Monday, February 13, 2012

Obama Pretends He Doesn't Know The Difference Between The Pope and the Dopes

I can't believe this...but Maria was right.

Obama is pretending Carol Keehan's disobedience to religious law is equivocal to the authority of the Pope.

"I can't speak to differences within the Catholic Church,"

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew said on Fox News Sunday when reminded that "the most powerful statement by the Catholic Church in this country" was a denunciation of Obama's att empt at accomodation. "I would point to the statement put out by the Catholic Health Association which knows a fair amount about what it requires to [provide] health care in this country," he added.

They don't know what the differences are within the Catholic Church and can't speak to them.

In their ignorance they knew exactly how to avoid getting the official answers on Catholic ethics and religious liberty. What a coincidence.

Wow. They're either really stupid or pathological liars.

Maybe they're both?


Anonymous said...

Is Sister Carol Keehan pro-Abort?

Sister Carol Keehan's "Hero For Choice"

Rockford, Il – 2-13-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative

An email, sent to Sister Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association, mocking Catholic Bishops and thanking Sister Keehan for being a "hero for choice" and "standing up to the Bishops" from a Pro-Abortion group called Riverside For Choice, was responded to personally by Sister Keehan with a "thank you very much."

More at

StevenD-Jasper said...

"Wow. They're either really stupid or pathological liars."

Carol, this is really easy, they are pathological liars. They are using Useful Idiot Carol Keenan as their out. Keenan should excommunicated immediatly.

Maria said...

Look, I hate to say this but you can't disregard the Gospel for forty years and expect to have the force of moral authority now needed. The Church produced infidels like Sibelius, Peolisi, Biden, Kerry and the Kennedys. Have the Bishops thought of perhaps having a sit down w/ Keehan and the other 'catholys'?

These 'catholyc' politicans aren't anomolies. They are the sheep who lived without Shepards for forty years in the desolated vineyard deprived of right teaching. With no one correcting them in the public square, with priests dispensing Holy Communion to them, what are people to conclude? They are worried about Michael Voris using the name 'Catholic'? They should be worried about the indifels and their phoney religious organizations and advocates in the West Wing who implementing these policies.

I listened to Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend on C-span yesterday defend Obama's imposition of the mandate and cried. I thought: these politicians are victims of priests who refused to preach the Gospel.

Nature abors a vacuum. The anti-Catholic "catholys" have developed a shadow magisterium, as Fr. Z correctly noted in a recent post. Why not? No one has been stopping them. What is the public to think? Why wouldn't they think that Sr. Keehan is the "authority"? The bishops have given her carte blanche to destroy the Church. As a friend of mine said on his blog at Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit, the Church has bred her own destroyers.We are now the victims of our own disloyaty to the teachings of Christ. Pray, pray, pray for the bishops and our priests, that they might now preach the Gospel to the faithful with fortitude and without reservation.

As Fr. Hardon was wont to say: Ordinary Catholics will not survive. Ordinary bishops will not survive. Ordinary priests and religious will not survive. Ordinary fathers and mothers will not survive. Only heroic Catholics, I don’t say will survive, but only heroic Catholics can re-Christianize one paganized nation after another, including our own.

Maria said...

Over 200 college presidents, academics, religious leaders and journalists have signed a letter that denounces President Obama’s “accommodation” to the contraception mandate for failing to “remove the assault on religious liberty.”
Catholic News Agency

Go to site to sign petition against conscience mandate.

They are looking for one million signatures.

susan said...

BRAVA Maria....SO well stated!

Anonymous said...

Sister Carol Keehan has been showered with awards and honors given by Pope BenedictXVI. Truly makes you wonder if the Vatican can discern who the dopes are.