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Sacred Heart in Kingston Uses a Pervert Pedophile as a Source of Human Sexuality for their Student Newspaper

**A postscript has been added at the bottom of this article.

Sacred Heart students in Kingston were treated to the article on the right in the May issue of the student newspaper, "The Heartbeat. (grades 7 through 12).

The article starts off by expressing that because the issue of homosexuality remains controversial even 62 years after Alfred Kinsey's work, many lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered students at the school are understandably hesitant to come out to their peers.

So the presence of Alfred Kinsey in the story doesn't get lost, let me break it out for you.

How would you  feel if this article said "Even decades after Paul Shanley's wonderful work, homosexuality still remains controversial and therefore kids are having a hard time coming out ..."

You'd be horrified Sacred Heart was promoting the ideas of a pedophile to the students, wouldn't you?

Well, Alfred Kinsey makes Paul Shanley look like a saint.

Do you remember Alfred Kinsey's work?

Shedding light on Kinsey's history requires a content warning - it's extremely disturbing.

Kinsey was a zooligist turned sex pioneer who conducted sex experiments on adults and children.

You read that right.  Sex experiments on children.

He tied children onto tables and hired pedophiles to sexually abuse them.   The children would be tied to a table for hours upon hours with the goal of seeing how many times he could get them to reach an orgasm consecutively as their victims would violently scream and kick.

Both of Kinsey’s most recent admiring biographers confessed he was a sadistic bi/homosexual who seduced his male students and coerced his wife, his staff, and the staff’s wives to perform for and with him in illegal pornographic films made in the family attic. Kinsey and his mates, Wardell Pomeroy, Clyde Martin, and Paul Gebhard, had "front" marriages, which concealed their strategies to supplant what they saw as a narrow procreational Judeo Christian era with a promiscuous "anything goes" bi/gay pedophile paradise. We now know Kinsey, for example, "was deeply influenced by five pedophile headmasters who were quite clear they had very warm relationships with young adolescent boys of twelve or thirteen" in one New England area. An early adherent and advocate of masturbation, Kinsey suffered an untimely death due, at least in part, to "orchitis," a lethal infection in his testicles that followed years of sadistic, orgiastic "self-abuse." Kinsey’s obsessive, brutally masochistic masturbation methods appear to have assisted in his early demise.  Kinsey solicited and encouraged pedophiles, at home and abroad, to sexually violate from 317 to 2035 infants and children for his alleged data on normal "child sexuality." Many of the crimes against children (oral and anal sodomy, genital intercourse and manual abuse) committed for Kinsey’s research are quantified in his own graphs and charts.
Confirmation of the "experiments" on children are all over the internet but here's one citation from Don Feder.

"The doctor was convinced children were sexual beings who could experience orgasms almost from birth by stimulating their sexual organs....It is difficult to understand why a child, except for cultural conditioning, should be disturbed by having their genitalia touched or disturbed at seeing the genitalia of other persons, or disturbed at even more specific sexual contacts..."

"Still in the book on the human male, Kinsey noted that child subjects of these experiments would often scream and will fight away from the adult partner and may make violent attempts to avoid climax although they derive definite pleasure out of the situation.."

Kinsey hired pedophiles to molest children while watching and recording their responses to sexual touches.

There is no question that Sacred Heart's use of this pedophile monster Alfred Kinsey as a legitimate source of sexual ethics for children is far more egregious than dropping Paul Shanley's name.

The adults supervising this project should be immediately dismissed.

As if the Kinsey reference isn't enough to demonstrate the catechesis and supervision at Sacred Heart High School has derailed, the children who profile their promiscuous, homosexual and bisexual extracurricular activities go on to complain that they're having a hard time convincing other students to pony up in the sack with them.

While we can take comfort that the sexual harvesting isn't going that well, it makes one wonder where these recruiting activities are taking place and whether or not statutory rape is involved, doesn't it?

Any parent paying tuition thinking they're sending their kids off to school in the morning to learn the fiat of avoiding temptation and sin and living in a state of Grace is being ripped off.

I couldn't help wondering how any of the adults in the school could read the profiles of the three teenagers who wrote their stories and not be compelled to urgently correct their misunderstanding that "not even God will accept us".

This is a closed door for reconciliation with God that invites animosity the children could carry with them for the rest of their lives.   How do you care about the people involved and leave them with that understanding of God?

Having our religion caricatured as "intolerance gays encounter on a daily basis that can make you sick.." is not fostering good will in society.

What a lousy witness to Catholicity.

What is next in Sacred Heart's Heartbeat?

Why not run a series?

Why should the masturbaters have to remain in the closet?

How about a profile of teachers having affairs?

It could make for a lovely trilogy?

Another mother of a Sacred Heart elementary student told me she pulled her two children out of the school when an incident occurred over a Christmas fundraiser.    They were supposed to be buying
"Christmas cards" but when they came home, they said "Happy Holidays - and may you have many things to be joyful about in this season"...or something like that.

When several parents approached the elementary principal, a nun, she said "We have a Muslim student in the school and isn't a pity some women have nothing better to do than cause trouble".

You change the mission from an academy to train the next generation of evangelists to a school that serves the need of the Muslim family and children boo-hooing about how difficult it is to get somebody to sleep with them as a homosexual in a Catholic school.

Cry me a river.

With Bryan Hehir and his rich cronies ramming a policy down the throats of pastors to accept students whose families reject the teachings of the Church, this is a concrete example of how teachers, principals and Catholic schools are in no way, shape or form ready to uphold the faith.

The slippery slope is here and the "policy" hasn't even been rolled out.

Perhaps instead of threatening to cut off funding, the Cardinal and his Catholic School Foundations initiative will send Sacred Heart a big fat check?

It floors me that the salvation of all the souls involved in this situation means nothing to people using the Name Catholic to earn a living.

It's maddening, really, because people I care about and love have been scandalized by their misfeasance and malfeasance.


The team at BryanHehirExposed has a must read today on the Catholic School situation here in Boston. 

The team asks "Is the "Archdiocese" [which is an antiseptic name for "the Cardinal" when you're trying to divert attention away from "who" is giving out the marching orders when it's painfully obvious what's going on isn't "Catholic"] violating Canon law  and the directives of the Vatican?"

Is a school (and the Cardinal) who will circulate a "sleep with anyone and everyone, just pay your tuition" to children violating Canon law?

See what you think.

BHE also picks up the story in the Boston Globe today about Michael Pakaluk's Pilot article.

Kudos to Pakaluk for reconsidering his thoughts about gays and pornography.

Just like heterosexuals, gays build their relationships with intimacy.    When you don't want to put the work into your relationships to keep the fires going, the fire goes out. People who have to resort to pornography to get the equipment going are suffering from a problem with intimacy in their relationships.   It's laziness and selfishness and all kinds of other maladies of the spirit and animus.  It has nothing it all to do with sexual orientation.

Catholics really have no idea what makes homosexuals and lesbians tick.    Sexuality to Catholics is a narrow road we want to and have to stay on to get to Heaven and we have to teach our children that narrow road.

As our friends at BHE said:

Fr. Bryan Hehir, who Cardinal O’Malley recently described as highly trusted “strategic advisor” who brings “fidelity to the work of the Church” and ”clarity to our message and mission” said in a May 20 WBUR interview that Catholic schools in this archdiocese have been and will remain wide open to children of gay couples.  He said, “Are we doing it already?  Yes.   And we intend to do it as the Cardinal indicated, with formal policies.”  That means the Archdiocese fully intends to institutionalize what’s described above. 
Amen to all that.

Sacred Heart has derailed from the vocation of teaching Catholic children the tools of salvation.  This is exactly where Bryan Hehir and Cardinal O'Malley are taking the future of Catholic education.

It's all as Catholic as Alfred Kinsey.

And, by the way, I would challenge anyone to make contact with Jarret Barrios (quoted in the Boston Globe today) and ask him to verify what was taught to his child in Catholic school.

If the Cardinal can't see that if he goes the route he thinks he's going to go, the buffoonery of every Catholic school in the diocese is going to be exposed -- and scandal after scandal are going to crash upon his shore like the big old waves on a hot summer day at the National Seashore, he is mistaken.


Numerous people have written with comments that require a postscript. 

If I did not publish your comments, there was either a false statement in the post or it was a repetition of a point already made.

Such as:

-Defending Alfred Kinsey's pedophile experiments and/or the school's use of Kinsey's "work" to affirm students in their sins instead of leading them to the knowledge that sin and the near occasions of it are matters taken to confession.

-Sacred Heart is a "private school and not under the authority of the Archdiocese".

Sacred Heart uses the word "Catholic" to define their institution.   As the faculty and administration knows, the "use" of the word "Catholic" cannot be done without the permission of the Catholic Church.   In order to be granted permission, the school has to agree to be under the doctrinal authority of the Catholic Church.

Thayer is a private school.   Montessori is a private school.   Sacred Heart is a Catholic school and therefore, they are most certainly under the doctrinal authority of the Archdiocese. 

Canon law actually states that the word "Catholic" belongs to the faithful and it is not to be scandalized.  Catholics have every right and duty hold people granted permission to use the word "Catholic" to be held accountable when they scandalize the faith.   
The reasons the faithful are responsible for public scandal is because our own children may get sucked into the vacuum of their bad theology because they are representing themselves as a "Catholic institution". 
Ultimately, this affects our own children's salvation. Therefore, this is not a private matter between students, parents and the faculty at Sacred Heart.

-"A man loves a man just as a man loves a woman.  You Carol and those who support you will never understand this, just as you will never fully understand your God"

Of course we understand homosexual attraction, desire and love.  
All along our journey, heterosexuals have at one time or another also fallen into the pit of being sexually attracted to somebody that the Catholic religion forbids.    This ancient history dates back to Adam and Eve.

The difference here is, heterosexuals don't have to bear the burden of well-meaning adults telling us that there's nothing wrong with those desires and the Catholic Church is a moral dinosaur that discriminates and hates us.   
Heterosexuals committing adultery, sexually attracted to the wife or husband of another, sexually attracted to a priest - etc. - are not suffering the indignity of articles in Catholic periodicals convincing us these desires should be nurtured and supported by the Catholic community at large.  

If we did, more of us would be carrying out those urges and more is the pity for Christ and our own salvation.   It is the antithesis of Catholic evangelism. 

-"You assume the relationship between the two males was a sexual one.   It was an innocent partnership that had to be kept secret because too much of society is intolerant of it's nature."

What is happening in "society" is not germane to this discussion.  The discussion is about a Catholic institution whose mission is forming Catholic evangelists who are to be given the tools to choose right actions from wrong ones on the path to salvation.

As I have explained to several students writing privately to me who want to understand more about the Catholic religion, there are relationships that by their very nature have no innocence at all in the Catholic religion.    

If Sister Mary Kate O'Sullivan were sitting in the gymnasium watching the Saints basketball game being affectionate and holding hands with the mailman, giving the appearance they are lovers, there would be and should be concern for that woman in a Catholic Community.  That concern would be and should be acted upon by the adults in the Community because we are a community that is solely based upon the salvation of our souls.  We are our brothers keeper.  

Nobody in their right mind would encourage Sister to take any steps in a journey towards that relationship in a Catholic Community for it is bobby trapped with occasions for mortal sin in a moment of weakness.   

This is why Catholic teachers, Catholic faculty and Catholic priests teach people to avoid the near occasion of sin.

If you see an alcoholic on the wagon holding lovingly onto a bottle of Dewers or Daddy holding onto the hands of his secretary in the backseat of the SUV, rational people know it's time for an intervention.    There is no time or place for articles in the Heartbeat asking the community to embrace those temptations and relationships.

-"I will simply point out to you the gravity of what you have brought forth, because I don't think you are totally understanding it.  Though only a handful of us have responded,  I assure you that the entirety of the Sacred Heart Community has heard what you said (trust me, word travels fast in a school of 400).  And, though we may not all agree unanimously, you can expect our majority to fight you on this.   You're attempting to discredit an enormous part of our lives, and for that, you will not soon be forgotten or forgiven and I mean that as a warning and not a threat."

Thank you.

But, I don't believe the Sacred Heart Community has "heard what I am saying" at all.  
They are taking what I am saying and twisting it to grant themselves license to round up people to "fight me" and the com boxes are filled with the fruits of that leadership.   The adults in the Sacred Heart community are twisting logic to incite malice that has inspired abusive conduct and threats whereby I have to be concerned about the safety of my home and family.  That is something the administration is going to correct.  Students and parents who are currently enrolled in the school who participated in the conduct should be expelled.   Faculty feeding the frenzy by circulating misinformation about the animus of our intentions -which is slanderous- should be fired.

The sad facts are, Catholic schools are places where "the majority" of faculty and staff behave in this manner when they futz up Catholic doctrine are asked to correct their errors so that children will not be led astray.  

This is the state of affairs in Catholic schools and Catholic parents ignorant of the climate need to be educated on it.   Parents not exposed to it, who innocently believe the Catholic religion is being taught in Catholic schools, need to know.  Here, Sacred Heart is the monument to the fallacy.
Catholic education is gone in the Archdiocese as it has been gone in our local parishes for decades.  
And, on a grander scale, it needs to be publicly exposed so that the Cardinal and the doctrinally corrupt now in charge of the Archdiocese are placed on notice that if they want to head down this road, they should gird their loins.  For, in no way, shape. manner or form will we sit by quietly as our children are spiritually ravaged and our religion extinguished.   Even if they should lead "the majority" to "fight us" on it as the Sacred Heart Community has done. 

It is truly a sad witness that the "majority" of adults at Sacred Heart are making those correcting their errors out to be boogeymen.  

Their conduct is reprehensible.  


Anonymous said...


Thanks for having "nothing better to do" than to keep stories like this alive.

I think a question every parent needs to ask about his/her child's Catholic school Catholic? If the answer is wildly vague, though noble-sounding like most of the ones I received, it's time for the follow-up questions.

Anonymous said...

maybe its time to home school

RoaminCatholic said...

Congratulations on very specific reporting. This story is on today via its reference from yesterday's post on

Anonymous said...

The Globe goes after Prof. Michael Pakaluk (
), and the Pilot obligingly throws him under the bus (

Anonymous said...


Thanks for shoddy reporting and poor writing skills. You're zealotry and completely biased and unfair spin on a neutral, fair newspaper gives reporters and writers everywhere a horrible name. The mission of Sacred Heart High School is to provide a fair, TOLERANT, catholic education. The mission is not to silence any one group because of specific Catholic beliefs. Just because your beliefs are not in accordance with the beliefs of some of the students does not mark their work as invalid. The complete disregard for balanced reporting disgraces anyone involved in the journalistic profession and you as a professional should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. It is incredibly disappointing to see an adult journalist as yourself attack, unfairly, young students attempting to learn and voice their opinions and beliefs. If you're lucky, you won't be thrown out in 2010. I'll be very surprised if you even allow this comment to be posted, seeing as your track record with fair and unbalanced reporting is clearly skewed. You're absolutely disgusting.

Jerry said...

No tolerance for Carol, eh Anonymous?

Ha ha ha. Thanks for my morning laugh.

Jerry said...

Keep up the good work Carol. What you publish and what I've seen over decades is more than enough proof that the sex cult in the Catholic Church has got to go. NAMBLA types like Anonymous, on the prowl for fresh recruits, are only the extreme form of the problem. And it goes beyond the modern misguided tolerance for "gays", effeminates, and that sort.

We need what Our Lady of Fatima taught, a wholesale rejection of the immodest modern culture, and a return to chaste thinking and behavior. This is central to the message of penance she delivered. This is what the average Catholic is blind to, what we all are desensitized to, to one degree or another. It's time to pick up our Rosaries and pick up the pieces of what's left of Catholic culture.

TTC said...

"The mission of Sacred Heart High School is to provide a fair, TOLERANT, catholic education. The mission is not to silence any one group because of specific Catholic beliefs. Just because your beliefs are not in accordance with the beliefs of some of the students does not mark their work as invalid."

The mission of a Catholic school is to form the consciences of the students in complete compliance with Catholic doctrine so that they can make the right choices to get themselves into Heaven.

Of course it's Sacred Heart's job to silence students who "work" to undermine the teachings of the Church.

They are selling confusion students whose consciences are properly formed.

There is no greater crime against Christ than to pervert the souls of those students.

If they were raping students themselves, this is a lesser crime in the eyes of Christ.

As Christ put it, don't be afraid of those who will harm the body, be afraid of those who will harm your soul.

They are serving the beast.

TTC said...

"No tolerance for Carol, eh Anonymous?"

That's the hoot, isn't it?

It is "tolerance" to publish the "work" of a sadomasochist pervert pedophile so the students "trying to learn" from him can have a "fair and balanced education".

Eat your heart out Caligula.

Anonymous said...


If you haven't heard of the ad hominem logical fallacy, I suggest you look it up. Just because Alfred Kinsey was of questionable moral character does not mean that his contributions to modern understanding of homosexuality should be ignored. Additionally, nobody is trying to promote homosexuality in this article. This is not an attempt at recruiting sex partners for those students brave enough to be quoted in the profiles and have to face their peers on the day the paper came out. The message is one of tolerance so that LGBT students no longer feel that they have to remain anonymous. Your unapologetic skewing of the facts and intent of the profiles is astounding and demonstrates the clear bias in your reporting.

Also, you should take another look at your copy of that newspaper. It is clearly printed at the end of the Opinion section that "the views expressed herein are those of the staff," NOT OF THE SCHOOL OR THOSE THAT RUN IT. This is a student newspaper designed to teach students fair, unbiased reporting. It is not a PR piece for Sacred Heart that outlines the moral framework on which the school is founded.

Anonymous said...

Carol, you are one of the worst human beings I have ever had the displeasure of hearing about and reading your unintelligent and clearly uneducated ramblings. As an academically rounded young woman and a Sacred Heart High School student, you disgust me and my bones shudder at the thought that you were not aborted.

Anonymous said...

You ignorant fuck.
You fucking prick.

Anonymous said...

Never in my life have I been so disgusted with a single person. Rot in hell.

TTC said...

"Carol, you are one of the worst human beings I have ever had the displeasure of hearing about and reading your unintelligent and clearly uneducated ramblings. As an academically rounded young woman and a Sacred Heart High School student, you disgust me and my bones shudder at the thought that you were not aborted."

Academically rounded young woman indeed.

You're certainly are a shining example of the animus the Sacred Heart is producing up there on Route 80 in Kingston.

Tip of the hat to the teachers and the staff.

Jerry said...

Anon's fury reminds me of Elton John in one of his hissy fits.

It's us or them. No middle ground.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you shut your fucking mouth, Carol. You know what? This girl is actually the mother fucking elite of Sacred Heart. APs, a 4.0, beauty, and a great personality. And you know what else? Yeah, I'm running my fucking mouth right now. Oh, but that's not fit for a young lady. So you'll probably go ahead and call me filth. Say I'm unintelligent. Say I'm crude. You're probably wondering why on earth I could possibly be valued as a human being but don't you fucking dare talk like that about people I care about.

Iris said...

" If you haven't heard of the ad hominem logical fallacy, I suggest you look it up. Just because Alfred Kinsey was of questionable moral character does not mean that his contributions to modern understanding of homosexuality should be ignored. Additionally, nobody is trying to promote homosexuality in this article. This is not an attempt at recruiting sex partners for those students brave enough to be quoted in the profiles and have to face their peers on the day the paper came out. The message is one of tolerance so that LGBT students no longer feel that they have to remain anonymous."

The fact that you would characterize Carol's post as an ad hominem on Alfred Kinsey is highly suggestive of exactly how sexually dangerous Catholic schools are to this day.

I'm guessing you think David Carradine had some interesting thoughts in the closet about human sexuality and dying with dignity?

Everyone affiliated with the school who in any way, shape or form believes their fornication outside of marriage between a woman and a man to be a virtue should indeed remain anonymous.

It isn't the job of school officials to normalize adultery by writing an article trying to make the kids feel as though a Catholic school is a place where they can normalize their extramarital fornication.

Carole, My husband and I looked Sacred Heart for our twin daughters. I've scratched it off the list. I can't thank you enough for this revelation.

Iris said...

Whoah - Sacred Heart's elite.

How pathetic and sad.

To think that my precious, sweet, innocent children could have been poisoned by the caliber of these people.

Wow, what a close call.

Anonymous said...

My son played basketball for Sacred Heart and it was "mandatory" to help them swindle old ladies rent and grocery money with "BINGO".

They would bring in troll dolls and other idols, line them up and pray to them for help to win the BINGO.

You couldn't breathe from the cigarette smoke and in fact some of these ladies actually had to wear oxygen masks so they could breathe.

If these people turned up homeless, there's always a nice trip to the shelter to cook them up a turkey for Thanksgiving.

The moral ambiguity is really something else.

BTW - Has anyone told you that last year two students had sexual relations under the stairs?

Anonymous said...

This has quickly turned into a rant on the shortcomings of Sacred Heart High School.

Yes, two students had sex under a stairwell, but let me remind you that that could happen in any high school.

I'm sure you've all got plenty of secrets and faults that you wouldn't like to expose to the world. You're human and the administrators at Sacred Heart are human. Let's move this back to the original topic and cut the school some slack, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Yes and those students were expelled. Like they should have been.

Carol, on the other hand, has proven herself only to be a radical zealot. I would tolerate you, had you actually shown a little respect. But hey, make yourself out to be a blind fool. And don't tell me what the mission of a school you've probably never stepped foot in is; if you havent noticed its a private school and its mission can be whatever is so pleases, so get your unbiased facts straight and shut your Bible-thumping mouth, you disgraceful waste of a human. Last time I checked the message of Christ was to treat other as yourself, not persecute others because YOU don't agree with their opinions. Seriously, you'd fit in better in North Korea, do us all a favor and take a vacation.

Anonymous said...

"Why not run a series?

Why should the masturbaters have to remain in the closet?

How about a profile of teachers having affairs?

It could make for a lovely trilogy?"

Why not work on all the discrimination masturbators have to deal with in the church?

"As of right now, only my closest friends know that I'm a masturbator."

"I was terrified about how people would react"

"I had discovered something fundamental about myself that needed to be reckoned with"

"Unless you're ready to come out to everyone, you pretty much have to lie every once in a while"

"The ones I have told have fully accepted me"

"When I wake up in the morning, I roll over in bed and say to my right hand, "Hello dear".

Anonymous said...

Still waiting to see those intelligent comments posted, Carol, those comments written by people with masters and doctorate degrees. Why aren't you posting them? You only want to post what will make you look good! Your blog is perpetuating incorrect and misguided information!

Another Sacred Heart Mother said...

The 4:55 "hello dear" comment is priceless.

I'm sure there are a lot of Sacred Heart students who have been sexually oriented towards their right hand.

Doesn't John Enos have compassion for closet masturbators?

Let's demand an article for our masturbating children.

After all, they were born like that.

Anonymous said...

A two part comment:

I was pointed to this blog post after hearing about reactions to the newspaper story. I see that comments are moderated, so for the sake of discourse, I do hope that this comment is posted. I have several responses to “arguments” and quotations in this post:

Any legitimate scholar or journalist recognizes the impact of Kinsey’s work. A person would be remiss not to acknowledge Kinsey when writing about sexuality. It is true that Kinsey’s work was and remains controversial, but he was not the first and was certainly not the last person of note to engage in activities some would deem unscrupulous. There are horrifying acts in the Bible, but Catholics still use it. Calling for the dismissal of teachers encouraging free speech in the classroom (and over one citation in a lengthy article) is not only drastic but unconstitutional.

Your “analysis” is both misguided and dangerous because it assumes that pedophile and gay are synonymous. It is because of ignorance like this that GLBTQ identified persons are continually subjected to verbal and physical abuse. I am always angered by people who try to employ the sneaky synonym trick in their rhetoric.

Further, you use promiscuous as an adjective to describe these testimonials. Which of these accounts speaks of promiscuity? And which of them has what you depict as an underlying motive to coerce unsuspecting angels to hit the hay? Do all heterosexuals walk the earth every day thinking about nothing but sex? Hardly. The same goes for GLBTQ people. Sexual desire and sex is but a small part of most peoples’ identities.

Recruiting? Gay people do not try to convince others to “become” gay. Where and when were you “recruited” to become heterosexual? There is no recruitment. Period. Sexual desire doesn’t work like that. And what is this red herring of statutory rape doing in your article other than to serve a perverse scare tactic, much like Phyllis Schlafly’s bathroom argument that derailed the ERA?

Your quote, “intolerance gays encounter on a daily basis that can make you sick..” is a misquote and was not a caricature of Catholicism in the article.

Anonymous said...

cont'd from above:

If we’re talking about journalistic ethics here, why have you highlighted random passages of the newspaper article without telling your readers the picture is altered? You should also tell your readers where the first large chunk of quoted text comes from. As far as I can tell, it comes from Dr. Judith Reisman’s ominously titled “Crafting Gay Children,” which makes me wonder about her ideologies.

A New Yorker article about Reisman and Kinsey notes that, “None of Kinsey’s four biographers have turned up any evidence that he was [a pedophile].”

You cite Don Feder as an authority on Kinsey. Feder is an accredited journalist but it would be wise to remind your readers that he is a far-right conservative and so would likely have a slanted opinion of Kinsey in the first place. To get a feel for Feder’s conservatism: he once equated the New York Times newspaper to terrorist bombings. Further, in that article, Feder himself gets his information from, who else?, Dr. Judith Reisman. Few of us commenting on this post are likely Kinsey scholars, however, given the synonym-exchanging that’s gone on here and elsewhere, could it be that Reisman is the person who labeled doctors and researchers “pedophiles”? Note that Feder is careful to say that “Charges of pedophilia arise for Kinsey’s research into the sex lives of children.” INTO is the key word here and corroborates the claim that Kinsey and researchers only asked adults about their childhood experiences.

Indiana University at Bloomington – a highly respected institution – hosts the Kinsey Institute website. The following is taken from the website and says that Kinsey’s researchers never experimented on children. You would think they would have been taken to task by now if this was a lie and would have removed the claim from their website, as all academic institutions are highly concerned with being factually accurate and not promoting lies, errors, or plagiarism.

“Where did the childhood sexual data come from?
Reports of childhood sexual behavior were mostly from interviews of adults recalling their early experiences. Parents and teachers were also asked if they had noticed sexual reactions in their children, and some children were interviewed in the presence of a parent or teacher. Among more than 5,000 men interviewed for Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, there were 9 who reported having had sexual relations with children. One in particular, with an extensive sexual history, is the source of the childhood response tables in the Male book. Dr. Kinsey and his staff never conducted experiments with children.”

GLBTQ people aren’t the only people who masturbate. Ask any teenage boy why he’s “going to bed” early.

What does a teacher having an affair have to do with this article? Again, you are throwing in red herrings (the Christmas card also serves this purpose) to get other misguided and poorly informed individuals to jump on your bandwagon.

Any public speaking instructor would tell you that a slippery slope argument is a fallacy and not proper argumentation.

The vague “people I care about and love have been scandalized by their misfeasance and malfeasance” ending before the update hardly make sense. Besides the unclear message, grammatically, what is the subject of the “their”?

Jerry said...

PhD? I got one. Kinsey was a mega perv. The students' article is scandalous and sinful. (I guess the education establishment failed in my case.)

Carol, I hope you've reported the abuse. The threatening language is actionable.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 5:25

Nobody made any point about gay people being the only people who masturbate.

Do you have gay on the mind all the time or what.

Why should all of our masturbating children at Sacred Heart be ashamed of their sexual orientation towards their hands?

Why should heterosexual males sleeping with women be in the closet at Sacred Heart?

Teachers having affairs have discovered something about themselves too.

These people want to accept themselves and they are being discriminated against at Sacred Heart.

Kinsey's sadomasochistic pedophile experiments on children are a big conspiracy theory to you?

I'll bet you think the Holocaust is an urban legend of the Jews?

Landings on the moon are fabricated in a NCB studio?

It's preposterous the article was about homosexual sex?

"you feel like you have to keep such a big part of yourself hidden" (no pun intended)

"Pete is currently in a relationship with a gay student at Sacred Heart"

"I don't consider them very accepting in the area of sexuality"

"said he first became aware of his sexuality in seventh grade"

I took the article over to B.C. and begged them to let my son in on humanitarian grounds and they agreed to do so.

This story is now all over Facebook Any parent of a future student of Sacred Heart better get onto Facebook and see what kind of spirituality they are breeding at the school.

Nobody has to wonder why the kids are going at it under the stairs. I am astounded that they expelled the children for carrying out the promiscuity their pushing on their students.

pete said...

"This story is now all over Facebook"


Hey Mr. Enos, how's publishing the article working out for ya?

I nominate the Sacred Heart mother/daughter team who repeatedly say "fuck" and "fucking" in all kinds of interesting and threatening ways for the next Heartbeat closet article.


Anonymous said...

Dear Carol,
I will pray for you and those who agree with you. You need it.
Sacred Heart Schools provide students with the opportunity to learn, to question, to analyze, and yes, to pray and honor our Lord, in a safe and accepting environment. These students and their school administrators and teachers live their faith, fulfill countless hours of community service, both here and abroad; accept others for who they are, and for who they are trying to become. They are scholars and athletes; sisters and brothers and daughters and sons. This is a very tight-knit community of human beings who respect each other and prove it on a daily basis.
I’d hate to think that someone would spew such venomous filth toward high school students without an accurate representation of their intentions. I think adults should be very careful what they say about young men and women about whom they know nothing. Do I know anything about them myself? Yes, I do, and have known most of them since they were in Kindergarten. They are my sons and daughters and I am proud of them everyday.
There are children all over the world who need love, education, clean water, a place to live, a place to feel safe, and prayers. Perhaps you could write something that would incite people to do something for them, instead of inciting hate, intolerance and a passion for the extreme. We often ask, “what would Jesus say?” A few things come to mind from Saint Matthew:
• Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 3)
• Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land. (Verse 4)
• Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted. (Verse 5)
• Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill. (Verse 6)
• Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. (Verse 7)
• Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God. (Verse 8)
• Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (Verse 9)
• Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 10)
A Sacred Heart Parent, and proud of it.

TTC said...

Dear Sacred Heart Parent and Proud of It:
Inciting hate for the extreme?

You need to review the comments of the Sacred Heart students and parents in this section for they are published here to document "who" is inciting hate and intolerance.

I only have a few minutes here to respond. Perhaps you don't realize it, but discussing the community service of those involved in the discussion and quoting the beatitudes is a straw man.

If Sacred Heart wants to be a school that is about community service then they need to surrender the Crucifixes and the Name Catholic.

Since they haven't done that, Catholics have every right and every duty to point out that they have no right to give credibility to one of the worst pedophiles in the history of our country to undermine the teachings of the Church and throw children into a state of moral confusion.

Saying things like "People need clean water and a place to live in" to shift the accountability away from the adults responsible for supervising the article doesn't gel with me.


Jerry said...

Pope Pius XI, encyclical on Christian education of youth, 1929 (link):

89. It is no less necessary to direct and watch the education of the adolescent, "soft as wax to be moulded into vice,"[58] in whatever other environment he may happen to be, removing occasions of evil and providing occasions for good in his recreations and social intercourse; for "evil communications corrupt good manners."[59]

90. More than ever nowadays an extended and careful vigilance is necessary, inasmuch as the dangers of moral and religious shipwreck are greater for inexperienced youth. Especially is this true of impious and immoral books, often diabolically circulated at low prices; of the cinema, which multiplies every kind of exhibition; and now also of the radio, which facilitates every kind of communications. ...

Would Pope Pius have imagined that a Catholic school paper would be worse than the secular papers of his day? Might he mistake the school for a brothel?

SH Student said...

Funny how you can judge an ENTIRE SCHOOL from just ONE newpaper article. Oh wait, you can't. This article was fantastic and you read it from a completely biased point of view. I personally thought it was great, it was true. Whatever your view are, fine, but don't even for one second critcize my school and it's values. I have gone there my whole life and it's been the best thing for me. And to talk about the students that were expelled?! How old are you five?! I thought these were adults expressing opinions, not gossiping about teenagers' sexual escapades. Grow up. This article displayed freedom of speech, if you can do it here, let us do it at our school. And you think the supervisor should be dismissed? He is one of our best teachers and you have no idea who you are talking about. Get your facts straight, the elementary school and the high school are completely different schools. You really make me sick. Look at all sides of your arguement before you form an opinion, thanks.

Anonymous said...

You write, "You need to review the comments of the Sacred Heart students and parents in this section for they are published here to document "who" is inciting hate and intolerance." But please remind your readers that you are the person moderating these comments, and posting the inflammatory remarks while failing to post all of the well-reasoned and non-combative comments representing views that differ from yours. I am still waiting to see the first half of my comment posted on your blog. I have submitted it a couple of times already. And you continue to refer to Kinsey as a pedophile when, as I wrote earlier, this is an accusation flung by extreme right-wing conservatives as a means to stop discussion with the other side, linking those of us progressives with the likes of Shanley. When you fail to post all of the calm, well-reasoned comments that you receive and instead only choose to respond to extreme comments with equally extreme comments, it is as if you - and those seeking to defame and hurt the children (and they are children!) in this school (I was especially amused by the comment equivocating us to Holocaust deniers!) - are just sticking your fingers in your ears and saying "nah-nah-nah I'm right and I can't hear you."

TTC said...

Boy, the archdiocese is going to have one major headache on their hands, aren't they?

"I personally thought it was great, it was true. Whatever your view are, fine, but don't even for one second critcize my school and it's values."

It isn't your school or anyone else's school so long as they are hanging a Crucifix and using the word Catholic. Those two things belong to Christ and His Church. So long as they use Them, they will be responsible to duty of teaching the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the faithful will speak up when children in the school are being spiritually scandalized.

Jerry said...

SH Student said, "Grow up."

Dear SH Student: You have been given a fraudulent Catholic education. You have been taught to judge matters on the basis of your feelings, not by reason informed by Divine revelation. You have been deprived of the means of growing up, and may flounder for decades until you do. It's not too late to take up the Holy Rosary and seek out solid Catholic teaching. You have my prayers.

TTC said...

There is a simple reason I rejected your comments.

Denying Alfred Kinsey's history of sexually abusing tens of thousands of people in his "research" is breathtaking audacity.

You're not by any chance from the Chancery are you?

Whoever likened you to the people who defended Paul Shanley's good works is right in the bullseye.

Anonymous said...

wow i didnt know it was possible to be this fucking ignorant. why do you even care? but i must say..the pamphlet on my car was a nice touch. really though you should put other pamphlets on my car too because i just love to read the shit you come up with! love ya!

Anonymous said...

do you even know of the outside world outside of the Church? you know there are other things in life right? like McDonalds...and sex

Anonymous said...

People at Sacred Heart seem to be obsessed with fuck and fucking.

Way past time to hit the Rosary beads.

Anonymous said...

By their fruits, you shall know them.

Anonymous said...

You're a fucking ignorant and disgusting human being. Way to totally take a wonderful writer's words out of context and make yourself look even more idiotic than you actually are. Have fun with the rest of your life you filthy monster.

Anonymous said...

It seems the Students of Sacred heart has shut your big mouth up. Good, you retarded blabbering piece of shit. No one wants to here you crazy posts anyways.

Anonymous said...

Oh my miss carol, mister jerry, and all of you other wonderful God Warriors, you have changed me so! Your writing just makes me want to start praying. Oh its orgasmic! Really it is. I just cant wait to use my new rosary beads tonight! hahahaha just kidding! this is some bullshit carol. I am a Sacred Heart High School student and on behalf of the Sacred Heart community....go blow it out your ass. and i dare you to send another bigot onto our campus and see if some shit don't go down. bring it son.

TTC said...

My, my, what a robust discussion.

Sacred Heart, where tolerance, love and charity prevail. What a proud day for the teachers and faculty.

If you're sizing up whether to send your child to Sacred Heart, this sure is the thread to read.

The article says nothing about struggling with sinful desires and being chaste in the face of those sexual desires. It mentions nothing about the teachings of the Church. If it did, then there would be no objection. Several of the profilers mention right out in the open that their homosexuality and bisexuality is sexuality and that they are in "relationships" and the conclusion they reached was that there was nothing wrong with tramping yourselves to every Tom, Dick and Mary that comes down the hallway. It is intellectual dishonesty to claim this was some kind of article about the struggles at the foot of the cross.

Children who are sleeping around with anybody and anything that comes along have spiritual and psychological problems that need to be dealt with. Young women and men tramping themselves with adult supervisors who are supposed guardians of Catholic doctrine (which parents pay for) authorizing an article making that lifestyle out to be some kind of legitimate sexual preference for Catholics will not be tolerated by the faithful who expect and demand that deposit of faith remain intact for the next generation. A Catholic fiat is about the salvation of the souls under our tutelage.

The fact that Sacred Heart let you and your classmates get away with thinking this is acceptable behavior is the worst kind of treason to Christ and His Church. Christ said it would be better for people who scandalize children to have a millstone around their necks at the bottom of the Sea.

Comments are closed.

TTC said...

A postscript has been added to the post.

Anonymous said...

i cant stand religious fanatics, the world would be a better place without people like you.

Anonymous said...

41 Lady Slipper Cir, Pembroke, MA 02359

See you soon.

TTC said...

In case it isn't clear - comments 47 (which was sitting in my unpublished) and 48 are threats left by the group of thugs from Sacred Heart who don't want their peers to practice the Catholic teaching that sexual urges outside of the scope of Catholic teaching aren't things to "come out of a closet", they're things we take a confessor.

Sacred Heart administration has taken the trajectory of imposing a new state of consciousness upon 400 students: Dispense with temperance, resistance and the will of God for human sexuality and act upon your sexual urges.

They've made Church teaching hostile and hateful and discriminatory.

This animus cooked inside of the children and here you see the thuggery. If you stand up and say whether you're a thief,a liar, a slanderer, someone who dishonors their mother and father, an adulterer, a murderer or any other sinner, those thoughts, feelings, desires are to be resisted and confessed - this is the treatment you will get.

They are not beneath making threats upon your life if you rise to point out the spiritual mayhem of adults using the name Catholic who have the duty not to pervert 400 children's consciences for the rest of their lives.

With the Cardinal and his lackeys turning our schools over to this altered state of consciousness, it is imperative to stand up in the public square and expose any shenanigans, come what may.

We have only just begun.

Anonymous said...

It troubles me that your view of catholic school techings and the ideas that they are supposed to encourage is so archaic. While Sacred Heart may carry the Catholic school label, it opens its doors to students from all different backgrounds and belief systems and as such should encourage an environment where all opinions are welcome. As a parent of a Sacred Heart student, you should not have to worry about your child being persecuted for having beliefs unlike the ones the Catholic Church preaches but rather should feel that your child has entered into a safe and open place where they can grow both intellectually and spiritually. However, it seems to me that you believe Catholic Schools should force feed thier students with the beliefs that you hold rather than provide them with a foundation of guidance based on the teachings of Christ so that each student may form their own unique relationship with God.

Also, it seems a bit hypocritical of you and your fellow religious zealots to claim that the people who have commented concerning your blog are twisting your words and opinions when you yourselves have twisted the article at center of this discussion and the schools foundational teachings to encourage support of such extremely immoral ideas when clearly that is not the case. The title of your blog post alone makes the intent of the article seem like some sort of malicious and unethical center of an education based on sin. Now regardless of the fact that your opinion on the matter is incredibly ignorant and as a result is really undeserving of all this reaction from sacred heart students and families, the fact remains that you have made these posts and I find them to be completely irresponsible considering that you have made some harsh generalizations about a school and its students from an outside perspective with no real justification for your comments. I find it quite commical that you have criticized the Sacred Heart Community so unfairly in defense of a church that throughout its history has been tarnished and full of sinful leaders and practices. I hope that in the future you will keep this sort of misinformed understanding of Catholicism between you and your supporters who inevitably meet in some dark room far removed from the real world rather than to spread your homophobic and idiotic opinions to those of use who are functioning members of society.

Anonymous said...

Take that bigoted tripe and put it where the sun doesn't shine.

Or better yet, try it out on a local Muslim school where men are men and they'll give you a good dose of tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Catholic schools are for Catholics to be trained on their religion. Nobody minds welcoming people with other opinions about the teachings of the Catholic Church so long as they keep those opinions to themselves and they don't teach them to our children.

Look around the archdiocese and see the blogs being set up to expose every incidence of religious bigotry that happens inside of our schools, parishes and at the local headquarters in Braintree.

We have freeken had it.

Good day to you, Madame.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just heard about this issue today from someone in the Kingston community. I don't know Carol or any of the individuals associated with this story in anyway.

In my estimation, the purpose of Catholic education is not to teach TOLERANCE (as one poster indicated) or INTOLERANCE but instead, TRUTH. If TRUTH is viewed to be intolerant, then so be it. Truth is what it is. As Catholics, we should all be intolerant of sin. Yes, even if WE sin. A day rarely goes by that I do not sin. I should not tolerate my own sins or the sins of others. I fully anticipate that if any of my fellow Catholics were around me they would also be intolerant of my sins.

Sacred Heart very much as a growing reputation as an institution that has lost its Catholic roots - in the name of fundraising and growth. It has traded its Catholic traditions and faith to become a private, elite institution. Of that, we should all be intolerant. For anyone still desiring a Catholic institution firmly grounded in Catholic doctrine - I encourage you to consider Holy Family School in Rockland. Be sure they do have not have bells and whistles of SHS but. Instead, you will get a faith-filled environment firmly grounded in Catholic principles and doctrine.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I wonder if the Sisters in charge have approved or seen this??? This seems to be condoning the homosexual lifestyle as something not chosen.

My nephew went to SHHS, and my brother would have never threw his money down the toilet if he knew he was essentially paying for a private secular school. I went to a catholic HS and the cloistered nuns would have never put up with this! What are they teaching these kids!!??

Anonymous said...

Whoever had the last posted comment is probably one of the most close minded and ignorant people on the face of the earth! Homosexuality is not a choice

Anonymous said...

You are the one who is closedminded and ignorant.

This is a Catholic school. People struggling with sexual temptations that are disorrdered and sinful are private matters to take to confession. This is why the school doesn't allow kids struggling with stealing and smoking pot to write articles about ow hard it is for them in Catholic schools to feel good about breaking into homes.

If you have empathy for teenagers looking for more burglers at Sacred Heart, you are nuts.

Same goes for the adults involved with this article on homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

Looking across all of these comments, what is most sad is the trend toward rejecting absolute truths in our society. It always amazes me when people join a Catholic institution and then are shocked to find that, well, people expect particular values to be upheld. For that silly poster who argues that non-Catholics are welcomed in SHS. Yes, that is true. But that does not mean that an institution that accepts non-Catholics is any less Catholic. Hum, I guess I will go to a Synagogue and expect to receive communion. This is the silliest idea I have ever heard. Folks, you may not want to accept this but the Catholic Church has a firm and absolute position on Homosexuality - it is a sin. Period. Not acceptable. Not condoned. If you cannot or will not accept that, by all means, those individuals should go to an institution that supports their values. Where is there any ambiguity here? I simply do not get it. I would not go to a Muslim school and expect that they teach Christine doctrines. It reminds me of the lesbian couple in Hingham who sent their child to Catholic school knowing that the faith and Church adamantly rejects their lifestyle CHOICES (Yes, I am deliberately using this word). Why would you set your child up for failure here? The problem is NOT the parish but the parents who wanted to make a point at their child’s sake. There are plenty of good, secular private schools out there…why not choose one of those schools? This makes no sense.

I have a friend who recently started at Catholic University. The President of the University made it clear at parents’ weekend that while universities are in the business of questioning, etc – there is NO room for questioning core tenants of the Catholic Church in a Catholic Institution. Refreshing idea. The Sisters, teachers, and Board of SHS school follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I don't know who the f..k you are sticking your nose in about this article. As a parent of a gay child, shut you big MOUTH and leave your comments to yourself. I would like to know what you would do if your child came to you and said that they are gay. CAROL--- IT'S NOT A CHOICE. GET EDUCATED.....

TTC said...

Dear potty mouth,

Did you skip the blog post and article?

This about a Catholic school and I am a Catholic Mom. No other credentials are necessaryto weigh in on how the dear Sisters of the Divine Providence are twisting our religion.

What would I do if one of my children told me they were attracted to sleepng with multiple partners and same sex?

I would get them to a solid priest for vigilant spiritual guidance and Sacraments - just like I would if they told me they were sexually attracted to your husband. I would lovethem as I always have and always will.

That, of course is what the Nuns shold have done but don't becausehalf of them have moral problems of their own and the other half don't want to face the vulgarity and rage of folks like yourself.

What I sure wouldn't do is help them write an article that would be read by their peers about pining for sex partners, morally ambiguous or make the discipline of the Church on our wild libido, hateful.

Anonymous said...

Carol you ALWAYS just assume that since someone is gay they are sleeping with multiple people at all times. Feel free to disagree with being gay and follow your religion but don't be ridiculous about it and just assume that since you're gay you sleep with multiple people, get real

TTC said...

I never said, nor do I believe that gay people are sleeping with multiple partners.

Several profiles were covered in the dear Sister's approved article.

Gay kids boo-hooing about how tough it is to find a sex partner in a Catholic school and kids who are sexual with women and men.

The children reported themselves they sexed up with both women and men. I didn't dream it up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this issue alive Carol. You truly are the picture of bravery. The easiest thing in life to do (of which I am, unfortunately sometimes guilty of, is to go with the flow). Fighting the tide is exhausting and seemingly impossible. Yet it takes real heros to do that. Just remember, many people thought Christ was crazy. Many people, Jews, friends, bystanders hurled insults at him. They even laughed at him. You are very brave putting yourself at risk like this. I am sure that someone will accuse you of posting this yourself. That is how these people think. Explain away things so that they do not have to deal with the truth.

I have sometimes thought about the one question posted, "what would I do if my child indicates they were gay." Yes, I really don't know what I would do. For those who are experiencing this, I will pray for you and your child. Always love them, yes. Never condone their lifestyle choices, however. And yes, like other postings have indicated, remember - it is a choice. I find it so sad that we cannot rely on our religious leaders for...well, leadership. The employees and religious staff of SHS should be ashamed of themselves.

Joe said...


The vehemence with which you champion your own intolerant beliefs is impressive, but certainly not founded on anything resembling Christianity. At some point during your selective reading of Scripture, you seem to have missed out on a few key themes: love, compassion, tolerance, etc., all of which are stressed far more than the handful of "by the by" mentions of homosexuality.

Furthermore, the Bible passages you employ for your own perverted interpretation of Scripture come from Leviticus and Romans. I personally don't have much time for Leviticus, which also includes information on which animals are unclean to touch as well as instructions on how one should treat their slaves.

Romans, on the other hand, can be, at times, enlightening. Here, why don't you give it a try?

"You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things." - Romans 2:1

If God existed, He would certainly be ashamed of you.

TTC said...

Now, here's what I mean about Mr. Enos and the very dear Sisters of the Divine Providence being poor stewards of the Catholic religion. Letting so many students graduate with a misunderstanding of the entire purpose of the evolution of the Bible and Christ's Incarnation to fulfill and explain the teachings in the Bible is tough to watch.

Christ said He did not come to replace or subvert the Old Testament but to fulfill it. To explain it. You have to read the Old Testament in conjunction with the Incarnation and Christ's 33 years suffering in this valley of tears.

Here's an example that may help you see the intellectual and theological errors in your conclusions.

There are people out selling crack and pipes on playgrounds to children in the inner city, telling them how great the high is from crack.

There may even be kids at Sacred Heart who want to do a featured article in the Heartbeat on how hard it is to sell and smoke their crack pipes in a Catholic school. But, they've discovered something about themselves, they're crack addicts!

Lots of Catholic kids might be saying no thanks at Sacred Heart. I'm sure it makes the crackheads feel really low about themselves.

Mr. Enos may feel just terrible about it and give the go ahead for an article that helps the crackheads with their self esteem. There is honor and virtue in smoking crack. Why can't the Catholic Church see it? Oh, how frustrating it is!

If a sane adult comes along to give the skinny on what crack does to you spiritually and mentally and physically - and you quoted Romans 2:1 to them, people would start to wonder if you had both oars in the water.

Judging the state of a soul is Christ's job. This is Romans 2:1.

What we are judging about the article at Sacred Heart is not the souls of the student authors who have fallen to sin and are trying to recruit others into believing their promiscuity is not sin.

Catholics are judging the lies inherent in such a thesis and we are objecting to the misguidance of the souls who will read it. We are correcting their errors in theology.

This is an act of righteousness.

Regarding Leviticus:

God, in His Wisdom gave examples and disciplines to go along with evolution of the intellect. The story of Adam and Eve isn't about an apple you see. It is about temptation and sin and how falling to temptation and sinning keeps you out of Heaven.

So it is true that the examples and disciplines in Old Teastament were teachings to prepare the intellect for Christ's Incarnation.

While God first trained the people with examples about food defiling the body so they would "get the idea", Christ came along and told everyone that it is SIN that defiles the body.

This is something you have conveniently left out of your straw man argument. The students were trying to sell their sins and people are standing up to make a judgment on their argument. This is called Evangelism.

Here's something for you to chew on: St. John the Baptist. Read about his 'judgments' and how Christ called him the best man who will ever live.

You weren't taught the Catholic faith at Sacred Heart and so you don't have the tools to pull the conclusions together. Sadly, it seems you may even have walked away from Sacred Heart as an athiest. Given your formation at Sacred Heart, in terms of trying to explain the Bible to anyone on the internet, you are not qualified.

Anonymous said...

I'm stunned by the ignorance of Catholicism, the Bible, morals and charity of Sacred Heart students.

This is something you would expect from students in a ghetto in the Bronx.

Thanks for covering this story.
Sacred Heart has gone to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

whoever had the fucking nerve to post the last comment, the bible states that no one is better than anyone else and the judgement issues were covered in the last couple of comments. but for you to say what you said about kids in the bronx sounds like you think that you are better than them and this is something we'd expect from kids in the ghetto. i also believe that acting like or saying you are better than somebody else is blasphemy and that's a major sin. You're no better than anyone else. Get a life please

TTC said...

The observation of the commenter was in the context of the vulgar, crude, threatening behavior that is seen in places like he Bronx. It had nothing to do with the poor.

The Bible is a Book about how to please the Lord and what displeases the Lord. Pleasing is better than displeasing. Sacred Heart has sent you all on your way, from a Catholic institution, with zero tools to make choices and decisions in your life about pleasing and displeasing God.

Instead of authorizing stories about the teenage sex you're upset can't get on the radar screen at the Catholic school, they should have spent more time teaching the tenets of the Catholic religion.

Blasphemy is when you slander God and His Work.

Blasphemy is when you ascribe the Work of the Holy Spirit to the Devil. It is a serious sin - the most serious sin you can commit.

Mark 3:28, Matthew 12:30, Luke 12:8

"I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God. But he who disowns me before men will be disowned before the angels of God. And everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven."

The article about sex leaves Sacred Heart students ignorant of what Catholics do when we have the desire to have sex forbidden by the tenets of our Faith.

The ignorance of Sacred Heart Students about the Catholic religion is demonstrated throughout this thread.

When you pack a school with children of parents who oppose the Catholic religion, those children will scream the 'f' word, get vulgar, threaten, slander and malign anyone who tries to teach the faith. This is why the teachers didn't do it. They didn't want to put up with your antics.

This is why Catholic schools need to return to limiting admittance to families who want their children taught the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Bible and the Deposit of Faith.

Terry Nelson said...

Hi Carol - I got here from Matt Abbot's piece - you are a brilliant - thanks for covering this stuff - don't ever be discouraged. God bless!

TTC said...

Thanks Terry - very kind of you to say.

Kudos to Matt for helping the story get more widely circulated.

Anonymous said...

Carol, You have really hung in there with this thread. I would have closed it down long ago.

A book I read last year, Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America, really helped me get to the root of the problems in Catholic schools. The book was written by Steve Kellmeyer and published by Bridegroom Press.

I highly recommend the book to you and all the posters on this thread.

God bless you and keep you.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to post a article stating what the school can do for these students.
If an opinion piece was posted saying that a group of students could not confess their sins (such as being addicted to cocaine)and had to remain "in the closet," I think the appropriate response would be that the community would work toward healing, forgiveness, and a plan to help these students "sin no more."

Telling them they are perverts is not what Christ would do. Compassion is needed in the lives of these children. They are loved by God. God wants them to find peace and walk the path of light and understanding. This was a cry for help from these students, and it appears the community is failing them. Why else would they write about how difficult life is for them KNOWING their community thinks their acts are sinful?

I would imagine that a Christian community would feel compassion and love for these young Christians and teach them with patience and kindness as they search for truth and peace in Jesus.

I think the Church has failed on this issue. We offer no hope on the issue of sexuality except "no!" Do we think that because they are children they do not struggle?

If your child asks for bread, you do not give her a stone. These children are asking for help, for an open community where they can discuss and grapple with these theological and physical concerns. Our response should be to have an after school forum, a club, a conference where discussion and understanding can occur.

We have to understand that children face real concerns; trials that are hard, real, and serious to them. Yet, we have to have patience and careful tolerance because they are children, still growing in their understanding. They need guidance, not retribution. Especially since it is so easy for them to find "acceptance" in a community that does not have the same love a Christian community is supposed to have.

Anonymous said...

Both the Old and New Testaments say active homosexuality is immoral. Does anyone disagree with this? If so, why?

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started.....this incident is only a symptom of the larger picture...lack of clear Catholic teaching at the very top of the Catholic food chain.
When the majority of the USA Cardinals, Bishops etc, remain silent or worse, are wishy/washy on matters of moral teaching so as not to offend anyone and lose $$ support, most Catholics assume it's got to be OK or surely somebody would have told us loudly, clearly and repeatedly!
Could it be that's how this PRO-ABORT president got so many Catholic votes?

Fr Joseph said...


In my ministry I have been humbled by the oppurtunity to work in both post-abortion healing and with those in COURAGE (a means to assist those with homosexual tendencies to live chaste lives) the subjects of which have lived their own 'truths' outside of Catholic teaching. To hear a 'lesbian' say that she would not wish her 'gay' life on anyone, to hear a mother say, "with my first abortion I nailed Christ to the cross, with the second I left him hanging there" (and this from a non-Catholic), broke the heart of this father.

Defense of the Catholic Truth in secular society sadly does not need the simple command, "because God says so", for consequential studies bare the reality.

Our national treasury first teaches its officers what 'true' currency looks like, then by default they can spot a counterfeit. To give counterfeits equal footing in the training process would confuse the officers, affecting their ability to perform the reason for being.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. His bride, the Church proclaims Him. With the secular society having many a pulpit to preach its 'truths' is it any wonder that Catholic parents would wish that their children be taught the True economy of salvation without the confusion of counterfeits, so that they may live to the full extent of their being.

Fr Joseph said...


Remember even Jesus called out 'the brood of vipers' and 'the whitened sepluchers'. and 1 Cor 13 states that "Love does not rejoice in wrong". Therefore, according to the Scriptures, it is both Christ-like and loving to point out and the error of so-called 'truths' which do not stem from Truth Himself.

It is a wonder in itself that God uses sinful people to proclaim His Truth. But the reality of their sin does not diminish the truth of the message. Although we may not judge persons, we may judge particular acts as either 'life-giving' or 'death-giving'. The Church's teachings forms our conscience especially in the 'grave' matters of Love and Life, acknowledging that the consequences of sin is death, be it physical, mental, or spiritual.

With respect to 'A Man for All Seasons', "I serve all men, and pray for them and the world... I do none harm, I say none harm, I think none harm", when it comes to the Truth about acts and their effect on the human persons of my sons and daughters, their souls, minds and bodies I must stand with Henry V, "as we are we do not seek a fight, but as we are we shall not shun it." It is not a struggle against people but the act itself, it is a struggle FOR the ones I love.

I do not wish to see my children happy, but holy. for if they are holy (following the creative purpose of the sinless human nature) they will be happy.

TTC said...


Thank you for these beautiful words.

TTC said...

"Telling them they are perverts is not what Christ would do. "

The only person who is referred to as a "pervert" is the Kinsey - who hired pedophiles and tied children to a table and watched the pedophiles rape the children for hours and days straight and 'recorded" it.

This man was not simply a pervert, he was a criminal and beast and, he was highlighted in the article as the virtuous and enlightened one on sexuality for hundreds of Sacred Heart children to read.

I repeat - the adults responsible for this should be fired.

There isn't a grain of sand's worth of difference between any of us who are tempted and fall to sin. Sacred Heart would never exploit us by writing a scandalous article encouraging our temptations.

Letting an article be written painting Catholics as hatred provoked malice towards those who stand up and say what needs to be said. Orthodox Catholics who want the deposit of faith so they can stay in a state of Grace are similarly treated in parishes all across our country.

This is the end of it. We are taking our schools back. We are taking our parishes back. We are taking our Chanceries back.

Mary Rose said...

Carol, God bless you for walking in the fire. I have posted a blog entry regarding this issue on my own blog. It's scheduled for 9:00 AM EST. This story both breaks my heart and angers me. St. Michael, defend us in battle...

Thanks for stepping up to the plate, sister. :-)

TTC said...

Thanks! Catholic parents here in Boston very much appreciate the national back up and support from you and Matt and others now picking up on this story.

We are late to the game. It is the final quarter of holding up our deposit of faith for administrators and Chancery officials who are filling Catholic schools with children of families who find our teachings offensive so they can collect tuition.

Father Bryan Hehir believes he has scored the the winning touchdown. But there is a flag on the field and the referee has just blown the whistle so stay tuned.

A side note to the Vox Nova crowd:

I have comment moderation on. I am not posting any comments that paint Catholics who want the teachings of the Church taught to their own children as people who lack compassion or are hateful.

Frankly, I think you are the cause of this catastrophic environment.

There are plenty of sites who will host your comments and I invite you to go there. You will be given no podium here.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

I was a student in Sacred Heart back in the late fifties and early sixties.I fell into a deep depression when my parents moved to N.J.because I left the wonderful school and Sisters. Desiring the same great Catholic education for my children ,I tried to convince my husband to relocate to Massachusetts forty years later.instead I founded the first Catholic homeschooling support group in N.J..Now i have been graced to see why God chose not to allow the move to take place.
God did not create man to plant his seed in human feces and no social agendite can change that reality of the Craetor's Design!shame on these Sisters ,truly Asmodeus has beset their Order!

Ted said...


Thank you very much for exposing the homosexual bias in this particular school. Unfortunately, the only way that similar happenings will not rear their ugly head in many other Catholic schools is for school administrations to know that they will pay a price in a public forum.

You are a fighter for the faith, and we need more people like you with the backbone and tenacity to take the fight to apostates whose only wish is to "transform" our faith into something resembling a gay pride parade.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...


May God bless you always !
You are a brave warrior in a snake pit !

Thank you for your steadfast Faith and firm focus on the Truth !

Prayers are most definitely needed for COURAGE and ZEAL for Catholics in positions of authority !

The Church has allowed so many effeminate weak men and too many "nice" women to be in charge of our schools !
They have succeeded in churning out young people into the world who are completely unrecognizable as Catholics !!

TTC said...

Thanks very much!

A few posts up, a commenter suggested that somebody write an article giving suggestions to the school on how the school should adress the situation and suggested some kind of club.

Catholics have clubs already called Courage and EnCourage which help the. Children and their parents understand the teachings of the Church as a loving surrender and the culture of love that each of us know.

They are not ignorant should have been and is the resource to bring into the school. Nor are the priests and Bishops ignorant about these clubs.

Aren't you sick and tired of the Jesuits and other Catholics resorting to distributing articles that paint us as bigots?

2e don't want any more he said she said articles. We want Courage and Encourage brought into Sacred Heart School to help struggling students know that Catholics and the Catholic Church love them but Catholic schools are for Catholics and the Catholic religion is about staying in a state of. Grace to host a quiet place for Christ in the tabernacle of our souls.

Catholics will be tolerated in Catholic schools as will Catholic teaching and Fr. Hehir and Jack Connors better eat their Wheaties because we are done with it and we will not stop until they mosey on down the road or release our religion from the prison they have it holed up in.

The archdiocese of Boston never does anything on the merits of truth and righteousness. It always has to get ugly. It is too bad but it is what it is.

Jennie in Georgia said...

Dear Carol,

I am here from Matt Abbott's article as well, and I just wanted to thank you for being faithful to the timeless and beautiful teachings of our Catholic Church. Thank you for exposing what is not in line with those teachings despite bitter and horrifying attacks. You are a true warrior!

I am in my forties, but I am the product of a wishy-washy Catholic education myself. I had to leave the Church for twenty years only to re-discover its worth and beauty much later in life. How I wish that my own education would have taught us about the pure hearts of the saints, and how I wish that the Catholic schools of today would teach their students along those lines!

Regarding the subject at hand, I would, along with Father Joseph, mention and also recommend the organization, Courage,, to all Catholics who struggle with same-sex attraction. This group is faithful to Catholic teaching and helps people to live beautiful lives at peace with Christ. The website is full of gracious testimonies.

May the saints and angels bring you comfort as you stand your ground, and may Matt Abbott's article bring you much intercession from the faithful here on earth.


Anonymous said...

This was once a premier Catholic school. How far it has declined is evidenced by the uneducated heterodox and low class responses that are being aimed at the original whistle blower. Perhaps some of the faculty and students need to be educated?

TTC said...

Jennie, Thank you. Very much.

The reason I hung in there was to keep dusting myself off under the worst of circumstances and continuously asking for our faith to be taught as we have every right to our inheritance. So do these children.

I hope all readers go now and do the same.

See one.
Do one.
Teach one.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you for the courage to fight the good fight. I attended Trinity College in Washington, D.C. which was losing its identity already in the late 60s. Now, it boasts of graduating Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius, offers a gay group on campus, hosts pro-abortion speakers, teaches moral relativism, etc.

My mom wanted me to go to her wonderful alma mater and the result was I walked out of Trinity and out of the Church. Fortunately, I always had a great devotion to the Blessed Mother and she didn't let me wander in the wasteland for long.

Schools like Sacred Heart need to be publicly exposed as you are doing. Keep it up and don't mind the vile, foul-mouthed comments from those whose brains are apparently in their underwear.

Name calling and profanity is the refuge of the ignorant. The fact that so many claim to be students just magnifies your point.

BTW after reading this I'm linking to your blog.

TTC said...

Thanks MaryAnn, for the support and the link. The Blessed other had my back too.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure if for some reason you missed my comment, but I believe I provided an intelligent counter-argument to your thesis. I was not rude, nor was I condescending. I have been educated in Catholic schools all my life, not through the supposedly anti-Catholic Sacred Heart School, but by "viable" Catholics.

If you found my argument more offensive to you than the ones that you have posted (even though mine did not include obscene or threatening language), I will respect your decision. However, seeing the other comments you have posted, the only reason I could think of is that you would prefer the obscene comments to be shown than the actual intellectual ones. If this censorship is the case, you are just as sinful as you claim homosexuals to be.

I can understand censoring out hate speech, but preventing discourse and a free exchange of ideas while only showing the hateful comments from your opposition is deceitful. It's lying. It's sinful. I hope you realize that only God has the power to judge what's good and what's bad, not you. Moreso, your censorship is unconstitutional. My comments were not incendiary, merely oppositional. If you really cannot respond to intelligent counter-arguments, I think your cause is in trouble.

It is people like you who are making this country and this world a worse place, not only because of your backwards ideas, but also now apparently because of your distaste for intellectual discussion. I pray that God has mercy on you and forgives you of your blatant hate and deceit.

-A Concerned Catholic and a Hopeful Human

paramedicgirl said...

That was a very well written and documented article. There is nothing Catholic about that school! You could write to the Vatican about this. The school administrators should all be fired.

God have mercy on their souls for allowing a Catholic School to become a den of iniquity and for leading the students down the road to hell.

TTC said...

In case you've missed it, everyone in the Church, including myself, is a sinner.

Trashing looney theology however are the actionss of the righteous. People who are not in a state of grace don't have the discernment to tell good theology from bad theology. I will not let something with my name on ibe used to scandalize souls.

I leave distributing the ideas of pedophiles to children to Sacred Heart and the poor people whose minds are in a state of confusion from listening to them. Good luck with that.

What I did was take a sampling of each of the falsehoods and correct the theoligical errors. I don't believe anything was missed.

If you feel I have missed a theoligical argument of yours, I am happy to read it and see if it is something I missed fisking.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol,
I found your article to be a prime example of just what this country needs, more truth speakers. You should lead a revolution! Become the next Glenn Beck! You and people like you are what this world needs. Let'snot stop at eradicating the gays. After them will come the Muslims, then the blacks, then the liberals, and on and on until we get to the damned commie Chinese. A unified Catholic world is what we need. Intolerance is the best teacher in my opinion. Really great article. Lets get together and drown Buddhist babies in a bathtub together sometime. God damn heathens.
Sincerely, a like-minded ignorant bastard.

Marion (Mael Muire) said...

Anonymous 9/30 11:05 wrote: "Let's not stop at eradicating the gays. After them will come the Muslims, then the blacks, then the liberals, and on and on until we get to the damned commie Chinese."

Calm down, Anonymous, you're hysterical.

Carol has never proposed "eradicating" or "killing" gays or people of other color or nationality. Stop panicking, take a deep breath, and s-l-o-w-l-y reread what Carol and the Church have to say about persons with homosexual inclinations, and about what living a life of chastity means.

Again, there's no reason to get your knickers in a twist, Anon. Instead of reacting with panic to what you read, grow a pair, will you?

TTC said...


I firmly believe if we don't hold these kids accountable for their actions our freedom to teach our religion is toast.

Anonymous said...


God bless you, Carol! We will win because Enos and the Sisters can't imagine our Resources. God is good and just.

None of the formal refutations of Kinsey's perversions have been taken seriously. Everyone, including those who tried to refute those documented perversions, know what Kinsey's motivations were, and they were NOT scientific.

Joseph Vadis said...

The amount of "Anonymous" COWARDS is utterly amazing. Come to my Catholic school district and try to teach your version of "tolerance" and you'll find yourself staring down the barrel....!

TTC said...


With threats that if we don't keep our opinions to ourselves when errors are being taught to Catholic children in Catholic schools we can expect thugs to stake out our homes and we better be terrified, I completely understand your willingness to defend your family and home.

Last night I barely slept. I kept my windows open to my driveway, all the lights on outside of my home and I slept lightly waiting for these thugs to show up.

Every car and every noise after midnight, my heart pounding. I am not a believer that restraining orders protect people. In many cases, they enrage the person more. I thought to myself, how will I protect myself from these people, especially if they come in a group.

I don't know the likelihood of having them carry out their threats. But facts are, these people not only boldly made them, they put their names on their threats. This tells me they not the least afraid to do irrational things to shut people up and they are, in fact, quite willing to put their names on it.

I mean, let us face it. Even a few hours ago, a student was not afraid to post that teaching our own children in our own schools is toast. They probably figure they'll go into school tomorrow and have a good laugh with Mr. Enos and the teachers.

I have a dog and my cell phone right beside me ready to call the police.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Carol for speaking the Truth. As a 29 year old Catholic, struggling with same sex attraction, I have been there and done that with the homosexual lifestyle and agenda. I walked away from the lifestyle just over 3 years ago and it was the best decision of my life. That is when I came back into the Church.

Catholic Truth really scares people, as can be seen my most of the comments!

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless over and protect you!

TTC said...

Thank you!

I appreciate your support and prayer more than you could ever know.

God Bless You.