Friday, May 26, 2017

Cardinal Mueller's Interview is not helpful.

If there's one thing that gets under my skin, it is their amaranthine dog and pony shows around a disaster.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

The good Cardinal Mueller dances around Raymond's attempts to engage him in honest dialogue, right up until Raymond reminds him that the pope himself has affirmed the heretical interpretations of the Argentine Bishops - and then he says there are rules in the Church and we ought to stop talking about the way the pope is misleading and demoralizing our relatives.

And I say to this, we'll be quiet about their misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance when pigs fly.

I continue to be appalled by what they are concerned about while the Holy Father distributes, ad nauseum, the insidious propaganda of unfaithful prelates in Christ's Church:

When asked about the dubia and whether they should be answered by the Holy Father, Cardinal Müller says that, with regard to the content of the dubia, these are “legitimate questions to the pope.” However, he regrets that “that it came out into the public,” causing “tensions between the pope and some cardinals.” “This is not good in our world of mass media,” concludes the cardinal, adding that “our enemies are glad to see our Church in a certain confusion.”

"The public, the tensions of the pope, the mass media, the enemies of the Church"

Blah, blah, blah.

While we want them to pull the plug on the Holy Father's affirmation of heretics and heresies because it is robbing people we love of salvation, they are worried about the egg on their faces and the pope's emotions when told he is misleading people with his nonsense.

There was one good clearing of some smoke of stupidity:

With regard to the question of the female deaconate, Cardinal Müller makes it clear that there cannot be a sacramental female deaconate and that Pope Francis established his study commission merely in order to find out more ways of participation in the Church for women.

Of course not. The deaconate involves ordination. Women can never be ordained because we are invalid matter. Its an infallible teaching of the Church.

But then he goes right back to gobblygook:

Raymond Arroyo also asks the German cardinal whether the invitation of Paul Ehrlich and other progressive speakers at the Vatican is disturbing for him. In response, Cardinal Müller explains that, as a former academician, “I can discuss with everybody,” but “we must avoid the impression” of a relativization. “These people might be good scientists, but anthropologically, they [these secular academicians] have some lacks [deficiencies],” but we must “always have respect” for the natural law and the dignity of man, explains the cardinal. It is important to highlight the “right to life,” according to Cardinal Müller. “Overpopulation of the world could be a problem [sic], but we cannot resolve it with the killing of the half of mankind.”

Raymond has to corner him again.

When asked whether he is worried about giving moral credence to these speakers, Müller responds: “That could be the danger.”

It's a simple question dude. Just answer it.

Here is the crux of our inability to see eye-to-eye:

There is one group however, whose approach I find very strange: the intentionally orthodox among higher prelates and theologians who treat the turmoil arising from Amoris Laetitia as a matter of ‘misinterpretations’. They will focus on the text alone, abstracted from any of the known antecedents in the words and acts of Pope Francis himself or its wider historical context.

The 'one group' we are talking about is our children and the uncatechized. Due to their spiritual immaturity from lousy catechesis for the last 50 years, they are incapable of complicated theological analysis necessary to overcome the Holy Father's gushing over heretical interpretations.

The Holy Father is giving credibility to crackpot theology. He is doing irreparable harm to the people inside of our homes who suffered through the last 50 years of ordaining heretics and sexually active gay men. The 'higher prelates and theologians who treat the turmoil arising from Amoris Laetitia as a matter of misinterpretations' are simply trying to get our concerns through their thick heads.

It is impossible to have an honest conversation with them about the people doing irreparable harm inside of our family.

That has always been the problem. At every level of the internal structure of Christ's Church. In my many years of observing this peculiar phenomenon, it comes across to me as an inability to accept responsibility for their mistakes. The sin of pride.

The sad thing is, Cardinal Mueller is a faithful man. The pussyfooting and dishonesty stands out like a sore thumb.

I am just beginning to understand the savagery of Planned Parenthood workers.

They are sociopaths.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

There are a lot of ways to skin bad bishops

Kudos to our Catholic friends in Malta!

"This Pope is more interested in saving the planet than saving souls."

Did you see that while Trump was in Rome, they were drilling him on 'climate change'?

Tillerson later told reporters that climate change did not come up in the meeting with the Pope, but that U.S. officials had "a good exchange on the climate change issue" with Cardinal Parolin...

"It is hoped that there may be serene collaboration between the state and the Catholic Church in the United States, engaged in service to the people in the fields of health care, education and assistance to immigrants," the Vatican said. 

They are engaged in service to the people in the fields of health care, getting degrees and illegal immigration.  The mission of saving souls is not on their radar.

Boy, does this ever nail the papacy:

"This Pope is actually more interested in saving the planet than saving souls. He’s turned the Vatican into, almost, an annex of Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. He’s also been a great advocate for La Raza style open borders and, of course, he’s a strong voice for the global left in terms of promoting socialism.” 


Our friend Michael Dowd recommended reading this interview with George Neumayer.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

First Lady is Roman Catholic

I had a sneaking suspicion!  

Awesome news.

Many of us are doing a Holy Face Novena to cover our President's back with prayer.   Still time to join us -  Today was the first day - LINK HERE.

The lady is a tramp


Sunday, May 21, 2017

"IF" you love Me, you will keep my Commandments and THEN My Father will love him and we'll make our home with him.

And don't let anyone tell you anything different.  Not even if a Pope, God help him, tries to caricature the tools of salvation as ideological fanaticism.     Just a reminder from today's Gospel.     

You're welcome.

In a little bit of personal news, I recently sold my home and moved to a place that's about 60 miles from my beloved city of Boston.   For the first time in my life, I don't live in the Archdiocese of Boston.    (Though I will still be reporting on the shenanigans!)

It's a little unsettling to make a move from your spiritual home.  There's a lot of work and high blood pressure involved in finding a parish where the priests keep all the Mz. Wearthepants and the poor uncatechized under their tutelege in check, celebrate a reverent Holy Sacrifice and keep the Protestant converts from turning the mission into the town's welcome wagon.

In this period of our history, I find all the work only leads to a temporary reprieve.  The place goes up for grabs when a good shepherd moves on.   Even most of the good shepherds are building consensus with ambiguity, cult of personality and religious entertainment.  When he goes, whatever shtick the next leader has gets instantaneous traction.      But at least when you have familiarity with your diocese, you know where all the landmines are and avoid them.

I really lucked out.   I'm in one of the best parishes for practicing Catholics in the Commonwealth.   You don't realize how the number of small things we let go of make such a huge impact.  

In most parishes, there are a couple of handfuls of Catholics who are practicing living every day in a state of Sanctifying Grace and trying to teach their family and loved ones to do the same.   We sit in the pews struggling for oxygen.   We break our necks to juggle our chores and commitments to make  to the hour a week the priest dedicates to the Sacrament to Reconciliation.    More often than not, the priest isn't even sitting in the Confessional during the hour a week set aside for the Sacrament that absolves his  people's sins.   He's in the Sacristy or office counting the money or candles.   When you finally find him and ask him to go back into the Confessional, he looks like he's just encountered the town's Tyrannosaurus Rex.    He acts flustered an annoyed that time is being taken from what he's doing.   And this happens with our orthodox priests!

This is the world most of us live in.   We settle for validity of Sacraments in a place we at least won't hear heresy and we call it good.     The people who attend Mass act like the walking dead.  They're looking for a 30 minute Mass where they can stumble in and vocalize their disinterest and boredom with their prayers and the Sacred Liturgy and put the pedal to the metal heading to the greasy spoon for Sunday morning bacon and eggs and back home to mow their lawn.

The Catholicity of my new parish blew me away.   The dynamic of people saying prayers like they are communicating in their loving relationship with Christ, there were about 40 women wearing mantillas at the Novus Ordo, everyone was well-dressed for the banquet, excellent catechesis in the homilies, vespers on Sunday night, 24 hour adoration, priest-led consecration to Christ through Mary, etc.

The place is rocking.  Every Mass is filled to the rafters.

The difference between this and orthodox priests building consensus with cult of personality is - wait for it...Confessions before EVERY MASS!   A half hour of confessions, sitting in the chair, before every Mass so that every person who needs confession has it available to them at a time they can make it work on a consistent basis.   Every person knows the priest puts the absolution of sin as his number one priority.  There is no chasing him around the sanctuary and giving you the stinkeye when you catch up to him.   It is a steady flow of Sanctifying Grace that survives the tenure of the priest.  

When I've mentioned this to priests, they immediately fly into a sob story about time management does not allow dedicated time for the absolution of sins when people can actually come.

Please.  LOL.

We've got to work harder to get traction on this.   It's worth making our number one priority.

Joan Chittister: Politicians who believe in killing people shouldn't keep you for voting for them

Joan Chittister says people who make an issue out of the killing of Jews or Christians or unwanted relatives are superficial.

She goes on to say that refusing to broaden your acceptance of Herod just because his government kills babies "is a narrow, delimiting approach to the very essence of life".

When you read the history of the holocaust and wonder what kind of people supported Hitler's political ideology, remember Joan Chittister.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Holy Father is still trying to explain the heresy.

Before I post the link, be warned: This one's a doozy.

"... the Apostles and the elders choose some of them to go to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas. Among them there are two groups of people: the ones who engage in “strong discussions” but with “good spirit,” and “those who make confusion”

And he is Christendom's most famous poster boy for the latter but I digress.

Here's a reader's digest synopsis of his papacy:

Francis emphasizes the “freedom of the Spirit” that “reconciles” so pagans can enter the Church “without going through circumcision.” This is indeed the “first Council” of the Church - “the Holy Spirit and them, the Pope with the bishops, all together” - gathered to “clarify the doctrine”. Over the centuries, many other councils followed, for “It is duty of the Church to clarify the doctrine “so that” it is well understood what Jesus said in the Gospels, which is the Spirit of the Gospels”.

One must be aware, at the same time, that “there have always been those people who, without any assignment, go on to disturb the Christian community with discourses that upset souls:

About 50% of the time he is spewing nonsense. The other 50% he is making up long-winded parables about how skanky people are who explain to him that he's contradicted Church teaching.

They “were not believers, they were ideologized,” they have only one ideology “that closed their hearts to the work of the Holy Spirit.” The Apostles on the contrary, argue, yes, even in a strong way, but they are not ideologized: “They had their heart open to what the Spirit had to say. And that was noticed by the Spirit and us. “

You know what's funny about watching this dog continuously chase its tail, ad nauseum?

Pope Francis is oblivious to the fact that the HOLY Spirit is talking to him at a deafening decibel level and his own heart is closed to what the Paraclete is saying. His own ideology, and the ideas of all the nuts he gathers around him, divide THEM from Church doctrine. That's not the work of the Holy Spirit.

The people on the same side as Church teaching aren't divided from it.

The fact that we will never join them in their division from the true doctrines of the Church is getting under the Holy Father's skin. And that is duly noted by the Holy Spirit and us.

Put that in your Roman crack pipes and smoke it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cash Cow in Medjugorge

I knew there was something fishy in the Vatican's talking points in Medjugorje

They are taking the position that the Blessed Mother likely appeared in Medjugorje seven times but following those appearances, the 'seers' have been lying.

I think that's very generous. It's inconsistent with the Blessed Mother's nature to choose to appear to people whom she knew would lie about the messages she conveyed to them.

I kept asking myself why on earth their solution to this mess was to set up shop parallel to the frauds and crooks.

What's next? Setting up an office in pope Michael's "see"?

Then I read this:

The commission also recommended turning the town’s parish Church of St. James into a pontifical shrine with Vatican oversight. The move, the commission said, would not signify recognition of the apparitions, but would acknowledge the faith and pastoral needs of the pilgrims while ensuring a proper accounting of the financial donations pilgrims leave.

Of course! They want to make sure the right amount of money is being put in their wallets!