Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why bishops hate blogs.

News of Archbishop Nichols crybaby homily HERE.

Dear Archbishop, some lowly Catholics further down the hierarchical system find that their "complaints" (i.e. concerns, anguishes,  agonies and fears) often go unheard and unheeded - the use of the modern means of communication - including blogs - gives many a voice who are otherwise ignored.  It democratizes the Church in a good way but, of course, it means that those at the top are more readily held to account.
There are reasonable alternatives. When a complaint of misdeeds of a prelate crosses their desk they can do something about it. But nobody has held them accountable for 30 years. They really don't hate blogs. They hate being held accountable. Cry us a river.

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Anonymous said...

Archbishop Nichols needs to get with the program. Oh yeh. No one anymore seems to know what the program is. I might as well go to the Wailin' Wall or somethin'.