Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anne Fox of MCFL is the Massachusetts Doug Kmiec

Anne Fox and MCFL is beginning to chalk up more of a history contradicting, rebutting and damaging the pro-life agenda than working for it.

C. J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, acknowledges that Romney did well to veto the bill, but was displeased by his decision to heed his lawyers’ advice and nullify the older conscience statute. “It was Governor Romney who effectively pulled the rug out from under Catholic hospitals by coming up with this rather novel, unheard-of interpretation of this pre-existing statute,” he says.

Anne Fox, president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, reflects on the incident with more sympathy for Romney. “His lawyers came in and said, ‘This is the way it has to be,’” she says of the December 2005 incident. “I’m not sure how many people would have said, ‘Well, I don’t care.’ I don’t know what else he might have done.”

In January, the Romney campaign quoted Fox in an e-mail to supporters, saying, “Romney has had a consistent commitment to the culture of life” since he was elected as governor, without commenting on his other actions.

“The veto,” she says, “was a big thing.”

The veto was a dog and pony show. He knew they had the votes to trump the veto.

It wouldn't be so painful if she were simply making an ass out of herself, but she is making an ass out of the very logic we need to use on the exact same order Obama is now giving Catholic Hospitals. We had state and federal laws protecting Catholics in Catholic Hospitals and Romney chose to trump it with an order.

Anne doesn't seem to have her facts right. Romney has numerous lawyers on his staff. There might have been one that told him that federal and state laws didn't protect Catholics from being forced to give abortifacients but others whose only agenda is interpretation of the law told him the law does protect Catholics. We had numerous constitutional lawyers of our own sit down with Romney and point him to the laws.

He didn't make his decision based on the law. He made it because he said he did not hold the law protecting Catholic conscience protections in his heart of hearts. Romney said his deepest convictions, in his heart of hearts, was that giving abortofacients free of charge was more important than Catholic conscience protections. He is the author of obamacare, replete with taxpayer funded abortions.

Can anyone make sense out of her chicanery?

What could possibly be her gripe with Obama? Obamacare is the law and the lawyers are telling Obama that's just the way it is. How could he say "well I don't care?"

We are surrounded by useful idiots.

Rick did an op ed at Politico that nailed it:

"He said then that he believed 'in his heart of hearts' that receiving these contraceptives – free of charge – trumped employees' religious consciences. Now, a few years later and running for president, his heart is strategically aligned with religious voters opposing this federal mandate," wrote Santorum in Politico.

Here's Romney's exact quote:

"My personal view, in my heart of hearts, is that people who are subject to rape should have the option of having emergency contraception or emergency contraception information," Romney said in 2005, according to Gitcho.

When it comes right down to it, as it stands now, Romney violations of the constitutional rights of Catholics was worse than Obama's. Why is she still shilling for Romney? Has she or MCFL come out to endorse, help, support Rick Santorum?

Anne. Put a sock in it. Please.

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breathnach said...

This woman has made MCFL a wholly owned subsidiary of Willard's campaign. Founders of MCFL like Dr. Joe Stanton and Dr. Mildred Jefferson are turning over in their graves.

Willard met with a group of pro-abortion, anti-family advocates when he was contemplating his first run for the Republican nomination. He told them in the governor's office that they needed a Republican like him in Washington.

Anne Fox should resign from MCFL and follow her first loyalty by officially joining the Romney campaign.