Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Synod Agenda Line Up Included Plea to "Welcome" Friends wth Benefits, Priests wth Lovers, Cohabitators, Polygamists in "Parishes"

Can anyone tell me what this silliness is doing on a Synod agenda?

Why didn't the bishops find line up gluttons and folks using the Lord' Name in Vain with a sob story about being unwelcome in parishes?

Surely they could have found a parents of a pickpocketer who wanted to go to the Easter Vigil with their burgler tools.

Why not Sandra Fluke telling us to let women who use contraception in parishes?

Seriously, what a pathetic deceptive distortion of the Mystical Body of Christ, His teachings and Sacraments.

What they really mean to convey is, when they walk into Church, the teachings of the Church grind on their brains and they can't feel good about the sex they're having or the birth control they're using.

What they really need is for Pope Francis to 'welcome' sex outside of the Sacrament.

They want Pope Francis to issue an edict that changes the response from taking the actions that brings right judgment, separation, celibacy to 'welcoming' the sexual relationship the world has told them is an acceptable use of the gift of human sexuality.

We all know that is as possible as 'welcoming' Bishop Conroy and his married lover.

The most disturbing thing about this disply is the Pope's willingness to pit parents and the family against one another when we all have to say and do what we must.

He is willing to destroy family relationships to place himself as the saviour from the teachings of the Saviour.


Anonymous said...

The Vatican’s hand-picked non-voting auditors continue to promote the new papal/Kasper line towards those in “irregular” marital (or lack thereof) situations ( www.cruxnow.com/life/2014/10/07/married-couples-are-stealing-the-show-at-synod-of-bishops/):

Today (October 7th), it was the turn of a couple from the Philippines who’ve been married for 27 years and also have four children. Both are involved in “Couples for Christ,” a lay association recognized by the Vatican.

Cynthia and George Campos told the bishops that at one stage they tried to launch an outreach program for couples in “irregular situations,” such as people who weren’t married in the Church, who are living together without marriage, or whose marriages broke down and they remarried without an annulment.

The organization didn’t get off the ground, the Camposes said, in part because they were told by Church officials that their group is meant only for couples married in the Church.

That experience, they said, led them to hope for more “enlightened pastoral charity” in the church, which could foster “innovative forms of accompaniment” and “inclusive participation in church life.”

In other words, this Filipino couple used their turn at bat in the synod to make a case for a more “open-door” policy in Catholicism, trying to gather in people who run afoul of the rules rather than turning them away.

After the second day, however, no one would confuse these lay couples with mere window dressing at the synod. Come what may, they’re giving this group of prelates something to think about.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope Pope Francis has lined up speakers to talk about opening the full and inclusive participation in Churh life to singles who masturbate and husbands who cheat on wives.

What about the pedophiles?

TLM said...

Yes, anonymous, I am surprised pedophiles are not on the list. After all, there is a group in the American Psychiatry Association that wants to normalize pedophilia. (they have been pushing for it for years now) Well, hey, if sodomites and adulterers are going to be included, why not the pedophiles? Just think how that may justify the Priest scandal!

JB said...

This man has such a warped, strange view of Church history it astonishes me. He literally thinks the Church had no outreach to sinners before 1965 or something. What does he think the sacrament confession was there for? Does he think sinners never converted before Vatican II and its "pastoral" approach to morality??

Did St. Thomas More die for no good reason??? Watch A Man for All Seasons and then listen to this pope speak; it will open your eyes.

Allen said...

One word describes the dog and pony show going on in the Vatican-secularism. Francis and his merry band of weak sisters are setting the groundwork for the renewed Roman Catholic Church-handmaiden of secularism. The renewed Church is not about the Gospel, it certainly isn't about a transcendant, triune God and his salvation plan for humanity. It's about an institution that serves secularism by lending a therapeutic hand for those needing an outlet.

Aged parent said...

I didn't care much for Father Z's statement, all to common these days, that two homosexuals could live together as long as they are "chaste". That in my view is skating on some very thin ice.

If I were a glutton and had a refrigerator full of the choicest goodies, how long could I go on being "chaste", so to speak, or if I were a drunkard how long could I stay on the wagon with a larder full of booze? I think it is more than a little unrealistic to imagine two people who commit the sin of sodomy in their minds and hearts will refrain from physically acting on their temptations.

I would think Father would be advise such people that living together would be an occasion of sin that is just waiting to happen in fact. Alas, far too many priests seem to lose their good judgement when this issue arises.