Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pontifical Council on Culture Releases Degrading Infomercial on Modern Women - UPDATE

I watched this a few times and though it clearly offended me, I had to watch it a few times to unravel it.

Pope Francis is formally introducing moral relativism into the vocation of woman.

We have a Pope who, instead of teaching and encouraging, is scrounging up women who have taken a different trajectory and he wants to make a movie about how lovely that defiance can actually turn out to be.

This is the second manifestation of how he intends not to change actual Church teaching but still get his agenda executed with moral relativism.

The behavior of the woman in the Pope's video introduces and uses the gift of sexual seduction, a gift intended to be preserved for the pleasure of her husband, behind closed doors in their bedroom.

We have watched the gift of sexual seduction used for a lot of things commercially.   It started with cologne in the 60s.  

Remember the Noxema commercial where the woman moves and speaks with sexual seduction and says "take it off, take it off, take it all off"?  

For those of you who are too young to remember, here it is.

I would encourage you to watch both videos.

I think you will see that what is offensive is the Pope's use of a woman's sensuality and gifts of sexual seduction meant for her husband to brand his openness to the sinful misuse of that gift as simply another vocation of woman.

If you watch the Pope's video on women carefully, you will see the poor creature has been enticed to wet and purse her lips and throw her head and hair around like we do when we want to get men away from watching the Patriot's game. She uses the bedroom eyes and voice we use right before we crawl between the sheets.

A perverse use of human sexuality of a woman by a Pope.

For the record, the pursuit of being a woman in my spiritual life is about finding the vision of Christ and refining my gifts to it. For as far back as I can remember, I wanted to serve God in the vocation of motherhood. I need the Church to help me pursue THAT, not the nuns on the bus or women selling sexual seduction so the Pope can create his culture at the Pontifical Council. And I will do everything I can as a mother and a woman to stop him from executing it.

We are in very serious trouble here.  There is something terribly corrupt happening at the Holy See.


The Holy See has pulled the American translation of their initiative off of Youtube.

Don't be fooled into the notion they took the expressed offensive nature of the video and initiative itself by American women seriously and their intentions are to pastorally and quietly dispose of the initiative and video.

The are simply circumventing criticism by removing the availability of an English translation.

 The show will go on.    The Pontifical Council called an emergency meeting to brainstorm and have come up with foolproof damage control on their website.

They will only posted the Italian translation of the video with written English translation underneath it.

Get it?

That way, when she's telling us Pope Francis wants to solicit videos with role models other than the Blessed Mother and 2000 years of saints with the sexual seduction, false eyelashes and silicone-injected lips, American women would have to read along to translate.  Everyone knows we are too dumb to do that!

There is a comment on Janet's website that alleges a very disturbing appointment by Pope Francis was made prior to the unveiling of this initiative.

More about the Pontifical Council for Culture that produced and brought you this video:

" In an interview with La Repubblica on 5 November, he said that for "the next General Assembly" of the Pontifical Council for Culture is for common ground, which will be convened in 2015 on the topic of "female culture", an "opening" in the direction of women priests. He will attend and is "absolutely sure". Pablo d'Ors added: "And I am not alone." Last July 1, Pope Francis appointed Pablo d'Ors as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Culture .
Father Pablo d'Ors describes himself as "erotic, mystical and weird". His life had been "full of loving relationships, reading and travel, also reckless". This helped him in his appeal that he discovered at the age of 27. "Knowing human love, divine love helps to better understand" said the Claretian. "Could be. If indeed so many chaste young men and young women also apparently have dedicated themselves in the course of Church history with all their souls and with all their bodies God?" Said Messa in Latina about that.
The Church's understanding of culture is especially "inappropriate" toda for Father d'Ors. Compared to the high culture, this understanding is only B-Class. It was necessary to adjust, stop trying to be an "alternative", but a Christianity in "dialogue" with the living world.
Priests are better living with a woman: "The time has come"
He has written several novels and is considered the "most German" among living Spanish writers. In one of his novels, the main character, a Slovak woman, goes to bed with all the great writers of the 20th century. Pablo d'Ors said in an interview, a priest lives better with a woman at his side. Why? "Because the time is now ripe." But that was only his "personal opinion".
Realignment of the Church Planned in Terms of Women Priests?
The Pontifical Council for Culture "can't talk about it". There you will, however, talk about women priests. "I think there will be a realignment at the next General Assembly"
He has also written some non-fiction books, including his most successful book BiografĂ­a del silencio (Biography of Silence), in which he says, each "should create a work of art". In line with this premise seems to be his default setting: "An important criterion to measure the spiritual vitality of a person is their willingness to change. To resist life is a sin, because life is in constant development ," according to the ancient Greek aphorism Panta Rhei .
To be allow himself to be "swept away by life" - "If I were not a Christian, I would be a Buddhist" 

Seriously - this has the stink of a priest who is sexually seducing vulnerable women.

Why would a Pope or anyone at the Vatican not see the disturbing writing on his wall?

Why would a Pope find his theology and ideas the track he wishes to take his pontifical council to recruit alternative videos of the visions of Catholic women?


Anonymous said...

TTC says, "We have watched the gift of sexual seduction used for a lot of things commercially. It started with cologne in the 60s."

It's now done with Viagra.

TTC said...

A Viagra commercial, that is what it reminds me of!

Seriously, in the "spirit of openness" he's going to cobble together a movie of women who found a vision other than the one the Church has provided to create 2000 years of saints.

How open of him!

Maybe we should out one together of the priests and bishops teaching heresy and ask him to play that at the meeting of Bishops. All the mothers and grandmothers affected by it crying in the background.

Think he's open enough to play that?

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

"Maybe we should out one together of the priests and bishops teaching heresy and ask him to play that at the meeting of Bishops. All the mothers and grandmothers affected by it crying in the background."

That could backfire! He might want more of it and probably appoint that priest as a bishop somewhere.

How snarky I am on Christmas Eve! Have a blessed Christmas, especially with that newest little member of your family!

Unknown said...

We have a lewd heretical Pope even the main media are starting to look at him incredulously.

Kd said...

Just saw this, the headline is right, Send in the Meteor!
it's the day after Christmas and I'm off to Mass, now my intentions will be a little different. I can just imagine the tears Our Lady has with this, worse than Her crying at Lasallette, REALLY?, this is an insult, not just to Mothers and Grandmothers, it's an Insult to ALL Catholic Women!

breathnach said...

These loony, "assertive" "wymin" are heeding the call of Bergolian "openness to change" and are literally sticking it to the feminized hierarchy. It's going to be tough for the Pontifical Council on Culture to ignore these sitrens and their call for inclusion:

Damask Rose said...

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it does.

Complete attack on the family. I've already said on another blog that the Holy See has sodomised Christmas. So far in December we've had Our Lady of (pregnant) Guadalupe day and of course, Christmas. This is a total attack of what women are all about. Do you think the Vatican would include lesbians and transvestites in its final Synod video?

That video was totally squirm-worthy. I don't think you could even get Brigitte Bardot or Raquel Welch to do that video.

Bring on Red Sonja with her sword. For crying out loud, we've had Joan of Arc.

Could'nt believe that Noxema advert. I'm surprised it wasn't banned by censors in the late sixties.

kathleen said...

The woman in that video has had A LOT of plastic surgery, and botox, to the point where she looks freaky and unnatural. Fascinating the Vatican would pick someone so obvious vain to host this video ... vanity is no longer a deadly sin?

Anonymous said...

Sort of like this woman he appointed:

Her full name is Francesca Immacolata -- same as the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate whom Francis is destroying while elevating harlots.

On the other hand what seems over the top for U.S. is nothing in Europe or Tango Argentina or Rio Carnival.

Also, to be for real how many Catholic women strive to look and act like the woman in this video? Trying to appear intelligent w/their magnifying glasses (and other affectations such as iphones (the new fan) to gain attention). I have at least one friend who would be DOWN w/looking (and acting) like this woman. Think of plastic Nancy Pelosi. Many women at my old N.O. church used to wear similar tops w/tight pants and dyed blonde foil highlights. (Their children worse w/spaghetti straps, short shorts, bra straps showing.) Even the former nun 'music minister' suddenly started sporting pink hair.

I attend a traditional Latin Mass and unfortunately some of the teens there are being just as affected by the culture w/piercings and purple and pink hair (but at least they have to wear modest dresses and cover their heads in Church).

Think he's looking for bucks from the single/married w/0/1 or 2 children 'professional' women who have a lot of disposable income (like homosexuals).

Think of the power couple Herod and Herodias -- I think that's the target market -- and the wannabes.

Anonymous said...

Check out these spots from "" -- over 50 women. Think this is who they are trying to get a mailing list together (for the bucks).

Remember these are women OVER 50:
All the men have gray/graying hair in the spots, but, talking about image and vanity, more and more men I know are now dyeing their hair also (and also getting some type of toupee/hair club treatment, i.e. how many bald men do you see around nowadays?). And many times it's the wife/daughter who is encouraging them to dye or actually dyeing their hair for them.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one of the women he is trying to reach - note the Christmas tree:

Pope Francis (and all his fairy cardinals) would luv her too and give her ALL the communion she wants 4EVER (or at least until she runs out of money).

kathleen said...

Anonymous, i find your examples of immaturity and silliness off point. Paying someone to cut your face up so you end up looking more feline than human is an entirely different level of vanity and decadence. Of course, the shallow fairies running much of the vatican must feel nothing but impotent rage at the sight of a naturally beautiful woman (fertility, eek)...whereas a crone who pays doctors to make her look like a drag queen is right up their alley.

Dymphna said...

Is that woman supposed to be sexy? Those spider eyelashes and that mouth look totally fake. Ugh.

Marie said...

Here are Pope Francis's SEXIES:

[Her name is Francesca - not "Maria" - but everything else Mundabor's Italian-British blog seems on target.]

Francesca's Vatican title is "Commissioner for the Reorganization of the Vatican Administration." Elsewhere, she's the Awardee of the American Go-Topless blog for posting topless photos of herself with her husband/lover at either foreplay or after play.

Msgr. Ricci was a papal nuncio in Uruguay [not sure] who took in a Swiss Guard for a lover and scandalized the people of that country. He was called by Pope Francis to the Vatican to manage Domus Sancta Martha hotel, allegedly with his Swiss Guard lover still in tow. Ricci was the subject of the famous "Who am I to judge?" sentence by Pope Francis. The ailing Cdl. Francis George, trying to help maintain respect for the Pope, suggested that maybe Ricci had repented, gone to confession, and had been forgiven by the Pope; how else explain the Pope saying, "If someone is truly looking for God, who am I to judge?" George Weigel took Cdl. Francis's speculation as the truth, so that everyone who questions Ricci's integrity is now suspect of being anti-Francis.

The woman pictured at the bottom of the page was married to a laicized bishop, who was close to the former Cdl. Bergoglio. When the bishop died, Pope Francis continued being friends with his widow. She's the #1 proponent in Argentina campaigning for married priests.

Just three of Bergoglio's sexies, whose lifestyle might affect how the Synod will go in 2015. Sorry.