Friday, April 19, 2013

FATWA in Boston

As those following events know, FBI had to delay releasing photographs of the suspects for 24 hours for the President's dog and pony show and we are now all in lockdown.  It is entirely possible, if not probable, the delay has put us all in danger and is causally related to the death of an MIT police officer.

 The President would be wise not to turn the fatwa of Islamic propaganda onto Americans who reserve the rights in their Constitution. That conspiracy ended inside of a pressure cooker on Boylston Street.   

Our police and military (please keep them in your prayers) are currently going door to door in Watertown to apprehend one of the Islamic terrorists.  The other lies in the morgue at Beth Israel Hospital.

For those of you in Boston, Jack Williams (channel 4) is very forthcoming about the islamic influence of Chechnya, that the portrayal of the terrorists as normal young men whom nobody would suspect would hurt a fly is baloney, etc.

One of the uncles of the brothers, extremely upset, spoke to the press about his nephews.  He said they were losers who hated everyone and everything that was successful. 

Recognize the rhetoric?

It's the rhetoric of the President of the United States - contempt for those who have pursued success. 

Other relatives, clinging to the glory days, are claiming the 'beautiful boys' were killed by a plot concocted by YOUR GOVERNMENT.   One said she was here in the United States pursuing her law degree but now wants to go home to Russia. Her portrayal of our policeman is despicable.  

We can make that happen tomorrow lady.


Anonymous said...

Nice post.

The aunt made an ass of herself, but couldn't help feeling sorry for the Uncle in Maryland.

Obama's rhetoric (as you call it)is incredibly dangerous and divisive. I was pissed he disrupted police investigations to protect his own ass.

I hope this doesn't go on for too much longer. I can't seem to tear myself away from the coverage.

Anonymous said...

I cannot stop wondering about the MIT police officer, Sean Collier. First thinking, had he only seen the grainy video of the suspects?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the truth will ever come out? The FBI blew it in more ways than one! Sorry no pun intended..

Jefe' said...

He had to give the Cambridge police a chance not to act 'Stupidly'

TTC said...

I can't help thinking about the President's despicable attempt to slander and incite malice against our police force and the reception last evening. Obama has had the rug pulled out from underneath him in one big mother of a swoop.

Our police and military are deeply respected.

The terrorists of islam have put a damper on his immigration reform and disarmament of American citizens.

TTC said...

Anonymous, I'm not so sure. I actually think they did a remarkable job.

The FBI and police had pictures of the suspects carrying the bombs and placing them beside the victims - and LOL as they walk away.

The police were chasing them within 24 hours of the release of pictures.

One is in a body bag and the other is in custody.

This event involved battling spiritual forces of evil. The devil is a slippery being with powers much greater than humans posses.

Anonymous said...

What do you think LOL means? Because you have used it incorrectly twice now

TTC said...

Why, is it something vulgar?

I thought it meant laughing out loud. Which is exactly what the videos show this soulless individual doing after he places the bomb beside the victims.