Sunday, August 2, 2015

Our Catholic Bear Reports Damian Thompson Somewhat Stunning Perception that Catholic Blogosphere is Irrelevant

Bear's post here.

Damian's ideas about the irrelevance of blogosphere are somewhat surprising.

The funny thing is, I don't any Catholic who thinks Damian Thompson is relevant. LOL. Or for that matter, thinks secular newspapers are relevant. I haven't picked up a secular newspaper for years. Every serious practicing Catholic I am acquainted with - and there are thousands - also has stopped reading secular newspapers.

We get all of our news from reliable news sources like Pewsitter, Lifesite News, Rorate Caeli.

As the Bear duly notes, Catholic blogosphere has become more relevant than ever under the reign of the starvation of theology, friends with benefits, sickle and fist papacy.

Catholic blogs feed and fire up the engines of Catholic erudites who then take the talking points and blow up facebook. Newspapers eventually pick up the story of the controversy and at some point, the goliath in St Peter's Square is forced into damage control from the rock that hit them between their eyes. Sometimes that happens quickly and sometimes they need a couple of dozen rocks before they wave the white flag. The inevitability of their surrender is guaranteed. And so with confidence we take up our positions and fire when we see the whites of Goliath's eyes.

We have never, at least in our lifetime, had to fight the battle at the level of the Chair of Peter. The battle for the soul of the Church always been underneath the Chair of Peter. But we are a seasoned army who knows its enemy well. And we are relentless.

Pope Francis has not yet enlisted in the army of the enemy. He has taken up a sniper position against us and is firing away. I think he is surprised to see us firing back. My gut instincts tell me he expected our allegiance to the Chair of Peter to protect the heresy he has suggested we assume informally in praxis.

My gut instincts tell me, the surprise return of fire has delayed his enlistment. I don't think he ever will and the reason he never will is because of underground consecrated army of the Blessed Virgin and Sacred Heart of Jesus operating at Catholic blogs.

That is not to say he will not do terrible damage to this generation, world, Church that may take years to recover. That is not to say the suffering of watching the people we love being pied pipered from the loss of their salvation by a pope will be any less painful.

I AM saying there is no question that the Holy Father thinks what is being said on blogs is relevant and will affect his game plan. He has acknowledged his critics in America and expressed his desire to evaluate substance.

What exactly does Damian think is irrelevant 'bout 'dat?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Obama Daddy Warbucks Donor & Federal Judge Blocks Center for Medical Progress from Releasing New Videos

A temporary order with a hearing on Monday.

The reason they used to obtain the order?

The folks at the Center for Medical Progress infiltrated their conferences and people are going to get mad when they find out what their members said they're doing to babies. This 'puts providers in danger'.

In danger of who and what?

I didn't read that they produced the dangerous people. The federal judge must have conjured them up in his imagination?

Hard to believe this would stand the scrutiny of his peers? Not that he cares, but still, it's interesting the lengths people will go to.

The 'federation' rightfully claims their reputation is going to take a hit when details of human trafficking of baby body parts are described by their members.

Since when are courts used to protect corporations and groups from the consequences of their crimes against humanity?

Planned Parenthood Responds: The dead baby ripped torn apart by their employees is "part of the process for a SAFE abortion".

Planned Parenthood responded to the fourth video.

They said the video depicting a Planned Parenthood abortionist playing with brain, eyeballs, heart and announcing "it's a baby", and the medical assistant who looks for the baby's gender and squeals with delight "it's another boy", is a 'laboratory conversation about medical research'.

They acknowledge it is 'jarring' to watch, but the baby's body torn to smitherines on that table is simply part of the process for a safe abortion.

That dead baby is safe.  Gotcha.

They said mothers find what those two savages were doing to the babies they don't want and 'donate' to them, 'a source of comfort'.

Pleased to meet you there Beelzebub.

The White House also responded. They said outraged Americans are "extremists on the right".

Mothers are just dropping into a safe medical facility to donate people they don't want and knowing their babies are being laughed at as they are chopped up for medical research, some of them still potentially alive when they are dissected, it is chicken soup for their souls.  It's a donation program for medical research.

Nothing to see here but fringe reactionaries.

But even Hillary Clinton admitted she found the videos 'disturbing'.
Clinton argued that the videos raise questions not just about Planned Parenthood but "many institutions in our country," arguing that "any kind of congressional inquiry" should be focused on the practice more broadly and not just on the organization.

Joan Chittister, looking the spitting image of Patrick Duffy, has also responded.

In light of right-wing extremists’ latest smear campaign against Planned Parenthood, one Catholic nun decided to speak out on the hypocrisy of the GOP’s relentless crusade against a woman’s right to choose.

Don't worry though folks, Pope Francis said the forty years of letters documenting heresy and asking him to do something about Joan and motley crew has been resolved.    He's taken care of the situation.  You can take that to the bank.

Speaking of the Holy Father, still the sound of crickets on the exploitation of women and human atrocities to children at the hands of U.S. politicians giving Planned Parenthood money to carry out the safe health care executed upon that baby boy torn to pieces.

 He did however publish a tweet on the importance of 'hospitality'.

With all the ammunition the Holy Father has provided to the culture of death and another vote to defund these blaggards looming in a few days, he would not find my thoughts about his deafening silence very hospitable.   Not at all.

Believe me when I say, I've tried to reserve some hospitality for his circus.   There is nothing left in the well.

 One too many conversations with people who were hanging onto Church teaching by a thread that he cut loose. I've watched them free themselves from 20, 30 years of effort that held them to truth and gleefully float down the river into unrepentant sin, hailing Pope Francis as a hero.  Hardly a day passes when the salt of my tears doesn't sting my eyes.

I'm not looking forward to his visit to the US to pass out more licenses of the destruction of immortal souls and human life with more talking points from the annals of the fist and sickle. I'd really like to hole myself up in a retreat house without a television or internet connection until the dust settles.

Plan B is doubling up on blood pressure medications and sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament as often as possible, knowing I will emerge into madness.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Blocked videos reportedly prove Planned Parenthood dismembered babies are born alive.

No wonder they scrambled to quash the evidence.

From what I'm reading, the possibility exists that the videos ARE going to be published and the evidence of crimes and atrocities against human life is explosive.

Many prayers and Masses are needed for these heroic missionaries.

God bless and protect them.

Planned Parenthood seems to be filled to the rafters with savages and sociopaths

Video #4 gets behind the scenes to reveal two savages hovering over the baby they just murdered and squealing with delight as they rip him apart.

The two of them are giddy as the doctor squeals "it's a baby" and the medical assistant announces "it's another boy".

I've wondered all these years what kind of a person could work at a place that kills babies. Watching the video, it finally dawned on me. "My God, they are sociopaths. Of course. How stupid could I have been all these years. The kind of people who kill babies for a living are savage sociopaths".

And the sociopath in the White House is worried about the death of Cecile. The lion.

If that is not an indictment of darkness of his soul, nothing is.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Pity of Christ

The third Planned Parenthood video was released today featuring a phlebotomist hired to dismember babies explaining the monstrous process. A PP doctor makes a statement that they want to be paid per body part to maximize profit, thereby discrediting Cecil Richards. There is a part 2, which I assume will further erode PP's credibility that they are innocent of criminal conduct.

Nobody should miss this response to the exposure of Planned Parenthood written by Fr. Rutler.

General Patton was thought by some not to have much pity. But he had a chest. When he entered Ohrdruf, the sub-camp of Buchenwald, his reaction to the corpses and crematoria surprised his soldiers. He did not say the lurid scene was “inappropriate” or “unacceptable” or “heartbreaking.” He bent over and vomited. And the medals on his chest rattled. When the people who lived outside the camps protested that they did not know what had been going on, General Eisenhower ordered them to walk through the fetid buildings and look at the corpses. Perhaps there will be a day when remnants of our sheepish generation are dragged through the moral carnage of our land and feel some of the pity that Christ feels for us.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sacred Heart Seminary issues warning of sexual predatory practices of its priests if men don't cover from head to toe.

An outrageous response to legitimate concerns is published from Kathy Schiffer at Patheos.


Do I need new glasses or is her blog actually named 'women of grace'?!

A woman of grace would realize the implications of this outlandish warning from seminary staff:

The seminary has just announced they are ordaining men who become sexually aroused when they see flesh of other men and they are unable to control their urges to act upon the lust. They are pinning accountability for the actions of the predator on the potential victims of unwanted sexual advances.

The most important disclosure from the Archdiocese is implied: Once the men leave the seminary, these same uncontrollable sexual urges are going to be exhibited in your community and parish when they see eyecandy in the pews or the community.

What will the archdiocese do then? Post warnings on telephone polls warning men to cover themselves from head to toe?

They can't be serious.

Memo from Seminary Staff:

Gentlemen, we are ordaining same sex attracted men with active sexual histories who will lust after somebody and will potentially act upon it if they see male skin. We have placed sexual predators in the building who are unable to control their libido. It is your responsibility to make sure they don't fondle somebody after seeing the skin on your legs. Please make sure you cover yourselves from head to toe.

Ugh. I can't stand it!

Gentleman, allow us to help you with your gross spiritual negligence and stupidity:

You don't ordain men with same-sex attractions for the same reasons caring people don't:

Put a man addicted to pot in charge of the "medical" marijuana facility.

Assign Carol in a career to frost cupcakes.

Hand a pubescent child with raging hormones a condom while saying "here, you are going to need this" and put him in a room with cute peers and issue a warning sins are about to be committed and to take care it isn't you.

Hire a young, attractive large-breasted woman as a maid for the seminary.

Get it?

You are placing them in a career where the temptations will overwhelm them in their weakness - and they will consume and destroy the people around them when they fall into the pit. And then you have the nerve to put the onus for this fragile situation - created by YOU - on the potential victims of unwanted sexual advances.

Mind blowing stupidity and audacity.

History has demonstrated, and I think we can expect seminary officials not to care that they are ordaining men with uncontrollable urges to act on SSA. This is the longstanding practice which resulted in SSA men with the inability to control themselves finding at-risk teenagers to have sex with and then pressured them not to tell anyone.

But we as lay people must care.

Setting up a blog and writing about matters that involve the safety and sanctity of Christ's people comes with responsibilities. One must never defend the indefensible or attack whistleblowers who have the grace and fortitude to do it.


Here is the website of the seminary.

This seminary attracts 'students' with an athletic facility, a commuter lounge, parking, student health, technology and the services of the cafeteria. There isn't a thing on there that would interest a man who is looking for support for religious life. The place is obviously run by horses asses.

David Gibson thinks the beef with Pope Francis is over weather and the money?

Among conservatives, the drop-off has been especially sharp: Just 45 percent view Francis favorably today, as opposed to 72 percent a year ago.

"This decline may be attributable to the pope's denouncing of 'the idolatry of money' and attributing climate change partially to human activity, along with his passionate focus on income inequality -- all issues that are at odds with many conservatives' beliefs," Gallup analyst Art Swift wrote Wednesday when the survey was published.

Among conservatives, the drop-off has been especially sharp: Just 45 percent view Francis favorably today, as opposed to 72 percent a year ago.

"This decline may be attributable to the pope's denouncing of 'the idolatry of money' and attributing climate change partially to human activity, along with his passionate focus on income inequality -- all issues that are at odds with many conservatives' beliefs," Gallup analyst Art Swift wrote Wednesday when the survey was published.

Is this spin, or do they really think we want people to litter and idolize money?

It's weird.

Do you think it's worth dropping a dime and telling him the dust up is about the Holy Father teaching the people we love it's ok to commit adultery and receive sacrilegious Communion?

It's about the people we care about who he's led into the pit?

It's about watching the poor judgments and loss of salvation, knowing he knows and sees the consequences and then watching him drag the universe further into the Jesuit rabbit hole?

Wearing a commie crucifix and talk about the weather is fodder for lively blog posts but it does not even make our radar of concern and disapproval. Nobody is losing sleep about the socialism and communism he is advancing from the Chair of Peter. That will only lead to slavery, starvation, homelessness and the spilling of our blood in the streets. And the obsession of turning the papacy into the department of environmental protection wouldn't get any traction with us on it's own merits.

We are people who care about nothing else but salvation. In the most powerful hours of the devil's harvest in two millennia, he has dragged priests onto his soapbox to speak for him who are telling Catholics the hour has come to sleep around.

He's broken into our homes and families and dragged the people we worked hard to protect from agenda of demoralization and he has loaded them on their train while telling them it is ok. It has the potential to be irreversible. It has the potential to affect generations in our bloodline.

That is why our blood is boiling.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Catechized Catholics Upset with Our Holy Father's Shtick

Newspapers are reporting today that catechized Catholics disapprove of Pope Francis' shtick.

The pope’s popularity fell the most among U.S. adults who identify as conservative, with just 45 percent saying they viewed the Argentine favourably in a poll conducted from July 8-12. That was down from 72 percent who viewed him favourably in February 2014.

You start to take an inventory of the damage done to moral compasses of loved ones, the advance of communism, spiritual mayhem caused by the appointment and approval of heretics -- and it would take extraordinary effort to find a pearl in the pig pen.

The summit this week with Mayors was an absolute...nutter.

Here is a group of political leaders who are sexualizing children, committing spiritual homicides and facilitating the murder of innocents and the Pope is telling them the weather is a human being and they are the moral consciences of humanity. This is a man with custody over the moral conscience of humanity left to us by Christ: the Deposit of Faith.

Earlier this week, Fr. Lombardi made some startling statements about his own confusion. That is pretty startling. Here is a theologian with decades of communications experience admitting he can't make heads or tails out of the shtick. How would the Holy Father expect teenage children and young adults to make heads or tails out of the theological chaos?

Further, this post by Donald McClarey paints a...peculiar picture.

The papal spokesman limns a picture of a leader who doesn’t give clear directions, doesn’t communicate with his staff, and (at least in diplomatic affairs) doesn’t have a strategic vision.

“No one knows all of what he’s doing,” Lombardi says. “His personal secretary doesn’t even know. I have to call around: One person knows one part of his schedule, someone else knows another part.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Flying by the seat of our pants.

This is a job for Mary Undoer of Knots!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

California Company that buys baby parts from Planned Parenthood confirms clinics make profits from body part 'partnership'.

"Easy to Implement + Financial Profits"

StemExpress promotes global biomedical research while also providing a financial benefit to your clinic. By partnering with StemExpress, not only are you offering a way for your clients to participate in the unique opportunity to facilitate life-saving research, but you will also be contributing to the fiscal growth of your own clinic. The stem cell rich blood and raw materials that are usually discarded during procedures can, instead, be expedited through StemExpress to research laboratories with complete professionalism and source anonymity.

Your Clinic can Advance Biomedical Research

Financially Profitable
Easy to Implement Plug-in Solutions
Medical Director Oversight

Some of the fetal livers sell for $24,000.00. Twenty-Four Thousand Dollars.

Fetal Liver – CD133+ Stem/Progenitor Cells

And they're only giving the mothers 30 bucks for their babies body parts?

They advertise "fresh" (not cyropreserved) livers

They don't seem the least bit concerned that Congress is investigating and they are contradicting Planned Parenthood by advertising the clinics they 'partner with make a profit for procuring and selling baby parts to them.

Makes you wonder if they've been promised Obama will sweep it under the rug with the bodies of soldiers and dead Christians.