Thursday, December 4, 2014

Scratch the Krauts off the Pope's welcome list

Pope Francis fired the head of his Swiss Army for being "Teutonic".

Isis is in and the Germans are out.

Killing, schmilling. Let us not quibble about the "peace" of 2000 years of ethnic cleansing of Christians.  But there is only so much stout sourpuss Germans the Pope can stand.

Setting the bigotry aside, I am beside myself that the man the Pope is firing is being slandered in the public square.

Who does that?

Who fires a man and then goes out to the newspapers and issues a character assassination, making it difficult for him to get hired somewhere else?

Even the most cruel task masters have more decency.

All his bellyaching about how much he cares about families who need to put food on the table and this is the way he and his administration treats his own employees.

Machiavelli eat your heart out.

The Pope's  reckless disregard for his own safety probably had something to do with his head of security overcompensating to try to keep him safe?

The Swiss Guard is a branch of the military.     Is he so entrenched in the stink of sissy he is going to foist it upon the army?  

Can you imagine trying to secure a job after the Pope publicly announces your termination and assassinates your character?

Every job interview, recognition will result in: "That's the guy who saintly Pope Francis said was wrapped too tight."

Don't worry sir, when you run out of cash and get evicted, Pope Francis has installed showers so you can wash up.

I guess his head of security must not have been living with his lover, so the Pope felt comfortable making a judgment, engaging in public humiliation and making sure he is not employable?

That is quite a papal undertaking in Advent.  All to demonstrate what a nice guy he is.

"Merry  Christmas you filthy animal.   And a Happy New Year too."


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find the press reports of the Pope making such a remark about the SG commandant. The only things I can find are that a SG has been making comments about why he's glad the commandant's extended term is being allowed to expire rather than be re-extended.

Michael said...

Bergoglio was infuriated when the Swiss Guard prevented Msgr. Ricca (and other Vatican prelates) from roaming the streets at night on their tireless new evangelizing of the young bucks of Rome.

TTC said...

Anon, the Pope's style of communication is telling others what he thinks and then they tell the press.

It is obvious he is imposing his hillbilly style upon 2000 years of respect and dignity of that which is holy. Deconstructing marriage and the family, the Deposit of Faith and Sacraments--the army guarding the safety of our Popes is now under deconstruction.

Michael, there seems to be much speculation that the lavender mafia was being restricted from partying and whoring, and this is why the Pope fired the head of the army.

Much like Cardinal Burke's demotion, Pope Francis has shot another body across the bow of the Ark of the Covenant. If you disclose or interfere with the deconstruction the lavender mafia is imposing upon Christ's Church, Pope Francis will avenge.

It looks like its worse than we thought. Before it's over, I think we are going to know more about the internal corruption of the lavender mafia than we ever thought we could stomach.

JB said...

I can't abide him anymore. No class. A south american socialist who despite all him supreme 'umbleness' is arrogant as hell.

Anonymous said...

White is white,
Black is black,
& this pope is a clown.

M. Prodigal said...

I have read that a number of Vatican employees are also being laid off. So much for all the care for families of working people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah layoffs and removing people while "100's" of million euros are found...golly... what are we sheep to think?

Anonymous said...

Yeah layoffs and removing people while "100's" of million euros are found...golly... what are we sheep to think?

Me said...

Does anybody have an actual quote of the Pope trashing the SG commandant to the press or referring to him as "too teutonic"?

Or is it all ventriloquism and "there seems to be much speculation"?

Thanks in advance for the objective reporting.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis? Pope Phoney

TTC said...

I took my head out of the sand after the insidious synod. If you are old enough to have lived through the last two Popes, you know two years of a papacy about nothing, insulting and persecuting faithful Catholics, deconstructing, demoralizing, using the faces of apostate bishops for his talking points on theology, debasing the Sistine Chapel, letting a drug addict play soccer in the papal apartments,endless skullduggery that convinces the masses that Church teaching and those who teach and uphold it are the enemies of love-- this is the polar opposite of 2000 years of Popes who incidentally, never had a problem with Catholics confused about their messages.

That should signal something to you.

With respect to the slander of a fires employee, he is the CEO of a business that employs people and as such, he is responsible for it.

There are scores of people who are conveying things the Pope said about sissifying the Swiss Guard. Like the nuts the Pope appointed to run the synod who told us what the Pope thinks and said, this is his modus operandi.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

"Too teutonic"? My ancestry is 25% German. I suppose he can blame my blog postings on that? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

The stink of sissy ! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

If his security is lax then it is the movement of the Holy Spirit in the world that keeps him safe or not... Islam might employ it message of peace with a well placed IED or a bomb vest and viola so many problems solved.

A new Saint and martyr and a realization that Islam is the enemy of all that is decent. Clear enough for even the most committed apologist. Anyone who claims otherwise is delusional or a coward.

God save and bless the Pope.