Wednesday, March 28, 2012

St. Philomena Rocks

I didn't know about this saint until yesterday. Let me tell you something - this young saint does not fool around.

I went to my Divine Mercy Hour of prayer last night. As I mentioned before,the hour is done in a Church that has perpetual Adoration and the deacon who does it offers the opportunity to be prayed over. I am extremely careful about letting people pray over me but this situation is done by an ordained deacon who is overtly drawing the power from the Exposed Eucharist.

I felt a woman behind me, who gently placed her hands on my back and I heard her praying to our Lord through the intercession of St. Philomena. A few short hours later, the wind in a little vortex that I had been dealing with through Lent completely and abruptly changed direction.

Intrigued, I checked out her history and found this website.

St. John Vianney attributed all of his miracles to her and said that he never once asked for her intercession without having been answered. Apparently she was so powerful the fraidy cats at the Vatican got scared and threw a wet blanket on her veneration on February 14, 1961. Her honor was restored ten years later by the local Bishop.

I think I have a new invisible friend! Check her out. Ask for her intercession. It seems Our Lord finds her pleadings hard to resist.


Kd said...

Check out and sign up for the World Rosary, they'll send you a designated decade to say every day and be a part of the continuous Rosary being said around the World. All through Her intercession, she really does work Miracles!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree! Parents, sign up your children. She is a most powerful intercessor on behalf of youth. My daughter and St. Philomena have a wonderful friendship. I bought the cord for all of my children-they are all over 18 now - and let me tell you, none of them have even dated; and they will not until they are ready for marriage.*

*(Except for my daughter who is already spoken for by the very Son of God!)

Greeting from the midwest.