food when you open up this link:

Do you think for five minutes these men would want what their own mother means to them to be portrayed in this piece of sexually perverted trash?

What kind of a twisted image is Pope Francis trying to make out of women?

Aaron eat your heart out.

Fifty Shades of Barbed Wire in St. Peter's Square.

I guess they must have been out of duct tape.

They claim it is supposed to represent women in bondage, whose voices and intellect are struggling for freedom.

I notice they didn't use one of the nuns on the bus for the image.

How degrading and insulting to women is this pontificate going to get?

Get yourselves some popcorn and lemonade kiddies. We are watching a three-ring circus.

Let's not turn out like the Sexicans.

The Holy Father just can't keep himself out of trouble!

n a private email to a friend, Francis had lamented increased drug trafficking in his native Argentina, using the term "Mexicanization."

"Hopefully, we are still in time to avoid the 'Mexicanization.' I was talking to some Mexican bishops and it's a terrible situation," Francis allegedly wrote.

Pope Francis seems to have the same problem picking 'friends' that is manifesting itself in his choice of bishops for the Curia.

Who takes a private email from a friend and gives it to the press?

Who does that?

This is the least of our problems.

The real problems are beautifully expressed on a post at Rorate.

[There are those who] are scandalized by the fact that whoever tries to voice an objection in the face of the current situation is quickly labeled as “a divisive person”…The tactic of accusing dissidents of being “people who divide” usually is employed by those in power or by the spineless. We must remember that often those in power are the spineless who happen to have a lever of power in their hands. Whenever there is someone who dares to debate the issues in opposition, the ones holding power avoid the debate by withholding their own convictions and their real position, while the spineless avoid the debate because they have no convictions, and, if they have them, they do not have the courage to defend them. Nothing is easier than to hold up to public ridicule anyone who dares to crack the veneer of unity by delegitimizing him a priori; if he threatens unity, he is not allowed to speak. Truth, with a capital T, succumbs to expediency. Pilate, who prefers to remain a friend of Caesar, never stops looking for fellow travelers.

The Church of the last decades has functioned, or rather malfunctioned, by actually anchoring herself to a will to be the friend of Caesar. She has been weak to the point of losing blood on the ground of doctrine and morality. She has shown herself to be aggressive and unsparing in her repression and negation of every legitimate opinion that has the intent of reaffirming the doctrinal and moral truths. The result is to silence those whose intent is to defend her and to give free reign to those whose intent is to destroy her. This methodology is highly praised and is put into practice from the very top down to the parish church.

If the Pope praised the ideology of ISIS, appointed ISIS militants to head his Synod and incorporated their rejected ideas into his Relatio,calling it his pastoral policy on freedom of religion would be laughable.

We are done wondering what outcome the Pope hopes to achieve.

With the antics of the various characters appointed by Pope Francis coming to light, we have come to the end of the period of wondering about the Pope's agenda. It's being carried out right in front of us.

I repeat: we are in a battle to preserve the Catholic faith, and all the battles being fought on various fronts, even those that are so important like moral truth, are only the terrain of confrontation in a war that is much deeper, involving metaphysics and religion. The most important thing in play is faith.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More Info on Manipulative Synod

In my 58 years of practicing Catholicism, every layperson, priest, bishop and now Pope, who brought in heretics to teach heresy also obstructed Church teaching. They always claim they're teaching heresy because Church teaching is offensive and they are the welcome wagon. Obstructing, undermining, insulting, discrediting Church teaching always goes hand-in-hand with teaching heresy.

Attracting people to the Catholic Church with heresy cant let Church teaching be proclaimed because the minute it is, you lose the people you attracted with heresy.

It stands to reason that if the Pope's intention was to bring Cardinal Kasper into communion with Church teaching, he would have put faithful people in charge of the Synod, said how fabulous the theology is and asked Cardinal Kasper and friends to be 'open to it' -- NOT THE OPPOSITE WAY AROUND!

Fr. Z reveals another creepy little detail.

Remember the Five Cardinals Book...It blew the Kasper proposals and arguments out of the water.

You will also remember that Synod members were up in arms because of the manipulations and machinations of the staff of the Synod office. Remember all the controversies about whether texts of speeches would be released? About what could be reported? About how the mid-term report was produced? About certain strange paragraphs that didn’t reflect the discussions of the Synod?

There’s more.

Here is something of the story that you don’t know, because at the time it couldn’t be told.

The people who crafted the Five Cardinals Book™ wanted to make sure that Synod members had copies, at least in English or Italian, as the Synod was starting up. Therefore, they sent copies to every member of the Synod (quite a few) through the Italian post to each member’s personal mailbox near the Synod Hall which was set up individually by the Vatican Post.

When the organizers of the Synod realized what had been sent to the members of the Synod, someone removed all the envelopes from the members’ mail boxes!

That’s called theft. That’s called illegal. They stole people’s mail.

That’s how frightening the Book is to those who want to overturn the Church’s practice and, therefore, teaching.

The Kathnet piece, by Manfred Ferrari, indicates that the heist was ordered by Card. Baldisseri, who is the head of the office of the Synod of Bishops.

Kindly read the entire post at Fr Z's.

The cast of characters in this administration has an off of the charts sleaze factor.

Stealing the Deposit of Faith at the Synod is quite symbolic.

The only problem they face, is trying to rob people with 40 years experience with thieves.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dr. Tim Scott removed as Basilian media spokesperson

The cup you offer is poison. Drink it yourself.

Mike Voris and Church Militant TV did an outstanding job with this disturbing development in the Catholic Church.

If you haven't done so already, watch the Vortex:

As bold and outlandish as Fr. Scott's conduct was, a few noteworthy observations.

After Catholics pointed out his errors, he didn't threaten to sue them. He thanked them. He apologized.

Fr. Scott is in our prayers.

I am convinced that his conduct is like one piece of fruit falling off of the rotten tree.

The empowerment to publicly tell a Cardinal faithful to Church teaching to shut the bleep up is a direct result of 'the Pope Francis effect'.

Pope Francis has spent two years caricaturing the faithful practice of our religion for the 2000 years before him as hateful. He has set the fires ill will against us and poured gasoline on it every few days.

Mike also did a spectacular job on this vortex on Fr. Rosica's disturbing history of theological errors:

Voris brings up very astute observations.

How and why would a priest with a history of this kind of skullduggery rise up through the ranks?

When he gets called out for his lack of fidelity to Church teaching, who is empowering him to threaten to sue Catholics who point out he needs to believe and teach the Catholic religion and not his own imaginary version of it?

A few articles in Christendom are referring to what is becoming a pontificate for thugs.

The shoe seems to fit.