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I think I've honed in Margery Eagan's problem

I read this article and nearly choked.

She has a dolt of a spiritual director who told her Christ doesn't ask us to do things we don't want to do.

The blind leading the blind.

Back in the days when I rejected Church teaching on contraception, I used to cherry pick priests who would tell me it wasn't a sin.

The curse of unrepentant sin. The devil leads you to his own.

But in my worst day, I couldn't swallow the koolaid they tried to feed the catatonic that completely contradicted the fiat of Christ.

I think that's what saved me.

I knew they were so completely daft about Christ and Scripture, I eventually knew they were wrong about contraception.

How could Mags swallow that Chrst doesn't ask us to do things we don't want to do?

That is what the whole thing is about.

Doing what we don't want to do to please our Beloved.

That is the essence of love that is the critical component of successful human relationships. Being a Pope, Bishop, priest, mother, father, relative, friend.

Love does not survive without sacrifice.

Christ is Sacrifice.

Every image, every story, every teaching.


The Crucifixion.

2000 years of martyrs.

Does she think they wanted the people to kill them?

That must be why she has such big fangs and claws.

She thinks we don't want to hop into the sack with that eyecandy.

When the hunk of love tells us they love us so much they'll have no choice but to find somebody else if we don't sleep with them, she thinks we don't want to do it.

When a man averts his eyes from cleavage or takes a different bus or quits his job to avoid somebody he has a sexual attraction to, instead of asking Marty Walsh to turn the Catholic parade into a parade about my orgies, Maggs thinks those men don't want to do it.

I never met a man whose nature didn't want to do it without years of discipline and suppressing sexual attractions.

When you love your children, you may want to buy that mink coat instead of swing set. But we don't do it because we love them more.

When you love your wife or husband, there may come a day when your marriage is suffering and you may want to act on a sexual attraction to a neighbor, coworker, somebody you met in a bar anesthetizing your emotions with booze. We don't do it because we love our wife/husband more.

Those of us who love Christ the way we love others..wait, no..Those of us who love Christ above all others, there are many things we want or desire - Christ asks us to lay down what we want, as He laid down what He wanted.

The Catechism is the index of things Christ asks us not to do, even when we want to do them.

If and when you love Him enough, you give it all up. Sometimes reluctantly, painfully.

That's the whole shtick.

One day you wake up so in love with Christ, there is no interest in the things you used to want. You have it all.

She is reading Fr. Ciszek:

God asked him “to let go of the reins and place myself entirely at his disposal. He was asking of me an act of total trust,” Ciszek wrote, “a complete gift of self, nothing held back. It demanded absolute faith in God’s existence, providence, his concern for the minutest details, in his power to sustain and protect me. It meant losing the last hidden doubt, the fear that God will not bear you up, like the eternity between anxiety and belief when a child first lets go of all support — only to find that the water truly holds him up and he can float, motionless and totally relaxed.”

You can't do it on your own. You'll never do it if you are hooked into daffy priests. Cut them loose. They are a danger to your soul.

Get to a faithful confessor and express your sorrow for using your gifts to mislead other Catholics from Him. Go to Communion and in a state of Grace ask Christ to enlighten you. Spend time in Eucharistic Adoration reading the Saints. Bishop Sheen. Pope John Paul II.

You have to want to know the truth. Be willing to accept the embarrassment that you have been wrong and wronged other people. Wronged Christ and His Church. And not in little ways. Nobody wants to do that.

You have to be willing to swallow your pride. Nobody wants to do that either.

You have to be willing to lose the fan club you built with your crusade against Church teaching and those who teach it. They will turn on you and give you a good dose of your own medicine. Nobody wants to do that.

You won't want to accept your 'spiritual director' has been misguiding you. All these years. Though I'm not sure that is completely honest because you were really writing that script. You chose him because you knew his convictions and you knew he would 'spiritually direct' you by affirming your heresy. You were co-dependents.

You might lose your job. Lose your priest. Lose your parish. Lose your friends.

As that once famous Prophet once said...

Amen, amen, I say to you, when you were younger, you used to dress yourself and go where you wanted; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.”

He said this signifying by what kind of death he would glorify God. And when he had said this, he said to him, “Follow me.”

Twisting the Definition of Love to Affirmation

Love like this will be seen in hell.

Prayer against Storms

The Prayer Against storms, found in your Pieta Prayer Book: (Make the sign of the cross on the + symbol)

Jesus Christ a King of Glory has come in Peace. + God became man, + and the Word was made flesh. + Christ was born of a virgin. + Christ suffered. + Christ was crucified. + Christ died. + Christ rose from the dead. + Christ ascended into Heaven. + Christ conquers. + Christ reigns. + Christ orders. + May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning. + Christ went through their midst in Peace, + and the Word was made Flesh. + Christ is with us with Mary. + Flee you enemy spirits because the Lion of the Generation of Juda, the Root of David, was won. + Holy God! + Holy Powerful God ! + Holy Immortal God! + Have mercy on us. Amen.

Pope Francis is surprised and sorry over reaction to his rebuke to a pregnant woman as 'tempting God'

The more I think about his rebuke, the daffier it gets.

 Theologically, he is actually suggestion that the modus operandi of God is, the more you love and trust Him, the more likely He is to punish you with death.  

The Pope is saying each act of faithfulness is a temptation to God. You only get so many chances to be faithful before he lashes out in vengeance to take your life.

Christ becomes vindictive if you are too faithful to Him.

I am flabbergasted by this bizarre mischaracterization of Christ.

In any event, reports are now circulating that Pope Francis was surprised about the...misunderstanding on his words on large families and is sorry and saddened.

I believe that is true as he immediately did some damage control.

You know there is a but coming.

Though this is progress, -- I hate to say it -- his explanation comes up short for me.

Seeing the headlines, the Holy Father, with whom I spoke yesterday, smiled and was a bit surprised that his words were not fully contextualized with regards to a very clear passage of Humanae vitae on responsible parenthood,” Archbishop Becciu stated.

Bl. Paul VI's 1968 encyclical on the regulation of birth said that “responsible parenthood, as we use the term here, has one further essential aspect of paramount importance. It concerns the objective moral order which was established by God, and of which a right conscience is the true interpreter. In a word, the exercise of responsible parenthood requires that husband and wife, keeping a right order of priorities, recognize their own duties toward God, themselves, their families and human society.”

This doesn't get me anywhere:

The archbishop said the correct interpretation of Pope Francis' words comes from the teaching of Bl. Paul VI and from the ancient tradition of the Church, which Pius XI’s 1930 encyclical Casti connubii : that “even if the unitive and procreative aspects of the sexual act must never be separated,” the act “must always be included in the logic of love” with regard to the “capacity of each person to open to the mystery of the gift of self in the bonds of marriage.”

Too convoluted and still, as far as I'm concerned, is suggesting coming up with an excuse to use NFP to foist your marriage upon the road of having to trust in Christ and intercept His plan for children He planned for the marriage before we were even born.

John Allen at the crucks posted a story suggesting Pope Francis believes the Final Chapter of the Bible (add this to the small list of Church teaching he's willing to substantiate) and is taking short-cuts.

I think that is an astute observation.

You really have to have your head in the sand not to recognize the diabolical disorientation as the symptom of an apocalyptic harvest of the devil. Catholics, including Pope Francis, understand the events in the Book of Revelation could take generations to play out. Prayer and fasting delays it.

Keen observers of the escalated pace of the devil and the magnitude of the diabolical disorientation - - suffice it to say, we're thinking we best be picking up the pace just in case. In other words, the gut instincts are educated guesses based upon demonic activity that is off of the charts. Historically off of the charts.

Lord of the World is a good book.

The Book of Revelation is cryptic to the uninitiated.

As Pope John Paul II said at the turn of the century, we are inching our way towards it.

The concern of practicing Catholics is, the last thing we want our Pope to do is identify the Cardinal Kaspers of this world as the example of his sheep to follow -- while he thwarts and discredits those who faithfully teach the theology of Christ's Church.

The agenda has two horns and a tail.

He's in the wrong rabbit hole.

As he has before, Francis went out of his way to invoke an apocalyptic 1907 novel by an English convert from Anglicanism called “Lord of the World.” The novel lays out a dystopic vision of a final conflict between secular humanism and Catholicism, with the showdown taking place on the fields of Armageddon.

Author Robert Hugh Benson depicts a world in which Marxism and secularism have run the table, culminating in a charismatic “savior” figure, increasingly recognizable as the Anti-Christ, who arises to lead a one-world government. Attacks on Christian symbols and believers mount, and euthanasia is widely practiced.

Francis first praised the novel back in November 2013, in the context of a homily in which he denounced what he called “adolescent progressivism.” He returned to “Lord of the World” in the recent airplane news conference, saying, “I advise you to read it” because it explains what he meant by a reference to “ideological colonization” during a session with 20,000 Filipino families in Manila.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rick Santorum said practicing Catholic families find it 'difficult' to listen to Pope Francis

His commentary here.

That's a polite way to put it.

It's more accurate to say practicing Catholic families find having their children receive the messages of Pope Francis is 'dangerous'.

Dangerous is the word.

When our children came to us to tell us they wanted to save money and move in with their boyfriend, we had the Deposit of Faith to explain the damage they are inflicting upon themselves, the person they love, God and the disadvantages all of it places upon a relationship intended to be life-long.

That has been taken away from us.

I shouldn't say its been taken away from us because there's nothing Pope Francis can do to take it away so he's relying on undermining us to demolish the 2000 years of theology.

It's more accurate to say, he's taken away our efficacy. And we all know that means.  The children of God's elite army are in the hands of the tempter.

Every nutjob priest they ordained over the last forty years is emboldened and teaching and preaching immorality. Every apostate teacher in every Catholic school and apostolate is ramming their heresies down our children's throats - courtesy of the new age pope.

I feel sorry for Pope Francis because I don't think this was his intention.

But it is what it is and as much as I care about Pope Francis, I care about my children and their salvation more. And, I care about Christ and his Church even more than that.

The Pope has alienated faithful Catholic families practicing our religion. When journalists have informed of what he knows or should know, he said he didn't care about any opposition, he and his team are going to keep on carrying out the agenda of putting apostate Cardinals in charge of 'pastorally' misleading his flock into temptation, sin and sacrilegious communion.

He is misleading the people we love.

It's way more than 'difficult'.

His shtick is 'dangerous' to our children.

He's made himself an enemy of the hand that rocks the cradle.

I wish him a lot of luck with that because here are a lot of wabbits. More wabbits than he realizes. And our kicks where the sun doesn't shine are going to send him to the moon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pope Francis Praises Big Families as a gift from God -I bet you say that to all the wabbits.

Jumpin' without a parachute? Kinda dangerous, ain't it? - Bugs Bunny

At least we know he's getting the messages.

I also think his immediate reversal is an action taken in good faith to demonstrate he is on the same page with the fiat of woman.

When the Holy Father said we all need to listen to women because they can see things men can't, this is a shining example. And he did respond.

There are still several problems here and they are not insignificant problems.

1. The two-year history of ridiculing, rebuking, penalizing faithful Catholics while shilling for the goodness in adulterous relationships that has just got to stop.

"Stop breathing on my fur!"

He knows how to be careful with what he says. It's time to stop the off the cuff remarks. He knows his stream of consciousness is not orthodox by nature. It's time to give them ice cream on the plane without talking about theology.

2. He owes the pregnant woman he rebuked an apology.

3. He's given the world the idea that NFP is the approved-approved method of birth control.

Technically, this could be argued when a mother's life is in danger, but if there is the extremely rare genuine case where a pregnancy is killing the mother, the Church does not penalize the woman if the pregnancy is terminated.

We don't promote this as a valid Church-approved abortion.

See the theological and pastoral problem with the spin on contraception?

TTC readers are not going to like what I have to say about this one, but it could be we could hijack this and get women off of the pill and into using NFP.

Think about this for a minute.

The reality is, most contraception use is about the inability to afford a child. Most people are exaggerating their financial situation to delay a family, but there are some legitimate cases. If we were to jump on this to get women into good NFP programs that teaches the distinction, more good than harm would be brought to bear from this booboo.

Why not? Every mistake made by the Holy See gets put into full throttle into catechesis. Let's play the game.

4. He's got to stop appointing apostates.

5. This is the most important one: He has to teach moral theology and encourage priests to do the same.

While we have a captive audience, any other suggestions?

I wanted to post today's optional readings for the Memorial of St. Agnes. They are speaking to us. Having trouble finding them. the USCCB site, unbelievably, does not have them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chiding a Pregnant Mother of Seven for 'tempting God'

I've been thinking about Pope Francis revelation that he chided a pregnant mother of seven for for 'tempting God'.

What's the action he expected her to take?

Inquiring minds want to know.

This is what happens when you have a good sexual relationship at home. When two people are still on fire for each other, and that takes work, even using the authority of the Church to give yourself permission to say 'this is a good reason' to refrain from relations on this week, sometimes the Author of Life has other plans.

Was she supposed to responsibly abort her baby?

Is she and her husband supposed to go out and find a same-sex partner so her Pope won't judge her and will go out of his way to find good in the sex they are having?

He wouldn't dare tell the communist Castro he is tempting God.

He wouldn't dare tell the nuns on the bus, who led generations of children into temptation and gehanna, they are tempting God.

Out of his long list of insults to faithful Catholics, I think this is the worst.

Forget about his vulgar caricature of conjugal love as a mindless sex of rabbits and the theological problems he continues to foster, where is his faith in God through Whom all things are possible?

Where is his trust?

Where is his surrender?

Even if a mother dies rather than kill or intercept a life given to her by God, that is our fiat. We don't balance consequences and then obstruct the Creator of Life.

If God creates, we trust and love Him enough to say yes.

What good was accomplished by making her feel shame for doing what the Church has taught for 2000 years?

Is SCOTUS set to formalize our country as Sodom and Gomorrah?

Fr. Z recommends hunkering down in prayer.

It's a giant leap for the cultural warriors who wage war against God.

It is point in time where the entire country tells God we are the arbiters of moral law, not You. In the mystical world, it is a force of an entire country putting a false god before God.

In spite of the gargoyles who think they have the power to dictate good and evil, every locus on earth is God's. He creates and permits its destruction at will. This is the mother of all wars against God.

Some of judges are long-suffering pagans who have been fighting God all their lives.

For those who know better, or should know better, the wisest thing to do would be to limit the opinion to two sentences.

The power to give edicts or moral laws belongs to God and He has spoken through the design of the human body and procreation. I recuse myself on the grounds that my religion forbids the use of my authority to subordinate God's.

Nothing more needs or should be said.

It is telling that the Pope suggested Lord of the World as good reading material. He knows a frantic harvesting is going down in the spiritual world and desperate times call for desperate measures. He's on the right side but meandering off of the track.

We need to keep kicking him where the sun doesn't shine, showing him the poor he is crosses the street to avoid. The poor he walks over and tramples on. The poor his see and priests have starved to death. The poor he himself is starving to death.

And in the meantime, hope THOSE poor suffering from diabolical disorientation he is inflicting upon his people with his own hands, get caught into his loving arms.

It was incredible, she told herself, that this ravening monster, dripping blood from claws and teeth, that had arisen roaring in the night, could be the Humanity that had become her God.~Lord of the World

There are too many macho men in the Church who don't listen to women's ideas.

There are too many macho men in the Church who don't listen to women's ideas.

Some of the things he says are so removed from reality, it is beginning to get weird.

One has to travel many kilometers to find a macho man in Vatican City. Maybe he needs a new prescription for eyeglasses.

What's next? Too many feminine women in the Leadership Conference of Women Religious?

Brace yourself:

"(We) don't allow room for women but women are capable of seeing things with a different angle from us, with a different eye. Women are able to pose questions that we men are not able to understand," he said to more applause.

It's frightening. He's clueless.

The problem isn't macho men who don't listen to women's ideas. It's sissified men listening to women with the wrong ideas.