Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Congratulations to Michael Voris: He is now thinking like Mark Shea

How's this for irony - while Mike has finally won the admiration of Mark Sheat, the Vortex trilogy has given Shea the ammunition to call faithful Catholics (including yours truly) Francis haters, insane reactionaries and kooks committing mortal sins against charity. (I am not sending traffic to his blog so he can earn money off of his post)

By refusing to distinguish sedevacanists from honorable and faithful Catholics, that is quite a service Mike has done for faithful Catholics.

Oh well. No good deed goes unpunished.

I watched the last Vortex which suggested that we all act like nothing is wrong in the public square and privately send our Holy Father a letter explaining to him what the Catholic religion is and how his contradictions are affecting our family members, community and the culture.

Putting aside my reluctance to throw away ten years of honest dialogue and due diligence which has earned me credibility, I have several observations I wish to share.

1. What makes Michael think we didn't contact the Pope (and for that matter, everyone else underneath him)?

There's a McKinley library in every layer of bureaucracy of the RCC, from the every ministry in the Archdiocese to the Vatican archives.

I have copies of 20 years worth of letters I sent stored in banana boxes in my basement, labeled by subject matter.

2. Because of the corruption, it is ineffective.

For example:

There's a four foot pile on the sexual education program they pretended was the fix for their hiring, ordaining, not supervising pedophiles and then discrediting and bullying whistleblowers.

Remember the fix?

In the tsunami of bad press, a group of witches and former prostitutes wrote a sex ed program to tell children all their relatives are people who want to put their hands down their pants and rape them - with detailed stories of these pending rapes - and THEY are here to help us all out.

Hundreds of thousands of people of sound mind and soul wrote letters to the Holy See and the Pope about this abusive and pornographic program.

You know where that got us?

A few articles in the newspaper and threats from employees running the program in the Archdiocese that they would put our names on a list of suspected child abusers.

There's a two-foot pile of boxes labeled "Bryan Hehir". We compiled forty years worth of this priest's scandalous conduct and sent it over to Rome.

You know where that got us?

A ceremony was arranged to honor Reverend Hehir in Vatican City. He is still in place here in Boston. The structure of the Archdiocese has been completely dismantled and priests like Fr. Butterballino and Fr. Unni and Fr. Garrity are being protected under the twisted administration. Threats are made to those who teach moral theology. Seminarians and deacons are told not to teach it.

I could go on and on about letters and documentation and requests for intervention, all the way up to the Chair of Peter.

Every Nuncio to the US has heard from me about once a month on some scandalous matter.

After rallying troops to write to tell them what we know they already know, the Holy See has unplugged their fax machines.

There was a time when I would not speak out until the protocol had run it's course and I gave them ample time to intervene.

Still, I always use internal forums before I scorch the earth in the public square. But, I no longer give them months to rectify scandals and spiritual abuse.

I'll notify the right people in the Archdiocese, wait a week, notify the Nuncio, wait a week, notify Rome, wait a week and after a month, I let it rip.

The public square is not my method of communication to Holy Father or any other accountable persons underneath him.

It is my communication to other Catholics whose families are being (or potentially could be) victimized by it.

After doing what St. Paul instructed, I shoot the flare across the bows of other potential victims.

Not only are these instructions memorialized in Scripture, they are written into Church law.

Can 212§3

The corrupt are still in power. They haven't been removed under Pope Francis. The efficacy of sending letters to prototypes of Tommy Gumbleton and Rembert Weakland is worse than an exercise in futility. They use the information to protect and advance the enemy.

3. Catholics whose children have a distorted view of doctrine due to the constant confusion coming out of Rome are at risk for jumping off of the Ark.

On the parish and school level, the trajectory of catechesis has already turned into the School of Catholic Friends with Sexual Benefits. Many parents (and Catholics) do not wish to drag their children into the pews to be misled.

As I mentioned before, until the moment when the Pope selected Kasper to lead his see and subsequently implied future openness to civil unions, I reserved judgment.

During that time, the omission was hard to reconcile with people who expect honesty from me. Many expressed things about the Pope and the leadership of the Church - and their thoughts about finding refuge in sedevacanists.

The number of faithful Catholics with whom I have worked for twenty years who began to make startling revelations about finding refuge for themselves and their families, quite frankly, scared me.

I'm talking about high-ranking lay people with impeccable credentials for faithfulness to the Church.

I agonized over what to say and when to say it, how to say it.

I am disclosing the consequences to my own family and the people I love, while zealously expressing that I will never leave the Mystical Body of Christ and His Sacraments because I believe leadership is desperately needed to navigate scandalized Catholics.

The objective of these disclosures is not to elicit a reaction from the Holy Father. They are a witness for the faithful who are being pulled in all kinds of directions in this storm.


1. Pray for our loving and affectionate Holy Father.
2. Find a faithful priest and increase your reception of the Sacraments.
2. Tie yourself and your family to the Ark and the Sacraments.

Making believe I don't see the problem or am not experiencing serious consequences every day is not an option for me.

I'm a firm believer that the Pope knows what's wrong with civil unions, why the Church can never accept them and what happens to the intellect when Catholics receive the Eucharist when their soul is not in a state of grace. I am positive that a local bishop knows he can't subcontract abortionists and supply a free ride to babies in a taxi to be executed by the people they've hired to do the job for them.

I think it's worth sending a letter to memorialize that I know that they know and ask them to stop.

The idea that we all pretend it isn't happening, or ignore the mayhem being caused inside of our families and communities -- after swallowing it for twenty year and watching the damage, I'm all done with it.

St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us.


breathnach said...

There is an organized effort to silence responsible, measured (and since it's truthful) charitable criticism of Pope Francis. It started with the marginalization (by ridicule) of traditionalists. It moved on to a strike against the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. The next phase is the internet. Clerical bloggers are being pressured to avoid blogging on issues touching on the Pope's contoversial statements. Now lay people who have doubts about the direction of the Vatican are feeling the heat. It's unreal that Michael Voris would be an agent of this silencing of the Faithful laity efort.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol! In your first paragraph, you forgot "psycho"! (other readers see, comment on March 15)

I'm wrapping up another writing commitment now, but tomorrow I might relate the thrilling tale of "The Miraculously Found Letter at the Archdiocese of Washington"! You must wait with bated breath! 8-D

StevenD-Jasper said...

MV isn't making sense and his logic is off. I haven't been watching his recent episodes. Faithful Catholics love the church and every reason to be concerned. Mark Shea is just toxic...

Daniel Efosa Uyi said...
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TTC said...

Janet, psycho? I missed that one but I confess I did not read his post. I only cruised it for his typical malicious slander in words that popped out at me.

He is worse than toxic. The people attracted to watching his abusive conduct are co-dependents. A painful thing to observe. The same crew turning on Charlie Sheen with a brewski to watch his drug fueled rage and sexual solicitation of women. It is all entertainment.

Joe B said...

YOU GO GIRL- I don't know what I would do if I couldn't visit sites like this one to verify that what I am seeing come out of Rome and the "Church Of All Things Groovy" isn't as corrupt and toxic as my own eyes tell me it is. PLEASE keep doing what you do- Joe B

Assisi said...

CMTV has become a problem. They're doing the EWTN thing from the 90's where we lamented the evil in The Church but excused Rome for it's indifference. A tactic used to raise money, but no good at all. CMTV's website has removed all the critical comments from their com-boxes! Cowards. Vivo Christo Rey!!!

Unknown said...

Well, we have lost another one to the "Dark Side" now.
They're dropping like flies.
Prayer, Fasting & Penance
Pray the Rosary every day.

Our Lady of Fatima
Our Beloved Mother & Protecter
Pray For Us!

Martina Katholik said...

Excellent post! Thank you and God bless.

TTC said...


About twenty years ago, I was pretty wigged out by the local antics. I remember one Sunday, I went to an early morning Mass and the antics were so bad I walked out. I returned to a 5pm Mass in another parish and it was equally disgusting and I walked out of that one. I drove like a madwoman to the last call Mass in our area and that was a zoo too. It was really bad back then. Everywhere you went, a madman would mislead your children. There was a safe parish about every 50 miles. I didn't return to Mass for a couple of years.

The corruption all the way to the Holy really had me wondering. I read all the documents from the Council of Trent, compared, contrasted, and I acknowledged the devil in those details. The sedevacanists were convincing in this state. I stood on the edge for some time.

The Blessed Mother had my back. I was born on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

I know how solid Catholics can be so scandalized, they can be swept up and tempted by philosophy of the sedevacanists.

I am not exaggerating when I say the the number of solid Catholics contemplating fleeing the Ark scared me.

I've watched the man now for a year. He is in love with Christ. Deeply in love. He is affectionate and in love with Christ's people. He belongs to Mary. I have confidence she will save him from himself - like she does for all of us. And, if she can't, she will show us the way.

If you haven't done a consecration, now is a good time. St. Louis de Monteford is intense but there St. Max Kolbe and a good one called 33 days to Morning Glory that is a great combination of St. Max and St. Louis, JPII, Blessed Mother Teresa.

See one, do one, teach one.

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement and support!

TTC said...

Assisi -

"They're doing the EWTN thing from the 90's where we lamented the evil in The Church but excused Rome for it's indifference."

This cracked me up!

TTC said...

Thanks Martina!

Cindy, I'm still a huge fan and supporter of Michael and CMTV -- but I'm with you on the Rosary! The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as often as possible!

Anonymous said...

I still think somebody got to Voris, somehow.

Regarding Shea:

"He is worse than toxic. The people attracted to watching his abusive conduct are co-dependents. A painful thing to observe. The same crew turning on Charlie Sheen with a brewski to watch his drug fueled rage and sexual solicitation of women. It is all entertainment."

YOU. ARE. SO. RIGHT. !.!.!.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol, the "psycho" comment didn't happen in Shea's post (to the best of my knowledge). I was making a joking reference to the "title of honor" bestowed on us by an anonymous commenter on my blog post (one I referenced).

John said...

I think many people have missed the mark about the idea Voris has been trying to express. If you've watched the Vortex episodes in the past few years, he's praised one or another of a pope's actions, or a bishops', but he has especially spoken about problem that have national and international consequences, but which have local roots.

I think he's trying to challenge us to cease being the grouchy, investigative, "do it my way, or I'll think about the highway" types. I think he's challenging us to live the Vatican II challenge to lay faithful more fully.

If you think you have priests who've committed crimes, you could provide such evidence to law enforcement, because your research probably documents acts punishable by civil or criminal law.

If you think formation of priests has been poor, you could always volunteer time, effort, or resources to provide for better formation opportunities.

If you think catechesis has been poor, you could always volunteer to provide such catechesis, but insist on using sound materials. Even if that means arranging for small classes in your own home or wherever you can find room, you could do it.

On a more personal note, if you think the music for Mass stinks to high heaven, you could always volunteer to create the Schola to improve the degree of available talent.

In other words, rather than howling about what Bishop So-and-So won't do, or what Pope Francis has begun that you don't like, you could always provide better options for the local diocese or the country.

No Pope can change a Church in one year or less, nor can a bishop heal all the wounds in his diocese very quickly.
Notice the troubles and tribulations, sure, but admit to them and move on to the good you can accomplish.

No bishop will ever rejuvenate a diocese if his flock won't provide the talent to rejuvenate WITH.

TTC said...


Do you work in a chancery?

You speak their (forked) tongue.


Voris is trying to explain the fiat of Vatican II which is to sit our children in the pews of our ladies of the matress and sing in the choir while the pope instructs us to commit mortal sin and take sacriligious communion.

This isn't about "our way" or "his way".

This is a Catholic pope who has spent a year discrediting Church teaching and obedience to it and my children are confused. So are a lot of other people's children. I am not interested in anything other than what to do to get them off of his tear long merrygoround of clapping fornication and back to fiat of making judgments that please God and supply them with sanctifying grace and salvation.

This is God's way.

This is Christ's way.

Do you understand the gravity of the situation?

The sheep do not recognize a voice that instructs us to part with Christ's truth, obedience and sacramental grace.

We are now in the position of telling our children that the pope's way and Christ's way are two different ways and to continue to follow the instructions written into Christ's Church, as THAT is the measure from which Christ renders judgement and salvation.

I do not know what Michael is talking about. He does not have children, so perhaps he simply does not see this dimension.

Anonymous said...

"I've watched the man now for a year. He is in love with Christ. Deeply in love. He is affectionate and in love with Christ's people."

That he is in love - maybe - but I do not see him in love with Christ and His people - one must love the Truth for this to be the case and it be convincing.

He may be in love with his own idea of Christ or then again he maybe he is in love with himself - that's what I see - little self-effacemnt - not directing the attention to Our Lord....this popularity with the world is a sure sign of that.

I hope and pray he changes - so far he is a lousy pope...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this. It covers the entire situation and those that think different are in LaLa Land. Long ago I stopped reading Shea, and now I am adding Voris to that list.
I'll do my own thinking and without their telling me what "sin" is.
And if I could attend a local Tridentine Mass I would.

breathnach said...


There has been a lot of talk out of the Vatican and the hierarchy about the dangers of clericalism. It is empty talk, because it is aimed at a straw-man that no longer exists. In reality the "progressive" churchmen (followers of Cardinal Martini)and their agents among the laity are imposing a new clericalism.

The new clericalism revolves around creating a false idol out of Pope Francis' image. This false idol is dragged out to the foot of the mountain and it speaks in incomprehensible tongues that reflect sloppy, imprecise and seemingly heterodox opinions. These opinions and the image are then processed by an anti-Ecumenical Council (in perennial session) made up of media elites and various facilitators of the culture of death. The processed product is then spoon fed to the World. The World is instructed to digest this new anti-Magisterium as if it were the authentic teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. Those who spit out their cod liver oil, Faithful Catholics who have been properly catechized, are then ostracized and ridiculed for not taking their medicine. Michael Voris seems to believe that he can operate as a critic of the hierarchy while avoiding the mortar barrage from the World by placing Pope Francis in a special category that can only be criticized by St. Catherine of Siena. He is enabling the new clericalism.

Steve Dalton said...

Carol, Voris' turn scares me. All the reasons he has given for not publically criticizing the Pope remind me of my experiences in the religious cult I was involved in 30 years ago. Voris is using the same reasons and rationalizations that my former cult leaders used on me and my fellow members to silence the opposition. Voris's write a letter to the pope advice is BS. The only way things are going to change is through public criticism and exposure. That's how the queer priest crisis is being resolved to this very day. The hierarchy of the Church dragged it's feet for years on this scandal. The Popes were no help at all, especially JPII. Remember Maciel? Did writing a letter to the Pope solve that problem? No, it was public exposure that brought that man's evil to the light of day.

Assisi said...

I will not be surprised, after Voris' come-to-Je, err, rather, come-to-Mark-Shea hysterics, he gets a whole bunch more exposure doing the prodigal-son tour on neo-Catholic establishment platforms to, wait for it, ca$$$h in on his new-found enlightenment, that is, the Parousia, would have already happened, if a handful of very good Catholics would just give up and accept non-judgmental flocks, good Marxist professors, and visiting seniors fighting fleeting fantasies, of what could have been, with cheeky, spicy Samba dancers! Bad TRADS! BAD BAD BAD! =+) Go out there instead an hire an illegal alien, or visit some seniors at a bingo parlor, and never mind yourself with the messy business of protecting life, families, and Catholicism, After all, the boys up in Rome are on a 50-year streak, what could possibly go wrong? VIVO CHRISTO REY!

Assisi said...

Assisi said...

Assisi said...

Revelation: Pope Benedict wrote 4-page critique of Pope Francis’ Jesuit magazine interview

by John-Henry Westen

Tue Mar 18, 2014 17:17 EST

VATICAN CITY, March 18, 2014 ( - Speaking on German television station ZDF last week, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, secretary to both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, revealed that the former pope had penned a four-page critique of Pope Francis’ controversial interview with the Jesuit magazine, at Pope Francis’ personal request. (Read the rest at LIFESITENEWS 3/18/14)

Steve Dalton said...

Assisi, I'm afraid you are right about Voris ca$hing in on his new insights. But I think he's going to find out that knives are being prepared for his back. Before his turn about, he lambasted a lot of people like Keating Shea, etc. and based on what is known about them, I don't think they will be all that forgiving of MV's tongue lashings. Yep, Mikey has left the bosom of his real friend's for the kisses of Judas's.

TTC said...


There is no getting around that it's cult behavior but I don't think we need to worry about Michael. He's one of the last persons in Christendom that could be accused of getting sucked into the mentality of the cult. I think this is a spirituality he's experiencing and is concerned about the sedes.

IMO, the sedes are the sedes and my concerns lie with people whom I've known to be faithfully devoted to Christ's Church for 20 years, who are now concerned about their children being led into the abyss.

Tis better for me to stand up and be counted as a witness that we stay on the Ark through the storm.

What the pope meant to say or intends to convey is just none of my business. My business is what his cryptic messages have told my children and the crickets coming out of Rome when we seek clarification.

Strange times!!!

TTC said...

Assisi - very interesting!!!

I was unaware of this!

Steve Dalton said...

Carol, I hope you're right about Michael being the last person that could be sucked into the mentality of a cult. I tend to be a little bit more pessimistic because of my experiences with cultic behavior. For Voris to manifest such behavior in such a short time is troubling to me. I suspect this mindset was there all the time, but it was kept under the radar until now. Also, how much do we know about Michael Voris's past life? We basically have a broad outline, but no real details. I wonder if during his years outside the Church if he was connected to any cultic type group. Otherwise, I can't explain or understand how this cultic behavior bloomed overnight. BTW, the D.C blogger thinks MV's behavior is cultic too. She told me she was a former cult member, and when she saw Voris's postings, a whole bunch of red flags went up for her as well. Go to her blog and she what she has to say about it in the comboxes.

Assisi said...

There are sites good Traditional Catholics must visit daily, if you would permit me, they are: PEWSITTER; CultureWarnotes; LIFESITENEWS; RomanCatholicWorld; The REMNANT; and CatholicFamilyNews. They are good portals providing a good history and daily life of The Church. They are not highly paid neo-Catholic establishment p.r. outfits like EWTN, Catholic Answers, etc..God Bless!

Assisi said...

I think Voris might be a victim of poor Catechesis at his alma mater, Notre Dame, not exactly a bastion of orthodoxy there. The problem is longer than v-2. V-2 was the cementing of a cesspool of mason/modernist thought since Pope Leo XIII in the late 1800's, influenced by the Jacobin Reign-of-Terror in France. Keep in mind, FREEMASONRY, is the most condemned evil, as far as papal encyclicals go, in the HISTORY of the Church! Up until Benedict added trying to kill the Pope a few years ago, only becoming a mason or procuring an abortion, was an automatic excommunication (I would also refer you to what Our Lady of Good Counsel in Ecuador, CHURCH APPROVED, said about freemasonry and our times.). The secular humanist duplicity of modernism grows from these occult beginnings. Pope Leo XIII, again, passionately condemned masonry and his successor, St. Pius X, created the Oath Against Modernism, under penalty of sin, for all religious, to combat the intellectual rot in Catholic Academe. Today, Tertullian and Origen are referenced as Apostolic Fathers, though they both died heretics. Their rehabilitation by the neo-Catholics is not accidental. Interestingly, their heresies were Montanust(Montanus was the progenitor of the error we now call "Pentecostalism" otherwise known as the "charismatic renewal" in the Church today) and Universal Salvationism, we see today, notoriously, in Von Balthassar's new-age nonsense, or Barron's, "Catholicism", where it is taught, "there is a reasonable hope all might be saved", i.e., No one is in hell, forcing glum demons to line up daily to have at Hitler, perhaps, (or maybe some Catholics attached to the "fad" of Tradition, or so they would have you believe. Our Lady of Fatima, and countless other canonized Catholic mystics, tell us something entirely different about the infernal regions). The Chief heresies affecting The Church today, existing in a modernist fog, hidden at the peripheries, and given tacit assent, is Pentecostalism and Universal Salvationism. This is essentially neo-Catholicism, v-2 Catholicism. Interestingly enough, the current JP2 CCC, oversaw by Schonborn, a heterodox Cardinal and Medjugorge adherent, makes no mention of masonry at all. So, as Voris testifies, he's a neo-phyte, of some 5 years, to the troubles of the v-2 Church, having it's roots some 75 years, or so, previous to v-2. Only the Obama coronation at Notre Dame gave him pause. A lot of us have been in the trenches a lot longer with the scars to prove it! VIVO CHRISTO REY!!!

TTC said...

Steve, Do you mean Janet? I'll check out her blog.

What are your thoughts on Opus Dei?

As you can imagine, my personality is not conducive to being sucked into a cult so I have very little real knowledge of it. I would think that Michael's public exposures of every bishop except the Bishop of Rome would disqualify him too. IMO, Shea's got the mentality of the cult, wherein all wrongdoing, misfeasance and malfeasance is protected with bullying whistleblowers.

I know a few other phenomenal Catholics who do not wish to criticize the Pope in the public square but acknowledge the very serious fruit of his papacy thus far and concerns about the potential damage he suggests he'll do to the Sacrament of Marriage.

The difference between Michael and them is that they understand and respect the public acknowledgement of the errors the Holy Father is promulgating and the fostering of scandalized to remain on the Ark.

Watching Michael excoriate Dolan for his whacked out statements and with the same breath classify everyone who is speaking out as a sedevacanist - I am less than thrilled with his tack. We'll have to see what happens as this plays out. It bears watching!

John said...

"Do you work in a chancery?"

Um, no. I haven't even visited the chancery in...five years. I think.

"You speak their (forked) tongue."

Sad to hear that.

From your blog posting here and the one regarding your sex ed program some 20 years ago, I get a very distinct impression of what you might be like. Sadly, it's impressive. In the wrong way.

Basically, you sound like the typical know-it-all grouch who will critique someone else up one side and down the other, but you'll never step into the role and suffer that same criticism yourself. Small wonder the chancery doesn't wish to talk to you. You don't seem willing to lend a hand in solving problems. At all.

"We are now in the position of telling our children that the pope's way and Christ's way are two different ways"

Statements like that seem to be polite ways of saying that you're bordering on schism.

"...THAT is the measure from which Christ renders judgement and salvation."

You appear to forget that Church teaching considers the Magisterium--including the Pope--to be part and parcel to Christ's teaching.

I think Mike understands the desperation of the situation, as do I. I'm inclined to think that our Church in America, and America herself, may fail within 25 years. I think Mike has begun directing his efforts at ChurchMilitant to prepare the faithful for trouble, whether chanceries and bishops willingly come along for the ride, ...or not.

Again, I don't see problems being solved in the Church if we lay folks don't take action--and the criticism that comes with it--and DO something productive.

TTC said...


I'm with you on the freemasons and to the best of my knowledge, participation still carries the same sentence of latae sententiae.

I want to be clear though, that the Catechism of the Catholic Church is the binding. No matter how much we dislike the watering down of language, the same teachings are there. I studied it pretty carefully back when I was struggling with the internal corruption.

If the Pope changes the Catechism on the teaching of marriage, he has the authority to do so. Christ binds what the head of his Church binds to his judgments on our day of reckoning. All we have to worry about is accepting what is in the Catechism and making our choices based upon its instruction.

It's the telling us the Catechism is small-minded rules none of us should make judgments upon. It's the telling us he's going to find ways to circumvent the binding of the Sacrament of Marriage.

In a state of grace, we know the Voice of our Shepherd. What is bugging me is, I am trying hard to hear it in the instructions to circumvent the Catechism and I can't reconcile it as Christ's.

And I think most practicing Catholics who are faithful and striving to live in a state of grace are having trouble too.

The devil is in those details and we are treading dangerous waters. But Christ is in the Boat and I'm going to sit starboard with faith and do what I can to keep others from the sedevacanists.

The pontificates of JPII and Pope Benedict left us in much better shape with priests. It's gone from one faithful priest ever 50 miles to one every 5. You sometimes have to cherry pick timing and parish, but we have a lot of priests who are focused on salvation.

How are things where you are?

TTC said...


I don't permit posts here that testify to the wrong formula on the binding of Church teaching, but I will allow it this once and correct - as your post has some other very interesting opinions. LOL.

First and foremost, you may not work for a Chancery, but wherever you are, you are in a bunker with the craven and fragile.

Priests and bishops who want to instruct kindergartners the name of their vagina and anus and tell their staff to instruct them - with pornographic detailed stories - that the use of their vagina and anus is for when Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Bumpy put their hands into them or rape them -- any reasonable person who cares about the children would be outraged by the further sexual exploitation of children to save themselves from their jail sentences.

You find people who gather evidence that the program was written by prostitutes and witches, and the documents of the Holy See, the psychological and spiritual damage they will do - something that is 'grouchy'.

Again, this is the brainwashing that comes out of a seminary. I've never heard it out of the mouth of anyone but somebody who was brainwashed in a seminary. Odd you deny it. Congratulations on being the first. You're still a duck.

TTC said...

I have repeatedly and zealously stated that I will no more sever myself from Christ's Church than I would decapitate myself and go on living.

Nothing will separate me from Christ's Mystical Body. The reason why I am speaking out is so that others scandalized will stay on the Ark through the storm.

I have testified to this for twenty years.

You have some gall, brother, dropping in here from who knows where to suggest pointing out the Church can never accept civil unions or or dissolving the Sacrament of Marriage with a hug and kiss from the Pope is schismatic!!!

I am simply restating Church teaching. If it condemns the Pope's statements, the onus for that error is on him. You are shooting the messenger which is another famous trick taught in seminaries.

Anyway - to the substance of your assertions that everything the Pope says and does is Church teaching:

"You appear to forget that Church teaching considers the Magisterium--including the Pope--to be part and parcel to Christ's teaching."

I haven't 'forgotten' it as I have never found any such principle in Church teaching.

Everything I've read, studied about my religion states that Church teaching is memorialized in the Catechism and Ex Cathedra statements of a Pope - and our judgment is not 'bound' to any other statement, action or inaction of the 2000 years of Popes.

Every time somebody comes along to tell me that everything a Pope says and does is Church teaching, I have asked them to supply me with Church teaching that binds us to everything the Pope says.

I want to know the truth, so if you have the goods, show it to me. I will need to get it to the CDF because they don't know about it either.

TTC said...

It is a silly urban legend that people who dial the Chancery to report abuse are not doing productive things for the Church and salvation.

Our entire lives are devoted to it. Every waking hour.

The judgments Pope Francis have told my children to make is setting them on the wrong path. They are the most important things in my life and their salvation is of critical importance to me.

I know your type. When there's heavy lifting to be done in your family you go out and play a round of golf. When the children need instructions on right and wrong, you take them out for an ice cream. When your next door neighbor tells you the crack dealer is hanging around your kids, you call her a grouch.

I don't think you'll find comfort in this blog.

TTC said...

God Bless.

Steve Dalton said...

Yes Carol, I'm talking about Janet.
I don't know a lot about Opus Dei. I do know that OD has come under a lot of criticism for many years for what seems to be cult like behavior by it's leadership.

Steve Dalton said...

Carol, I've looked up some links about Opus Dei, and frankly, what I'm seeing scares me. Voris may not be a member of OD, but his CMTV was in a business relationship with an OD member. So I have to wonder, how close is MV to OD even if he's not a member?

Steve Dalton said...

Carol, while Voris is not a member of Opus Dei, in a YouTube video three years ago, he recommended it for laymen. I'm beginning to think this is where his sudden cult-like mindset is coming from.

Assisi said...

The problem with JP2's CCC is the same as the v-2 documents and frankly, with the v-2 Church, anyone and everyone can find something they like. Cardinal Kaspar has said recently that the documents of v-2 were PURPOSEFULLY written AMBIGOUSLY (so ambiguously, I would suggest, that any of a number of philosophical trucks could be driven through it's dualist tunnels, but I digress..). Is it your position, dear, that the Pope can decide WHAT marriage is arbitrarily and our only job is to pray, pray, and obey? Are you really comfortable with the sacrilege Kaspar is suggesting? What if The Pope allowed the blessing of civil unions in Churches, as happens in Argentina, and elsewhere, under the radar, to avoid running afoul of state laws and access to government funding here and in other parts of the world? (Keep in mind that Catholic Charities gets 2/3 of it's funding from the government and is no more than a feminazi haunt destroying families, but, with apologies. I, again, digress..) "Civil Unions" opens the hell-gate to all sorts of state-approved debauchery. Polyamory, ebophilia, and every other degradation of humanity. By comparison, co-habitation might seem tame. Is it your position that you could embrace such things, teach them to your children, if the Pope allows, or God forbids, promulgates?

Assisi said...

With the exception of San Francisco and NYC, I live in a diocese that Advocate magazine (leading sodomite publication) says is the best place for sodomites to live in America. The place is so brazen that after the suicide (Lord Have Mercy) of a local priest a year ago (bi-sexual; Chaplain of local police department), a web-site called "Our Voices", which proudly proclaims it is the web-site of sodomite priests in the area, suggested the Church's PUBLIC position on sodomy was the real cause of the suicide. Present Bishop mandated every diocesan priest attend Church funeral. I have Russian-Orthodox priest friends, young, who upon moving to this area, joined a gym in the wrong part of town, and had several priests there proposition them. I have a sodomite acquaintance, I've already preached to, that says in the sodomite bars around town, when small-talk ensues about where one works, a "for the diocese" indicates a sodomite priest. So, it's not good here. In my parish, I'm held in contempt because 3x the last two years I've had to walk out during profane homilies. Our Lady of Lasallette explains all this well while referencing the demon of lust, asmodeus, of infecting religious houses, if Orders were not faithful. Fr. Malachi Martin's "Windswept House" and "Jesuits" are excellent fairly contemporaneous references as well. Fr. Martin is all over YOUTUBE, too. He died, suspiciously, in 1999. I've heard of "red" and "white" martyrdom, but in prayer, I often wonder, if there might be a "golden" martyrdom, that is, like THE LORD and St. Joan of Arc, your suffering is directly attributed to the neglect and disdain of religious authorities, The Institutional Church. I counsel folks, and stay close, to The Immaculata and the antiquitous Faith of Our Fathers. There's a Christian song I like entitled, "Way Back Home". The lyric I like from the song is the following: "Go Back, Go Back, Go Back to the Ancient Past! Attach your heart to the Ancient Mast! Don't give up whatever you do, to the Hope that's still inside of You! You'll find your way, You'll find your way, Back Home!.." Amen! =+)

TTC said...


It isn't just my position, it's the Church's position - that what is in the Catechism is binding.

The pope is in a pickle.

The truth doesn't change so he can't touch the teaching on marriage in the Catechism.

Don't forget that this matter came up during Christ's ministry. He made it clear that unless immorality is the cause of the bust up, whoever divorces and marries another is committing adultery.

But let us just say for the sake of argument, he did.

Then yes, my position is, he was given the authority by Christ to bind and unbind, along with Christ's promise that He will judge us on what is bound.

That isn't just my position though - that is the position of Church teaching.

Christ set this protocol up because He knew the folly of the human intellect and the effects of sin are at play. Just have the faith of a child and bind yourself to what is bound - no matter how you feel, think, like or believe.

It is a simple formula. If the Church teaches it from Her authority - your opinions aren't worth a wooden nickel.

The Catechism of Trent was the Catechism of the Church. The current Catechism is the teaching of the Church. (No substance of teaching was made in this Catechism, it was simply reduced to pablum for the state of affairs with diabolical disorientation.)

Even Christ Himself talked in parables.

Good enough for Christ, good enough for me.

The problems start to creep in when advice starts issuing to contradict that which Christ binds. There is no getting around the teaching that civil unions are adultery.

Maybe he'll ask them to live as celibates and come back to Church, have their children baptized. So long as they accept Church teaching and try to live by it and don't want a parade float wearing shirts that tell us they're divorced and sleeping with their wives in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, I can live with that!

TTC said...

Assisi - I'm sorry to hear things are so bad where you are living. We've been there done that and it is a crucible. A lot of temptations.

Find a good priest and tie yourself to the Ark.

n.b. We refer to SSA brothers and sisters as SSA or gay (though many here don't like that description either)

Anonymous said...

"If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would certainly strive that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now my kingdom is not from hence."