Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pope Francis Admits His "Unawareness"

Newspapers are splashing headlines about Pope Francis' admission that he is ignorant about what is going on in his Church.  He is reportedly claiming his "unawareness" was "bestowed" upon him by God, and this is where he gets his license to continue on with the destruction of Catechesis in spite of the chaos of The Ferris Bueller's Day Off Papacy.

Willful ignorance may make him feel blissful but it is not a gift of God's.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol, do you have any links for these claims? Thanks.

TTC said...

Janet, sure. I updated the post with one link. There re others if you can scrounge up the stamina to google keywords from quotes in article.

I'd like to be my usual sarcastic self and say I wish God would be good to me and bestow unawareness relative to the cirque de soliel in Rome but having observed the many characters, it's a little too close to diabolical disorientation to even say something like that kiddingly.

There is nothing more precious to my salvation than the gift of awareness. Rather than joke around, I think I will get on my knees and humbly expressly gratitude for those who imparted the faith to me, even when I wanted to remain ignorant

Netmilsmom said...

Didn't we already know this?
Wasn't it pretty self evident?
And I'm not being nasty here, just realistic.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Netmilsmom, we do - but too many still insist on remaining in denial and heaven help those who dare pop their bubbles.

TTC said...

Sister, you said it! Clericalism thrives on willful unawareness.

TTC said...

Sister, you said it! Clericalism thrives on willful unawareness.

Anonymous said...

Good news! Tomorrow is Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

And we have The Rosary!

Somehow saying the Rosary can save us and others during this battle between Our Lady and satan. This is great that us true Catholics have access to this power to help out selves and others. Weeeeeeeeeee

rubyroad said...

Rhymes with "fire."

TTC said...

Ruby, and also rhymes with "peak"

Damask Rose said...

You're kiddin' me, right?

OK, so there's the chaos, but what do you mean like 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'? I loved Ferris. Remember the Ferrari.

Perhaps it's a case of Bergoglio's playing Global Thermonuclear War with the Catholic Church?

TTC said...

Damask Rose,

Ferris was a hoot. Skipping school, crusing for booty calls, getting wasted, parteeee, dragging a dead body waterskiing, lawlesness.

The boys are having a good time in St Peter's Square in the chaos of lawlessness and the execution Ofthe destruction of catechesis. The Swiss Guards are skunks at the lawn party.