Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boston Catholics Ask Cardinal Sean to End Relationship with Jack Connors

Our friends at Boston Catholic Insider are calling for the "Archdiocese" to end the scandalous leadership roles of Jack Connors.

I am not a fan of the use of the word 'Archdiocese'. The "Archdiocese" is an inanimate thing that is incapable of appointing and empowering Jack Connors. The Cardinal appoints and empowers Jack Connors. The word "Archdiocese" is just another tactic of the Cardinal to keep himself at arms length from his own misfeasance and malfeasance. He uses the word to make it look like he has nothing to do with it, is unaware of it and does not have accountability to rectify the disorder he creates.

It's creepy and makes it impossible to believe they are capable of truth and good faith discussions.

When you take the time to read the article, be sure to get a load of the excuses the
Cardinal uses to keep people who empower and who are "smitten" with a murdering tyrant close to his miter and crozier:

“Finance Council members are not obligated to make public the rationale behind their decisions to support various organizations, programs, and persons,” said officials. “That a Finance Council member may offer his/her backing to a politician or political candidate who is in support of pro-choice policies does not define or exhaust a Finance Council member’s position on issues pertaining to respect for life.”

Get it?

When the Cardinal appoints a man working his fingers to the bone to elect a tyrant who supports decapitating infants alive, killing children who survive attempted murder - the Cardinal's appointment does not obligate their appointees to explain the rationale to support the murdering organizations or persons.

People financing the neo-nazi's, klu klux klan and ethnic cleansing do not exhaust an appointees position on issues pertaining to respect for life.

Don't you realize there might be other accomplishments that would inspire the Cardinal's appointees to back people who want to kill other people?

Why doesn't the Cardinal just drop the word "archdiocese" and admit it is him. Why doesn't he stop pretending the train wreck isn't his fault because he keeps getting bum advice from Bryan Hehir and man up to his own convictions. Why doesn't he just admit that killing unborn children, the sick and elderly just isn't offensive enough to him to keep Jack Connors off of his advisory boards and out of the Chancery?

The fact that the people in the pews would have to ask him to send Jack Connors packing demonstrates the incompetence of the Cardinal's judgment.

Kudos to our friends at BCI.

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StevenD-Jasper said...

Disgraceful. This Jack Conners is worse than I thought. So is Omalley.