Monday, June 20, 2011

Fr. Corapi's Black Sheepdog Announcement

On my life's journey in the Archdiocese of Boston, I've crossed paths with more than my share of falsely accused priests.

Maybe my witness of my love for Christ, so deep that I choose pleasing Him above all things, makes them feel safe.

Whatever the reason, I have been privy to their experiences at the hands of the diocesan kangaroo process.

What Fr. Corapi describes is right on the money.

The accuser does not have to meet any litmus test for 'credibility' of the accusation. In fact, their story can be impossible to have taken place, the priest can have witnesses and facts that vindicate him and they are still out of their ministries for over ten years.

During that time, the allegations are withheld from them and their attorneys. They are forbidden from defending themselves.

Their money is cut off so that hiring an attorney relies on getting somebody to do it pro bono.

What do you think the chances are of that?

They bankrupt you financially, morally and spiritually.

There are no rules of civil procedure. In fact, the accused does not have to testify under pains and penalties of perjury while the priests are forced to sign away their right to civilly recover damages for libel, slander and defamation of character. You cannot cross examine.

The diocese, at least here in Boston, provides the accuser with a coach.

You read that right. The archdiocese helps to coach the accuser.

I am not able to disclose at this point in time what I know about their kangaroo process but some day we're going to blow it out of the water.

You think you're disgusted with them now, just wait until you hear what they have been doing to innocent priests.

I've often said to them that we should put together a book of ten or twelve of their stories. Let it rip.

The overwhelming majority of them go through a period where they want to leave the priesthood. In fact, every one of them I know has gone through this period. Most of them will thankfully celebrate Mass privately every day as they are allowed to do and somehow hold on.

The rage and depression they experience is very, very intense.

Bishop Gracida captures the essence of my thoughts on Fr. Corapi's announcement.

Like Bishop Gracida, I understand Fr. Corapi's rage. I can't make a judgment about the merits of case but as he is professing his innocence, I understand his unwillingness to let the accuser and her enablers at the local Chancery rob him of serving Christ.

I am thrilled that the matter sounds like it is headed to civil court where evidence needs to be presented and examined, witnesses can be called and the accused has access to his civil and constitutional rights.

My colleagues at Boston Catholic Insider highlighted a story of one of the Boston priests abused by false accusers and Chancery enablers, Fr. Murphy, RIP.

Collateral Damage

The first time the Rev. Charles Murphy was cleared of accusations that he improperly touched a minor, a girl 25 years earlier, everyone who ever met him said they had never doubted his innocence.

It was 2006 and priests were all over the news for every awful reason, most of them deservedly so. But Father Murphy swore his innocence, the archdiocese ruled the allegations lacked substance, and the woman dropped her suit on the eve of trial.

When Murphy triumphantly returned to the pulpit of his sun-splashed church in South Weymouth, the applause could be heard across the South Shore. Father Charlie, as he was known, was back — back cracking cornball jokes from the altar, back as a fanatical hockey fan, back as the mad plow driver clearing the parking lot at the hint of snow. He was also back ministering in prisons and helping the deaf, a man of the cloth to his core.

“He was just the same guy as before the accusation, a bubbly guy, fun, a little bit of a jokester, but a diligent priest,’’ said Joe Corcoran, the developer who befriended Murphy decades earlier at St. Agatha in Milton.

Amid so much joy, it would have been impossible to imagine the turn that Murphy’s life would eventually take.

That turn came in April 2010, when lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, who had lodged the first unfounded complaint, brought another. This one involved a man, not a woman. It went back 40 years rather than 25. It centered on accusations of fondling at the old Paragon Park in Hull and on a ski trip up north.

When the charges hit, Murphy canceled a long-planned party celebrating his 50th anniversary as a priest. He cleaned out his room in the church rectory and went to live with his brother. Two accusations in four years, he knew, did not look good.

But it didn’t matter to the prominent friends and everyday parishioners who refused to give up their faith. They hired a lawyer, who in turn brought in a private investigator, who discovered that the alleged victim was mired in financial problems, had a long list of liens placed against him, and faced massive credibility issues even within his own family.

It took nearly six months — about five months longer than it should have — before an archdiocesan review board cleared Murphy of the allegations in September and Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley restored him as a senior priest. But this time, there was no triumphant return to the pulpit. In fact, when Murphy reappeared at St. Francis Xavier in South Weymouth to say Mass, he couldn’t summon the strength to deliver a sermon.

“He would say to me, ‘I just can’t preach. I just don’t have it in me,’ ’’ said Jack Pender, his longtime confidant. “It was so frustrating for him.’’

His spirit was evaporating. His antidepression medicine kept him up at night. He moved to Regina Cleri, a North End residence for retired priests, where he continued his tortured descent.

Garabedian is a talented lawyer who has done vital work on behalf of hundreds of victims of abusive priests, but in terms of Murphy, what he did is a disgrace. Garabedian told me this week his Milton client was “credible.’’ He wasn’t. He lashed out at what he described as a “kangaroo court,’’ the respected, independent archdiocesan panel that cleared Murphy. He didn’t utter the only words worth hearing: I made a mistake.

They brought Murphy to a hospice in Haverhill a couple of weeks ago after doctors determined there was nothing left to be done. There was no cancer, no apparent physical disease, just a broken 77-year-old heart that refused to mend.

And that’s where he died Saturday evening, a wisp of the man he once was. Garabedian lost his compass on this case, and thousands of people all over Massachusetts lost a truly wonderful priest.

We are letting this happen to our priests.

Shame on us.


Kelly said...

Thank you. I just can't jump on the
"Corapi has lost his way" bandwagon. People may dislike his personality,or that he won't go quietly like a good little whipped, but I have yet to see his sin. Pride? Could be, but I for one, am not going to throw the first stone. I continue to ask in comboxes...what if everything he is saying is true?

Daniel said...

Such cases do not fill us Boston seminarians with joy. We have a retreat very soon, and I'm pretty sure this recent reminder of how easily we could be crushed is going to make for more than a few resentful conversations.

Maria said...

Carol: I want to preface this by saying that I know this has been difficult for you and all of us. It is the rare occasion that I disagree with you; however, on this issue I do. No amount of corruption in the process that attends the accusations of priests could justify a priest abandoning his priesthood.

"There is a long passage in the Second Vatican Council's Decree on the Life and Ministry of Priests that deals with the subject of their obedience, and it intertwines the practice of obedience with the virtue of charity. Certain key passages in that Decree bring to the surface important implications for priestly obedience.

Priests are told that, "The priestly ministry, being the ministry of the Church itself, can only be fulfilled in the hierarchical union of the whole body of the Church." Consequently, a priest is obedient and obediently working with and under and through the hierarchy, or his work will not be blessed by God. There is no such thing as a priest going off on his own, independent of ecclesiastical obedience, and expecting God to grace his labors. A priest is not ordained for himself; he is ordained as the Vulgate has it "ad alios", for others. But being a priest, he is not only ordained for others; he must also work with others, "cum allis", and those others are his fellow priests united under the hierarchy".

John Hardon SJ

And, I would add, for good or ill. A priest is victim and crucified with Christ. Christ did not abandon
his suffering after the scourging, after the crowning of the thorns. He loved us "until the end".

Daniel: There is a great book you might want to read by Fr. Hardon. It is called "A Prophet for the Priesthood". It is the spiritual biography of Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald. Stay close to Christ and the Sacraments, in prayer, Daniel.

Maria said...


"Being obedient has cost the priest much these days. He needs to be strongly motivated. But meditation shows the priest that obedience will give him power and influence over souls and absolutely nothing else can substitute for it. His meditation will also show him that if he wants people to listen to him, he must listen to those to whom he owes obedience".

Hardon SJ

TTC said...


This was not difficult for me at all! I have absolutely no attachments to anything but the truth and justice in the situation, just as I was with Fr. Euteneuer.

If the allegations have merit, we as the faithful need to see that this is a grown woman who claims her morals were so low that she slept with a priest. She isn't a 'victim'.

She is a woman who wants to blab about her consensual sex so she can get a booty of money.

This is a different situation than a priest pedophile where a child's identity needs to be protected.

Given the fact this woman's colleagues have disclosed that she was a lunatic who was fired for her poor performance and mental illness, and given Fr. Corapi's reaction, I'm leaning towards the man's innocence until the facts condemn him. That's what everyone in life is entitled to. We should demand it for our priests.

I was one of the first and loudest to make a judgment about Euteneur. I think I've proven that I'm not one to have a story and stick to it, irrespective of material facts presented.

The despicable way orthodox Catholic treated this faithful priest, including EWTN, I understand his reaction. He has chosen what he has to do to move forward in serving Christ.

He is no Padre Pio. He drove the car off the cliff. I am sorry to see it. But knowing the abuse he had in store for himself and the destruction it brings, I understand it and I wish him well.

Maria said...

Carol:How does he serve Christ, or his flock, by abandoning his priesthood?

Catherine said...

Both Canon Law and Vatican II directives on the Priesthood state that priests who haven't taken a vow of poverty such as diocesan priests, are to willingly embrace poverty in order to be conformed to Jesus Christ. They are to avoid any semblance of affectation or vanity in their lifestyle. Jesus tells his disciples, "No one can serve two masters...You cannot serve God and mammon." Priests are to be fully conformed to Jesus Christ, High Priest and Victim who offered his life for the salvation of all. He laid down his life and was obedient unto death.

Lucy said...

I am reminded of a line from Shakespeare: "He scoffs as scars who never felt a wound."

All these "he should haves" turn my stomach.

Just a year ago, we watched the devastation and near destruction of a good and holy priest when he was falsely accused. A whole congregation was in mourning for this good man; we all suffered with him. What was taken from him can never be given back--NEVER, not in this life. From now to eternity, one has only to "Google" his name and he will be, in effect, accused all over again. He will die a thousand deaths--and then some. He will never be able to open a newspaper without being terrified of seeing himself dragged through it all again. (BTW, the accuser is just as unbalanced as Fr. Corapi says that his accuser is, and she has never been called to answer for her malignity.)

If you haven't witnessed it or experienced it yourself, please don't prescribe cheek-turning (no matter how well meant) for priests who have suffered such injustice. You can't possibly know. Carol is absolutely right.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I have been shocked and appalled by how this entire "affair" has been playing out on the internet. No great lover of people as I am, even I was horrified at the malice and the vicious comments by both bloggers and their fan clubs. The worst, absolute worst, are the EWTN darlings.

Anyone that has any idea of what is going on in the Church today, knows exactly what Fr. Corapi is talking about.

I'm on his side.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, if I were a priest who was falsely accused of sexual impropriety, I wouldn't take Fr. Corapsi's tack. I would ask for -- nay, I would demand -- a canonical defense. I would fight for my personal and clerical integrity. Surely the Church has canon lawyers who can defend unjustly accused priests, regardless of the charge.

Why doesn't Fr. Corapsi seek such a defense?

I'm not assessing blame or guilt on the man. I have no idea whether he's innoncent or guilty. I just think his approach is strange-- unless he believes that the Church's canonical procedures are so corrupt that he cannot receive such a defense.

If that's true, then what I've said about the Church ignoring Canon Law when it sees fit is accurate...and if that's true, then the corruption in the hierarchy is far more pervasive than anybody realizes.

One way or another, this is going to be about far more than one priest being accused and abandoning his vocation, as a result.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

BTW, Carol, if you ever need a writer to help you with this book, please let me know. I've been a journalist and free-lancer for more than 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol.

I just spent 2 weeks in Germany.. so I was catching up on reading some of Catholic blogs linked from new After reading the comments about Father Corapi on some of these blogs ( from people I respected), I'm seriously starting to think about leaving the Catholic faith. I was away for a long time and my wife (God Bless Her) got me going to church and I got involved again (KofC, MCFL, etc).

I really don't want to be associated with these people at all.


Tancred said...

I'm not surprised by your reaction at all. I share it. This is a smear job and his superiors and EWTN should be ashamed of themselves for leaving him to fend for himself by lending credibility to that psychopathic alcoholic who's been harassing him.

I'm looking forward to Father Corapi's new book and future appearances.

Anonymous said...

Tancred, you've got that right.

The only exception is that this behavior from those people doesn't surprise me in the least; I've been trying to tell people for years, but no one would believe me. Now, maybe they will.


Lynne said...

Bishops used to sweep problems under the rug and carried on as if nothing happened, well, maybe they ship the priest off to therapy or another parish (bad ideas)... Now, no matter what little credibilty the alleged victim has, bam, the priest is gone, like trash. Both extremes, both bad.

I don't know if Father Corapi is guilty of some wrong-doing. But hanging a priest out to dangle in the wind, indefinitely, is unacceptable.

Yes, Carol, shame on us for allowing it to happen.

And Jasper, why would you let this affect your faith in the Church? This was the only Church founded by Jesus Himself. As Peter said, where else would we go?

lucy said...

Dear Jasper,

When we came back to the Church, we became involved to a limited degree, not with K of C, but with parish groups--but that didn't last long. Now we go to Mass and that is all. We are as generous as our finances allow us to be in the collection plate, but, beyond that, we come to Mass, pray and leave.

We don't get involved in conversations outside after Mass, we don't listen to gossip, we smile and say hello.

During Mass, my eyes are closed through most of the Mass, especially if there are rambunctiois children. If my eyes are closed, I'm not staring at the too-tight trousers on the overweight man in front of me, or the too-low-cut dress or too tight tee-shirt of the woman beside him.

I keep my hands held still, palms together, and when we walk down to receive, my head is bowed, and, looking neither left nor right, all I see are my husband's heels. My eyes don't wander or stray, and I try to control my thoughts.

The people are good people but I still think it best not to get involved or drawn into the politics and in-groups and out-groups and whatever else is going on.

Last summer, during that awful ordeal, we were all praying very hard for our pastor, but my husband and I never hung around to hear the latest "news" or to commiserate with other parishioners. We just waved or smiled and left.

Someone once told me that our faithful, quiet, concentration had a great influence with many people--for what it's worth.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with the "me and Jesus" approach. It allows you to take control of your eyes, your ears, your hands, your thoughts.

Try that for a while and see if you can detach yourself from all that is not Christ in the miracle at the altar.

Lynne said...

Looks like Steve Kellmeyer has the same take (more or less) as you Carol...

TTC said...

Kelly, I'm glad you are resisting the vigilantes. You're a kind soul, so it doesn't surprise me.

Jasper, It sounds logical to suggest the priest should just defend himself with the Canons. That's like saying the faithful have access to Canon 915 when politicians are scandalizing the sheep with decades of obstinate support and funding of abortions.

Did you read the story about Fr. Murphy above?

The Canons are a joke to people who work in the Chancery. If a priest requests adherence to Canon law, they are laughed at, ignored, maligned, threatened and bullied by people in the Chancery.

The Canons are as good as discrimination laws to members of the Klu Klux Klan.

I pray somebody Our Lord gives us the green flag to disclose the conduct of Chancery employees in handling nefarious or false allegations.

As somebody said above, you just have no idea how sinister it is unless you have seen it up close. It is unbelievable.


How does a falsely accused priest serve Christ by leaving the priesthood?

The same way any of us serves Christ after driving our cars off the cliff. We crawl out of the wreckage, dust ourselves off and try in the best ways we can given our injuries and wounds.

In case it isn't clear, any priest I spoke with in Fr. Corapi's situation, I vigorously urged them to remain faithful to their ordination and Christ's Church. Some of these discussions where quite lively, as you can imagine. As I said above, 'thankfully' everyone I know is still a priest in the sense they did not ask to be laicized. But most have gone on to find other ways to serve God's people and they do not want to go back to ministry.

I am sure that Fr. Corapi's advisors, friends vigorously debated his tack. It's sad. I'm sorry to see it. I don't agree with it.

I just understand it. I can empathize with the reasons why his assessment of his oppressors and his own personal limitations led him to check out.

TTC said...

Maria, btw - excellent book recommendation to Daniel for seminarians and reminder their vocation is Christ crucified.

Maria said...

Carol: It is all just too much to try to track or understand. We know one thing: we muse pray for Bishops and priests to remain faithful.

Fitzgerald was the first priest to treat the "priest offendeders". He reached the conclusion that these priests should be sent to an island to do penance. He put $ 500 down. He advised the curia to never send them back to ministry. He was ignored.

Lucy: You are so right about setting an example, for reverence. Churches have become amusement parks, playgrounds, day care centers. Oh Lord, please don' t let me say anything else...

TTC said...


It isn't a pretty sight is it.

How would you like to be hanging crucified in front of this crowd?

Oh, wait...

Seriously, I couldn't agree more with Lucy. Unless somebody is having a medical emergency, I don't even notice what's going on in the peanut gallery. I go to see Jesus, experience the Passion, Death and Resurrection and receive Jesus. And, I LOVE IT.

When the Sea gets rough, tie yourself onto the Ark.

But there are some of you who do not believe." Jesus knew from the beginning the ones who would not believe and the one who would betray him.
And he said, "For this reason I have told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by my Father."
As a result of this, many (of) his disciples returned to their former way of life and no longer accompanied him.
Jesus then said to the Twelve, "Do you also want to leave?"
Simon Peter answered him, "Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.
We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God."

Amen to all that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all very much, you are true Christians. I was just feeling a little depressed.


TTC said...


Thanks for sharing Kellmeyer's link. I really enjoyed reading it. Boy, I was shocked to read Jimmy Akin's story Steve has linked.

You have to wonder whether there's a common denominator between these caustic and uncharitable reactions.

Could they all drink overly-caffeinated coffee from Starbucks?

TTC said...

Ouch Tancred, is that what my post sounded like?

I just meant to say that their characterization of the accuser was instrumental to me.

I guess I should have made the characterization less chained to a particular person and been clearer that any morally, mentally, financially and spiritually bankrupt person can come along and make any wild/false accusation and the priest and his vocation are terrorized unto his death.

It's just wrong.

Maria said...


I have now read the retired Bishop's post, several times and am re-considering my position. I was struck by this paragraph:

"I believe that he is justified in not seeking to clear his name through a canonical process; at the present time such processes are very flawed in most dioceses. Rather I would like to believe that he intends to try to clear his name through the civil courts. Since I believe that his accuser is a former manager of his media company who he terminated with some kind termination agreement, and since she has evidently sought revenge for her termination by writing to the Bishop of Corpus Christi denouncing Father John, I believe that it is possible for him to do so and I wish him every success in such an endeavor. The basis for his lawsuit would probably be defamation of character, libel, extortion, breech of contract, or whatever.

Perhaps he really is trying to clear his name, as a civilian, w/ the intention of returning to the priesthood? Could he do this? He is not seeking laicization. If he were to be cleared, the Church would not then have to canonically pursue the claim, right? Am I crazy?

Adrienne said...

Bravo for a great and spot on post. I was closely involved with a case for our parish priest who is a good friend and next-door neighbor. I even did a bit of research for his canon lawyer.

When Father Corapi said that both his civil and canon lawyers told him he was not going to get a fair hearing, it reminded me that my priest friend was told exactly the same thing by his attorneys.

The feeding frenzy that has occurred against the person of John Corapi is beyond vile.

What's amazing is the things these people are saying about Corapi hold true for them also. Pot meet kettle?

And don't dare go to one of those sites and say that what Father Corapi is describing about the process is true. Mark Shea, who has been one the most vocally vile, piled on me and then banned me. He really needn't have done that as it's been years since I've gone to his site and only happened upon a link.

@Jasper - hang in there. Both my husband and I feel almost the same way but we know it will pass.

@Lucy - we used to be very active. I taught RE for 9 years, sat on various councils, blah, blah . Now we're like you. In and out. Hi and bye. Sad.

@ Maria - "How does he serve Christ, or his flock, by abandoning his priesthood?

How has his flock and the Church served him? I'm not a priest and make no judgements about what he does. It's none of my business.

As to Father being laicized? I have yet to get that message from what he has said.

Maria said...

The accuser is trying to sell his rosary for $ 5000 on Ebay per the retired Bishop?

Maria said...

Also, Carol, if I am right, this could be a great victory for the Church and might expose the corruption in the process?

Maria said...

Adrienne: I am sorry that this happened to you. I am at the top of the list when I say that we really do need to be kind to one another. If we aren't kind, what is the point, right? Pax.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I just posted my thoughts on this matter on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I will continue to read what Fr. Corapi has to say on his new site, I am not ready to abandon someone who has taught me so much by watching him on EWTN for years. Until I hear him say something I can't agree with I will reserve judgment.


Adrienne said...

@Maria - where did you hear that about the rosary? Honestly - it's the only thing that's actually made me laugh, even though it's not really funny. We laugh to keep from crying, no?

Maria said...

Adrienne: I KNOW, lol. Now I am trying to remember where. One blog runs into another. I'll try and backtrack, figure it our and let you know. Lord, we sure need some laughs, don't we? BTW, check out These Stone Walls. It is an interesting site about priest who was ostensibly falsely accused, a Fr. McRae.

Carol--I was going to let you know about this; however, he has already linked to you in his list of blogs! As I read through his site, I concluded that Corapi can't defend himself PUBLICLY as priest,as he cannot represent himself publicly due to the Charter. He can't do so as John Corapi, ie, a non-priest, as everyone knows who he is.

Maria said...

Fr. Corapi posted this at his website 6/21:

Tuesday morning.
Jun 21
Posted by The Black SheepDog

Many have asked, or criticized, me concerning the reason I filed a civil defamation suit against the accuser in this case. It is because the two men I respect most in the Catholic Church advised me to do so. Fr. James Flanagan, Founder and most respected member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, and Bishop Rene Gracida, the former Bishop of Corpus Christi, had a meeting on this matter. The result was that they advised me strongly to file a civil defamation suit. Why would they do this? Because they felt it was the only way I could receive a fair and just hearing. This advice was conveyed to me through Fr. Tony Anderson of the Society of Our Lady.

Concerning money, most people know me through radio and television. My broadcasts for 17 years on both radio and television were absolutely free to the public. I was never paid for them by EWTN or any radio station, nor did EWTN or any radio station ever charge anyone to view them. The past several years I never charged a fee to speak at events either. Furthermore, I have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to various Catholic organizations, and directed millions more from benefactors that wanted to give it to me. I did not accept charitable contributions, although I could have received millions.

The Bishop’s star witness against me is a severely troubled person that I tried to help for years. I provided the Church with evidence as to this accuser’s credibility very early on. There are two hours of audio telephone messages that clearly demonstrate this person’s serious lack of credibility. We shall consider posting some of these audio clips in the future. You can decide if this person sounds sober and/or sane.

TTC said...


Tancred was serious about her lack of sobriety! LoL. I thought he was using snark to point out my characterization of her colleagues disclosure that the woman was a lunatic was unjust.

I'm not sure Maria what his end game is. It would surprise me if after vindication, he didn't return to his vocation.

But, you see what I mean about priests providing evidence that the accusation is false and yet the diocese hands out cash and penalizes and persecutes the priest?

Making up a story is guaranteed cash in the archdiocese of Boston. Really, when I say the conduct of the luminaries in the Chancery is grotesque, it is an understatement.

Perhaps more should consider this path when they are falsely accused. This would certainly put an end to the USCCB cash cow wouldn't it? It may take a couple of years - perhaps even a decade - but at the end of the day, those who are using the the flawed system to enjoy the protection and cash the diocese gives them will be put on notice that the end has arrived. Attorneys will think twice about taking cases that are not credible.

TTC said...

Maria, If you find the link to the woman selling his Rosary for five grand, please do post it!

I do hope Fr. C. puts up the phone calls and exposes his accuser's conduct on the internet. What a hero to the hundreds of falsely accused priests.

Maybe this IS the shepherd laying down his life for the sheep?

Anonymous said...

I am a bit surprised at your defense of this man who says the Sacraments weren't a vital part of his priesthood. No problem leaving, or whatever he is doing, because they didn't matter.

What about his order? They invited him back. Why not take time for prayer? Really, after 3 months he has to center all the attention on HIMSELF? He can't bear to go live in the order where he was ordained?

You certainly enlighten us about the bad process. I know one thing for certain - this isn't the answer.

If this woman is so crazy, and she probably is, wouldn't people figure that out eventually? Let's remind ourselves that Fr. Corapi is not a parish priest. He lived on a ranch and ran a multimillion dollar business centered on himself. These facts were excused as perhaps not being normal for a priest but "ok" because he seemed so holy and truthful. His life was that of a lone wolf. He knew the truth and he preached it. Thank God for that. It shows that the Truth is the Truth no matter who says it.

I find the criticisms of EWTN in these comments disheartening. There is one other certainty with this mess - it is breaking apart the Church. This is another event in a long line of events where "orthodoxy" is showing a prideful character among those who claim it. Myself included. (God showed me how I wear that pride through the Maciel mess.)

Is it possible to assume that one is in the right place if one is with the Church? Fr. Corapi has separated himself. He would claim that he hasn't. I have heard that argument many times from SSPX people too.

St. Ambrose Bishop of Milan: "Where there is Peter, there is the Church." 4th century

St. Ignatius Bishop of Antioch: "Where the Catholic church is, there is Jesus Christ." circa 105

I think I will just take my parish, warts and all, and my pastor, warts and all, and the Sacraments that are there for me. Praise God.

Corapi has lost his way. Self-promotion. Follow the money.

TTC said...

Let me be clear that I love EWTN.

But let us face it, when those of us speaking the truth are being slandered, maligned and bullied, the hecklers are from the EWTN and National Catholic Register crowd.

Be honest. It is more important to them to defend the corrupt and the corruption - either by omission or commission - than it is to free the victims of the injustices.

If Father has said that the Sacraments were not a vital part of his priesthood, that is indeed troubling. I would appreciate a citation to that link. I'm having trouble verifying it.

I find your characterization that this is self-promotion, absurd. Can you not see the malice he has subjected himself to?

It is high time to put an end to these injustices.

TTC said...


I and all of my readers are EWTN and National Catholic Register fans. I'm part of the EWTN crowd. I'm just talking about the certain faction of folks who have donors and use those donations to influence solid Catholics to heckle people who are airing the dirty laundry and corruption.

It was big in the Legionnaires of Christ and we all know how that story ended. It certainly isn't limited to the Legionnaires of Christ - it's rampant in the Church. When Catholic writers have donors they are puppets of the people giving them the money.
Mark's heckling is bought and paid for - as is Jimmy Akin's.

Another sad reality we all must face.

As I've said before, it would be one thing for them to just quietly support the people exposing corruption by refusing to use their pulpits to wage slanderous indimidation campaigns.

What they're doing is quite another.

Ygnacia said...

We have had this sort of thing happen recently to our Chaplain, only he wasn't accused of anything, just for not reporting alleged abuse that an adult with very serious credibility issues (3 previous lawsuits, 2 arrest for impersonation, jobless, homeless, etc.). So our Chaplain was suspended, without pay, and told to get a job. Sound crazy, impossible?? Guess again. After going through this, I could never in good conscience encourage a young man to become a priest - their marriage to the Church in this country is a one way street.

Anonymous said...

Why are you ignoring me, Carol?


Tim Andries said...

Leaving the faith!!...condemn the bishops!! condemn EWTN!!! and that makes "more christian, why?!?!"

This is a time for prayers and patience, NONE of us has all the facts, we DONT know who did what when. I love Fr Caropi and I hate what he's going through...The churchs processes is SICKENING....but if we go off the handle and start shouting insults at each other...then we all lose. All of us Catholics, no matter how angry, hurt and saddened we are need to take a deep breath...flippin the bishops off and leaving the church wont help anyone.

TTC said...

I'm on my lunch - so forgive my brevity...

Veronica, If I gave you the impression I was ignoring you, I apologize. I usually adress the comments that ask questions, or I think require a response -- and not always the ones that I completely agree with!

Tim, I'm sorry, you lost me.

The context of speaking out loud about an injustice is not to attack the perpetrators but to relieve the victims of the injustices, even when they are Catholic Bishops.

We can talk like big boys and girls about our deficiencies. If the recipients of the criticism had any humility, they would focus on listening to the index of their abusive behavoir and work on solutions.

Silencing promotors of justice just doesn't work any more.

Sweeping things under the carpets is on our history.

I made clear that I love EWTN and the Register. In fact, Mother Angelica is one of the people responsible for leading me back to the authentic faith in the face of this de facto schism the US Bishops have been trying to pull off for decades.

The line is in the sand. They can go back to teaching the Catechism and our authentic faith and apply the Canons or they can go forward with their corruption and misfeasance and face the responses of the seekers of justice.

If they choose the latter, they're going to need to stock up on antacids and toilet paper.

Our cowardice afforded them a good run but it is over now.

Maria said...

If you google "Fr Corapi's accuser selling rosary", several links come up. Here is one:

Anonymous said...

Carol, I am sorry, didn't mean to be so sensitive. You know me!


Anonymous said...

EWTN is not the Church.
The National Catholic Register is not the Church.

I have no regard for either one (when Mother Angelica left, EWTN went down the drain) and have had their number for years. This was an orchestrated and planned assault on Fr. Corapi to bury him. Someone gave the word to do so, and they complied. Since I am not a "neo-con", I can't be accused of being a Corapi groupie. But anyone that knows anything about what is going on in the Church, understands exactly what Fr. Corapi is saying.

You will not find justice in the Catholic Church of the XXIst Century.

Carol wrote:

"Mark's heckling is bought and paid for - as is Jimmy Akin's."

So are the others - Al Kresta, the cantankerous Anchoress, that silly Deacon, and the other so-called "intelligentia" of that crowd.

Each of them stirred up a hornet's nest and then stepped back and wondered where all the vitriol was coming from.

My question is this: how do these people face Our Lord with a clear conscience?


Maria said...


The claim by Gref Kandra that Fr. Corapi was operating "outside the sacraments" is derived from the audio Corapi made. You can listen to it by going to:

Unleashed: Announcement June 20, 2011
John Corapi’s followup to the “bombshell” announcement introducing “The Black SheepDog” on June 17, 2011.

What Kandra failed to say is the Corapi said he operates "in conjuntion" with the Sacraments. He was trying to make the point that he his primary function as a priest was not typical "priestly functions" , in the sense that one would think of if a priest were a parish priest. His primary apostalate was his preaching, in conjunction w/ the Sacraments. Kandra's depiction of Corapi is misdleading.

The tape goes on to say that the persons accusing his were attempting extortion and that both of them suffer from "acute alcoholism and erratic behavior". He "would not give into extortion". The retired Bsp Graciada advised Corapi to file the defamation suit due to the gross misconduct of these two individuals. One or both of them broke into his office and assaulted his office manager. There is a polic report on file.
He also says he was accused of rape by a woman in Milwaukee. He was not in Milwaukee at the time of the rape. The woman claimed he came through her television. He had to defend himself and put up money to defend himself. All of this Kandra left out of his condemnation of Corapi. Corapi said, correctly, that to be condemned is to be convicted. I would encourage readers to listen to the podcast.

Anonymous said...

"Kandra's depiction of Corapi is misleading."

Imagine that!


Joseph D'Hippolito said...
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

The Canons are a joke to people who work in the Chancery. If a priest requests adherence to Canon law, they are laughed at, ignored, maligned, threatened and bullied by people in the Chancery.

Carol, if that's true, then how does the situation change? Another expose? Would writing to the papal nuncio do any good or would that result in more of the same?

Mark Shea, who has been one the most vocally vile, piled on me and then banned me.

Adrienne, he's done that to me and countless others for the past decade. Unless he repents, Mark will find himself w/the goats who will hear, "Depart from me...." Count on it.

I'm seriously starting to think about leaving the Catholic faith...I really don't want to be associated with these people at all.

Think about the implications of Jasper's and Carol's comments (though they differ). To me, the implications are clear: The Church is operating as if it were a tyranny, in which legitimate procedures are routinely ignored for personal convenience or gain. The absolute monarchies that operated this way (Louis XVI, Tsar Nicholas II) were violently swept aside by people who were fed up. That's also happening w/the Church, though not in a violent sense, yet. The fed up are leaving just to maintain their character, since they see that Church leaders have none.

Anybody who thinks that the Church isn't way past due for divine condemnation should look up the vision of Pope Leo XIII.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you. Letters, petitions, emails, etc. are useless. There is one thing though that the churchmen still understand quite well - $$$$. Withhold that from them, and they might listen, at least for awhile.

Injustice abounds be it in the Church or the world. The problem is, there is no hiding place.

People aren't leaving the Church because the churchmen have no character - wimps are nothing new; they've lost the Faith.

Anonymous said...

"Anybody who thinks that the Church isn't way past due for divine condemnation should look up the vision of Pope Leo XIII."

We are way past due...which makes the prospect of it all the more frightening.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name - the above two posts are mine.


KD said...

There will be a Mass Offered Sunday June 26th @ 8:00 a.m. @ St. Helen's Church in Norwell for the Soul of Fr. Murphy who often times filled in & Celebrated the 8a.m. Sunday Mass there. Should anyone be interested, ALL Are Welcome!

Anonymous said...

His accuser is Tamra Sexton, his god daughter, who owns the numerous sites with her husband, Matt Sprinkle.

She's on facebook. She has tried hocking Father's rosaries on ebay.

Looks like Father was right about extortion .. and no wonder he kept this problem to himself and stayed up in montana. Everything was wrapped around his Goddaughter.

My Blog said...

Christ has been falsely accused, yet he didn't complain, he forgave his accusers and asked his followers to do the same, to carry their crosses and forgive, that is, to be humble. Christianity is about forgiveness, humility and love. If Corapi is not all of the above, he is not a Christian. Whether he's falsely accused or not it doesn't matter, after 20 years of so-called "priesthood," I see a man full with hate, resentment, vengeance and pride. It's all about him and the people who fed him and still feeding him with self-grandeur. Good riddance!!

Anonymous said...

"I see a man full with hate, resentment, vengeance and pride. It's all about him and the people who fed him and still feeding him with self-grandeur. Good riddance!!"

Go feed him with your vitriol then. Maybe he'll turn out better.


Anonymous said...

from Bill Foley

I am disappointed with the way the various blogs and comments are treating the Father Corapi affair. There seems to be a great deal of seeing the speck in the other's eye and of uncharitable remarks. Know one knows all of the facts.

I would like to make a suggestion for those seminarians who are to be ordained in the near future. From the day of your ordination maintain a daily journal; enter each activity, the date, and the time. This could be very useful in case of a future false accusation.

My Blog said...


Well, if we're switching the conversation and directing it to talk about a mere disgruntled lay guy, that's fine with me, but if you still talking about him as a "father Corapi" or a "former priest" who spent 20 years as so-called an example of Christ, then unfortunately you live in denial and just like Obama's followers, you are worshiping a human being regardless of his lies, and obvious hypocrisy and pride. Corapi is just a creature, just like Obama. We have got to stop this personality cult thing in this damn country and in the Catholic Church!! We call ourselves "Catholics" yet we're anything but!!

Marcygoosie said...

I have several comments to make. I contacted the National Catholic Register several weeks ago to voice my displeasure about what some of the bloggers were saying. I also asked them to take a look at the viciousness of what people were saying about Father Corapi. I let them know that I felt these blogs to be an occasion of sin for many, gossip, calumny, lies. I told them for that very reason Catholic Answers had closed down there comments and they should do like wise. Amazingly they did so.
Father Corapi never said the sacraments weren't vital to him. He said he never had the opportunity to administer the sacraments that much as his ministry was apostolic preaching.Anyone who has heard him speak knows his great love for the Eucharists. How many times has he told us It is the source, summit and center of the Catholic Church. He also calls it the "great restrainer" in that it keeps the devil from having power over us.He would say the devils plan is to get rid of the priests, "No priest, no Eucharist"
The rosary was posted on EBay for $5000.00. THERE WERE NO TAKERS! She has pictures of it on her Facebook page. She also has an Internet Catholic web site that she says is a social network for Catholic. It has not been as much of a success. Today Father Corapi said his Black Sheepdog web site had been hijacked and people attempting to log on to it ended up on her web page!
I too feel very disheartened about my church, the way our priest are being treated, women's ordination, liturgical abuse and the homosexual agenda I see being promoted. I have thought of going to the Byzantine Rite. I haven't heard much division going on in their ranks. As it is I go to the hospital down the street for 8am Mass each Sunday. No politics, everyone is older,reverent, and the young African priest gives a short but relevant sermon on the readings. I can go to communion and talk to Jesus without off key loud singing and bongo drums.
I know I need more of just me and Jesus, but I have 3 children and 3 sisters who don't go to church among many that I can evangelize and pray for to keep me busy.

TTC said...

Hi Paul,

I'm suspecting you are new around these parts as the last thing anybody could say about me is that I'm afflicted with any kind of personality cult thing.

It may be true that if you look with your eyes, you could see thee things you claim to see. But you can't take people at face value when they have been victimized.

You have to look with your heart. People who have problems in the empathy department have a difficult time seeing what is really happening.

Fr. Corapi is not simply a 'creature', he is a human being that is very hurt by despicable and cowardly conduct.

God Bless.

My Blog said...


It comes to a point where no one can convince the other and we reach a "no outlet." So let's leave it at this. Happens to me all the time online. Nice blog. Take care!

Anonymous said...


I am praying with everyone over this situation. I also am praying for all of those priests who are not celebrities like Fr.Corapi who are living in despair. I offer their suffering up with Jesus and I pray this puts this focus on this diabolical and injust process.

What are the statistics of priests who have been accused that have actually had their name cleared?

Truthwillout said...

Just like you can't con a con, you can't convince a recovering drug addict to enable and coddle another set of drug addicts/alcoholics. So why did Corapi try to "help" them all those years?

The facts about Corapi will come out; they always do.

No doubt there will be some holy priest in the future who will be a true crusader for innocent priests accused. But don't put your eggs in the basket of this guy. His past has all sorts of holes in it, and he exhibits signs of delusions of grandeur and persecution complex.

I'm not trying to be mean, just giving you a friendly warning. And I really do mean that. Red flags abound in this story.

TTC said...


Thanks for your insights.

I read Father Corapi's comments about his evangelization being his primary gift to the faithful and Deacon Kendra's characterization.

Like you, I have the benefit of having heard Father's devotion to the Sacraments - and especially the Eucharist.

We are not talking about a diocesan vocation. He was explaining where the bulk of his time was spent.

I have a low tolerance for Deacon Kendra's despicable intellectual dishonesty.

JoAnne Meyers said...


We need to through out the anchor for our Church, priest, Bishops and all the faithful. In fact,the world is on fire if you have not noticed. Now is the time to hunker down and increase our prayers, fasting, holy hours. And don't be fooled the same attacks are happening in other Churches. Satan is on a full fledged assault. Remember St.John Bosco said the Blessed Virgin and the Eucharist are the 2 pillars that will save the Church. Just realize that we have all been drafted into a spiritual army.

TTC said...

Paul, thanks for stopping by with your thoughts.


If I have eggs in his basket, I'm unaware of it! I agree the truth will flush itself out. He's taken it to a process where it can.

If my eggs are in any basket, they're in the basket of priests who are not so lucky. The ones who are victims of the process Fr. Corapi has described.

Laity has been craven. Much like leaving people in poverty without a system that gives them a court appointed attorney, its an injustice not to speak up about what has been going on.

KD - thank you for the announcement! I'm going to try to make it and will advertise it on it's own post.

TTC said...

Veronica - thanks for all your great comments today.

Thanks to anyone I may have missed.

Anon and JoAnn - awesome reminders about prayer.

I couldn't do what happens to priests justice in a comments section.

n.b. - The fact the accuser in this situation tried to hawk Father's Rosary is not sitting pretty with me. Blech.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the rumors swirling around the internet about the accuser are not true!! What a cross!! Heck nails and a cross!! Time for some reparations and prayer. I am going to post some things tomorrow about this type of prayer. St. Therese used to do it. I think we can too. said...

I know almost nothing of Fr. Corapi. I was never a fan. I have posted passim that, as an orator, he is no Bishop Sheen. Where Sheen was empyrean, Corapi was pedestrian. But he was a man who turned around his life and, not merely turned around, but became a disciple and priest of Christ. That is an achievement not to be disparaged.

He is still a priest of Christ. True, he is without faculties, but he is a priest. Let the ineluctable judge of Time determine his cause.

That said, in the current climate of ecclesiastical juridical process, I am inclined to take his side. If he is innocent of the accusations of his anonymous and church-protected and apparently mentally unstable accuser, then he has indeed been unjustly handled by the Church.

If he is not innocent, then he has been equally mishandled by the Church in that the diocesan process has been perverted. Who would bear the law's delay?

But there is another aspect to this case. No man can serve two masters. Has Corapi been a better servant of Mammon than of God? He is not subject to a vow of poverty, so it seems, but has his accrual of wealth distorted his poverty before the face of God?

Who is he now? A Catholic priest of God without faculties? Or a New Age guru of Truth and Justice? Without Authority, the Very Authority of the Son of Man, of Him in whose Person he celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary, who is he? Who is he? Who is he? Who is he?

A voice crying in the wilderness? There is no wilderness after the Crucifixion. There is only the straight path through the Son to the Father. What crooked path has John Corapi now taken?

Susan said...

For the last few days I've been reading, with abject horror, the vitriol and rage in rash-judgment that has saturated so many Catholic blogs; by the bloggers and readers alike. I have eliminated many from my 'favorites' bar...and refuse to bump up their numbers in the future. The Tenth Crusade, Sancte Pater, and a few others have been a breath of fresh, blessed air in the midst of the evil miasma...THANK YOU!
I have left comments in a few places about the sinfulness of the mob-stomp of this man who has done much good for the Church. So much accusation and hatred thrown at him; it's literally taken my breath away, and we don't know the facts yet. Good Lord, no wonder vocational acceptance is as scarce as hens' teeth! If this man stepped away from the practice of his priesthood, can these rock-throwers not for one second consider and rumminate on the intense pain he must be in? We forget that our priests are human and sometimes have a breaking point---PRAY FOR THEM. To say to him, "be a doormat, lay down and shut-up for the rest of your life" is not just an injustice, it's evil! To not bring evil into the light and condemn it when given the opportunity, is evil, especially when it's left to fester and prey on others.
He's NEVER said anything against the Church or Her doctines and teachings; he has however spoken out against an injust and evil system set up within the Body of Christ...the Dallas Charter is just the tip of an iceberg, and believe me, we're gonna be losing a WHOLE lot more good priests (who will sadly be vilified from within). He has NOT left the Church; he is not promoting schism or heresy...if I'm wrong, show me. He is however saying that there are some bad bishops, and open up your eyes people, there are..."Have I not chosen you the twelve, and yet one of you is a devil?"
I don't know the details of this case yet and will not pass judgment until the facts (not rumor and inuendo and raging accusation) come out. But I do know that this is a man who has helped MANY people come into or back to the Catholic Church, and taught the doctrines and Catechism with unflinching, unfailing, orthodox clarity...I have NEVER heard him utter a heretical word including thru this mess. HE DESERVES OUR PRAYERS...he is a priest of God, and a brother in Christ.
Thank you (whoever runs this site) for your reason, your balance, and your Charity. God will sort all out (Romans 8:28), and therein lies our hope.
May the peace of Christ be with you, and may we truly live out John 13:35.
God bless you for your good work...

Anonymous said...


"We have got to stop this personality cult thing in this damn country and in the Catholic Church!! We call ourselves "Catholics" yet we're anything but!!"
That's the first time I've ever been accused of that...I didn't even like the Beatles. Come to think of it, when all my little friends were swooning over the Monkees, I didn't like them either. I didn't even care for John Paul II.

As for what you say about me calling myself "Catholic", well, I agree with you. I should follow your example. You appear to be an exemplary one!

Sorry you couldn't stay longer. Maybe you feel more at home with Jimmy and the Anchoress...that Shea fellow too...

Bye! Bye!


Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,

Thank you for having the courage to say what this coward has been wanting to say - but did not.

You are a true light in an unbelievably dark forest right now!

Susan is right, Carol. You have taken a very balanced approach in this.

God love you both!

Catechist Kevin

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Christ has been falsely accused, yet he didn't complain, he forgave his accusers and asked his followers to do the same, to carry their crosses and forgive, that is, to be humble.

Paul Ben, you forget that Christ had a unique mission: to be the unblemished sacrifice that atones for sin and redeems humanity. He constantly expressed that mission to His disciples. Fr. Corapi is not in that position.

Christianity is about forgiveness, humility and love. Whether he's falsely accused or not it doesn't matter...

Sorry, Paul Ben, but Christianity is about a lot more than forgiveness, humility and love. It's also about righteousness and justice...especially for those who have been falsely accused, especially if the target of false accusations is a clergyman. If Fr. Corapi has indeed been falsely accused, then he not only has the right but the responsibility to defend himself. That's why I find his response strange.

The only thing we take out of this life is our character and reputation. If that's not worth maintaining, let alone defending from false attacks, then why don't we all just commit mass suicide?

Word Verification: quite. I'm not kidding.

As the British would say, "quite."

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Paul Ben, I'd like to throw another challenge your way. When Christ said, "Forgive them Father; they know not what they do," did He refer to the religious lawyers and leaders who deliberately broke the Mosaic Law to hold a kangaroo court at night and without witnesses? If He did, then righteousness and goodness have no meaning. I think Christ was referring to those passersby mocking Him and the soldiers torturing Him because they didn't know who He was. The religious leaders had no excuse, since they had seen and heard Christ for three years.

Humility does not mean refusing to defend oneself from false charges. That's one of the crazier teachings coming out of the Church.

Anonymous said...

His accuser is Tamra Sexton, his god daughter, who owns the numerous sites with her husband, Matt Sprinkle.

She's on facebook. She has tried hocking Father's rosaries on ebay.

Looks like Father was right about extortion .. and no wonder he kept this problem to himself and stayed up in montana. Everything was wrapped around his Goddaughter.

Anonymous said...

Really that is strange, because so many people complained about her, they could not even speak with Father, another woman said that this woman left the mosr vile messages on her machine. They called her the gate keeper that she is obsessed with Father Corapi and acted like she owned him.

TTC said...

Susan, You said it better than I did! You should have your own blog!

In the interest of full disclosure...let's do I put this...Well, suffice it to say that if a soul is being hoodwinked or robbed of their salvation by a priest or Bishop and one likes balanced approaches, one would not want to be around The Tenth Crusade.


Thanks Kev!

Susan said...

Carol, you are wonderful and so is this site. And just to clarify what I meant, when I say "balanced" I mean "sane"...that you are sanely trying to laser in on the Truth. To in any way try to present the other definition of balance (or counterbalance) to the Truth is an assault on Justice, and we all know who's work that's been on display at many of the other sites, and has left it's tell-tale stench. I just hope that one day soon the big bloggers will wake up with a tremendous hate-hangover, survey the bloody landscape of invective and calumny they've left for posterity, shake the fog from their heads and say with true contrition, "What the heck have we done???"
(Can you tell I'm just a little bit disgusted? :))
I guess an upside to all of this mess is that I've found some new, GOOD, favorite websites as the wheat has been revealed from the the chaff. And as a consequence of the Sword of the Spirit, "the thoughts out of many hearts (have been) revealed"...also the unclean spirit behind some of those thoughts and many of those words.
May God richly bless and prosper you and your work...I'll be checking in often and encouraging friends to also.

Christine said...

If this is the way priests are treated, it's a wonder there are any left - who would want to become a priest?? Anyone who has the slightest grudge against you can make a false accusation and ruin your life!

Anonymous said...

I have NO doubt that falsely accused priests are not helped by the Canonists, etc as they should be. Why? Because I have seen how Respondents are treated in nullity situations, and later, by those in parishes, esp if they firmly believe their marriage to be valid. And vitriol is rampant, even when the case has gone to the Rota and the marriage upheld to be Valid... twice. Even then, the Church does not assist the Respondent.

Fr Corapi/John Corapi has my prayers, and the longer I read about this, the more I believe him, especially after the Rosary on Ebay, the many domains, the FB.. etc. Lord, have Mercy.


Anonymous said...

Former priest Dale Fuschek, in Phoenix, insisted that the Church, or members therein, were conspiring against him too. He too was guilty. Unfortunately, what these self-serving "priests" fail to understand is that when they fall (through their own fault) they can cause many to believe God has abandoned Church.

Corapi is guilty, even his former order says so.

So much for the Church of Christ. Corapi and arrogant men like are to blame for its demise.

Signed, Angry as Hell!

Paul M Blake said...

Hi...As The Immortal Bard (i.e. Shakespeare) put it; "The truth will out..." Jesus said, "Nothing will remain hidden..." The Black Sheepdog turns out to be a wolf, which is obvious from his logo, a menacing predator about to attack the sheep that are reflected in its eye.We must always remember the maxim from the earliest days of the Church; "Follow your bishops..."

Paul M Blake

Anonymous said...

to Susan and Carol primarily, thank you so much for your generosity and your sanity. We do not know all the facts and people are, unbelievably, actually citing his APPEARANCE as proof of his guilt. He has gone into beautiful about why he chose the name he did and he has constantly exhorted people to keep close to Christ and to deny ANY who turn them from Christ and the church.
Pope JOhn Paul II spoke with confidantes about the corruption within the church and Benedict has as well. There is no excuse for the uncharitable condemnation of father, especially since I see NO sign that most who loved Father are eager to leave. If anything, it is those who are condemning his defenders who make all the noise about disgust and wanting to leave.
The truth is that the CHURCH is CHRIST and you cannot leave Christ consciously without voluntarily surrendering your soul.
Anyone who thought that after 50 years of loosey goosey catechesis and corruption WITHIN that this new enlightenment would be easy was very naive.
The young people who are so very fond of Benedict, and John Paul II before him, are not only viewing abortion and euthanasia with disgust, but they also are hungry and pursuing real traditional catechesis. THEY are teh primary movement behind the revision of the missals.
All you had to do was listen to Pope Benedict and John Paul II over and over exclaiming the resurgence of faith in youth.
As usual, those judging are those who have been the product of the last 50 years of UNtraditional and cowardly faith. It is no wonder that they are turning on Father, when their own faith is such a ramshackle thing.
Unfortunately for the priests and bishops, they, as shepherds, are very answerable for all of this rage. Even more unfortunate is that so many of them are still cloaked in cowardice and unwilling to see that at this moment when the Church is the only entity in the world prepared to fight for the salvation and freedom of all, the Devil is digging in his haunches and doing his best to dilute the faith.
the good news is the Cross and MAry. The good news is that young people see through all of this vile behavior. The good news is that truth WILL out and all those who were brought back to the Church, through God GRACING Father Corapi with the gift of moving hearts, can see through this.
I don't see those supporting Father Corapi as leaving him like some Pied Piper preacher. In fact, I just see them doing what the Tea Partiers of all parties are doing, demanding that just as the Constitution must be adhered to so must the cowardice of the church be dispelled and the bishops lead, rather than consign their flocks to the politically correct, secularism that has no use for a church that will not back down from morality and truth.


Anonymous said...

Why do Catholics hate each other so?

Stephen - South Africa said...

I pray that Our Holy Mother Mary and Jesus, Our Good Shepherd, will possibly bring Fr. John Corapi back into our broken world – if it is God’s Will. Let us pray for Fr. Corapi and never forget: “All Things Are Possible With God” (Matt 19:26)