Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blogosphere Coverage of Fr. Rosica's threat to sue blogger

So far, it's unanimous: Fr. Rosica's actions convict him of the corruption his letter claims is a distorted opinion of merciful priest of high moral character.

From the Lepanto Institute:

So, if we are to understand the complaint here in its proper context, Fr. Rosica is upset because a one-man blog has openly criticized Fr. Rosica’s public statements which conflict with the Traditional teachings of the Catholic Church. And, in the act of complaining that Mr. Domet’s comments “suggest that Fr. Rosica is willing to act unethically to further his own agendas and to do so at the expense of others,” Fr. Rosica is willing to file an unethical lawsuit at the expense of a family man in order to further his own agendas.

Restore DC Catholicism:

My blogging colleague Vox Cantoris has been targeted by Father Thomas Rosica, Vatican spokesman. Within the linked post you can see another link that is a pdf of the letter he received from Rosica's attorneys. Take a look at it and you can see that Rosica doesn't like it when his public statements draw comments that aren't favorable to him. The whole list of grievances reads like a big temper tantrum

Austin Ruse

“Dissenter” is a word loaded with negative meaning in the Catholic world. It implies the person disagrees with a fundamental teaching of the Church.


Spread this far and wide. It's time to lift the rock and expose the slimy little critters before they can run for cover. - See more at:


I am not an expert in Canadian law, but it seems extremely difficult to imagine the letter has any chance at all of being successful.

Rather, it seems to me that here something different is at stake: a Vatican official uses a financial muscle (the threat of a very expensive, long-drawn lawsuit) to shut up a faithful Catholic blogger.


When Faithful Catholics like Cardinal Burke are marginalized, and the likes of Rosica, Kasper and Marx are elevated, there is a serious problem. Now Rosica is going to the ultimate trump card of the progressive left and suing a Faithful Catholic into silence. When did Stalin start running The Church? Are reeducation camps next? Oh, wait, that is what the FFI received. Never mind.
How much longer oh Lord? How much longer will You tolerate this Faithless generation?

The EyeWitness

If the Lavendar Mafia in Rome is going to resort to these kinds of games it is time for bloggers to call their bluff.

Eponymous Flower

in support of the evil Father Gravel, a Pro-Abort, aberrosexual, Canadian priest then suing Life Site News, also had all kinds of nasty things to say about faithful bloggers. Maybe this aberrosexual enabling, Ted Kennedy supporting priest may have bitten off more than he could chew?

Mike Voris linked to at Sancte Peter

Representatives of the Pope, whose duties are to express the Pope’s wishes, should not be using their offices to express their own opinion, appearing to gin up support for a case that is the very issue at hand for those above him to debate at October’s Synod. But this is not the first occasion that Fr. Rosica has gone to social media to express personal “out there” thoughts and opinions.

Is it a conflict of interest for a papal spokesman to keep expressing his personal opinion and either asserting that the Pope holds the same opinion or creating that impression? How is this situation being allowed to continue? A lot of people are beginning to wonder.

Catholic Sacristan

Out of line?

The radical Catholic

Is the Vatican, through the person of Fr. Rosica, attempting to intimidate independent Catholic bloggers into silence in advance of the 2015 Synod?

Ex Magna Silentium

It has become clear to me over the last week or so that the spotlight glaring on these men has been bothering them, as they realize that Faithful Catholics will not stand for this program of theirs, where sin will be called good, and where the Eucharist will be profaned by its reception by those who are in a state of mortal sin, blessed by the Church. Apparently, I was right.

What a shameful disgrace. What a shameful disgrace at the start of Lent.

Who else is behind Father Rosica’s weak shot across the bow? Is this the way the Church will treat its Faithful members? Is this how Pope Francis would stop internecine strife, by silencing opposition? Is this what Pope Francis meant about the Church reaching out to the marginalized?

Several other links to blogs who find Fr. Rosica's actions beneath contempt on this Canadian Catholic blog.

Musings of a priest

Apparently Fr. Rosica is offended by the blogger's public criticism of his (Rosica's) promotion of the October Synod's "liberal" agenda embodied by the mid-term Relatio. But there's much more to it than this, as you'll see in the article.

Dallas Catholic blog

Fr. Rosica re-tweeted Cardinal Wuerl’s blog post denouncing Cardinal Burke, and straight up called Burke a “dissenter,” which is rich, coming from him:

We've barely been at it for 24 hours.

Can you hear us yet?

Nearly every Catholic has questioned whether Fr. Rosica's is doing the dirty deed with the knowledge and consent of the Pope and the Nicolatians he appointed to his see as a strategy to stop criticism before they roll out something regrettable in October's synod.

How's that working out for the Holy Father and his papacy so far?


Michael Dowd said...

Bloggers take heart Pope Felix III supports you!:

"An error which is not resisted is approved; a truth which is not defended is suppressed.... He who does not oppose an evident crime is open to the suspicion of secret complicity."

Michael Dowd

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for all the links (including mine)! It's good to know so many Catholic bloggers are spreading this. Let Fr. Rosica sue us all. Good luck, Father. Meanwhile, let's continue to pray for all the false shepherds.

M. Prodigal said...

This is what happens when the wolves are left to guard the sheep. The hatred against the most faithful of Catholics from those in high, and even highest, places is not something we thought we would see. We beg the Lord to grant us holy and true shepherds after His own heart. The sheep are confused, dazed, and scattering.

Netmilsmom said...

When there is a "Go fund me" site for David Domet, I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Please consider also to write to the following superiors of Fr. Rosica to express your concerns about this unjust situation.

His Holiness Pope Francis
The Apostolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City, Europe

Thomas Christopher Collins
Cardinal, Archbishop
Chancery Office, 1155 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4T 1W2, Canada

Fr George Terence Smith, CSB
Superior General
Congregation of St. Basil
95 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3C2, Canada

Seppe said...

Despite all their talk about fairness and dialogue, progressives don't like it when the are challenged or criticized and they strike out to shut down any further discussion.

raymondnicholas said...

Isn't being called a dissenter by a dissenter like using two negatives in a sentence making it right?

Anonymous said...

If the pope knew about this in advance, you could consider Fr. Rosica's remarks a "trial balloon" to see how North American Catholics would react. Francis is not as much of an idiot as people seem to think.

S. Armaticus said...

Here's one more:

Pax Christi,


MDK said...

The only way progressives can really promote their ideas is to disguise them until they're found. After they're found and exposed, the progressive resorts to intimidation, legal (not justice) means. They try to squash those who expose and oppose them, because their ideas can't win in an open discussion.

ChrisBonett said...

I'm a 70 year old cradle Catholic. I've never before seen a "survey" from the Vatican asking us lay folks what we think about certain aspects of morality and life style. The Church is not a democracy. The hierarchy exists to know and defend the Truth, not to subject it to a popularity poll. What the heck is going on??? If it walks like a duck... maybe it's a turkey.

S. Armaticus said...

Fr. Z just piled on :)

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Bonett:

I am a 56-year-old, cradle Catholic.

The survey may be more comparable to a test in Religion class. A list of questions given to the “faithful” to assess the state of their knowledge and belief need not be a referendum on changing the teachings. Rather, it may be a survey of how much work there is to do to bring the erring students to a proper understanding and belief. Of course, it is dismaying to acknowledge that the whole thing reveals a perceived need to treat adult members of the laity as though we were incompletely catechized high-school students.

I do not know what was intended by any given member of the hierarchy in issuing the survey, but the above is at least a way of understanding the matter, which may be the true intent of the Church.