Saturday, February 28, 2015

Turkey Closes its Borders to Christians Fleeing Murderers

Breathtaking cruelty that is painful to watch.

Really? You can shut your border to Christians fleeing savages and sleep at night?

You know what is striking?

Where is Cardinal O'Malley and Pope Francis who are always praising their own "concern" for immigrants?

Why wouldn't he say something publicly about Turkey's cruelty and publicly beg them to temporarily take fleeing Christians with promises to rescue and bring them to America?

Why wouldn't he fly over there and pass out Communion at the border? These are the people who need it.

Do you remember Cardinal O'Malley's publicity stunt?

He flew to the border of a country where the Catholic religion is alive and well and passed the Blessed Sacraments through the gates so the photographers they brought could snap pictures of them doing it.

Why didn't he fly over the border to any of the thriving Churches in Mexico, including the Shrine of Guadalupe and say a Mass?

Catholicism is not oppressed in Mexico. Savages are not slaughtering our brothers and sisters. Mexicans are free to apply to Immigration. There is a process in place which my grandparents used or I would be writing from Waterford and Dublin.

The borders of Syria is where that publicity stunt would be meaningful.

Why isn't Pope Francis making public statements begging Turkey to shelter fleeing Christians?

Couldn't they take a break from their vigilant work spinning and weaving virtue into adultery and sodomy and help our brothers and sisters?

Why wouldn't they make their phone calls to Obama like they did in their work with the communists in Cuba and beg him to do something meaningful?

Why isn't the USCCB calling an emergency meeting and organizing something to pressure Turkey?

I can't stop thinking about these families, how terrified they must be to experience unspeakable cruelty of the crusaders of the religion of peace, to know they can do nothing to save their children and will most likely witness their massacres, hear their cries for help, before their own death. Knowing the bishops and pope are working on pastoral policies making virtue out of adultery and sodomy.

I am beside myself at their priorities and their deafening and craven silence.


Anonymous said...

It's all about what photo op works best for the current agenda...there's no time for doing the courageous Catholic thing for these men...they're all about their endless eccumenical garble...and heaven forbid one Cardinal steps out of line well ...whoa to him...he'll be dealt with swiftly. As to Christians being cruelly massacared..I'm sure someone has already checked with Obama to see how it should be dealt with or shall we say not dealt with. Cardinal Omalley isn't a part of the gang of lost boys for nothing.

Netmilsmom said...

Why isn't Pope Francis going to the refugee camps of the Chaldeans from Ninevah and Mosul?

He is too busy overriding the Patriarch of the Chaldean Church about bringing his priests back from American (who moved here without permission) while the Iraqi people have no one to say mass and give sacraments. The Priest of those cities were killed or kidnapped.

M. Prodigal said...

The hatred against Christians, especially Catholics or others who live their faith is growing world wide--even from the Vatican. Now if you are a heretic Christian, then perhaps you can be embraced but not a faithful one. Just like our country does not care about Africans unless it has the opportunity to push contraception, abortion, and sodomy on the people because the agenda is demonic.

Steve Dalton said...

No one should be surprised about the cruelty of the Turks. The Turks have always treated the Christians under their rule with great cruelty. What happened to the Armenians in 1915 was only one of the many horrible things these savages have done to the Christians. For some very informative information about Turkish Anti-Christianism, go to Warning: if you have a tender heart, prepare to be heartbroken.

wife said...

Yes, the Feast of the Holy Rosary commemorates the Battle of Lepanto, in which the Turks were defeated by the European countries of the Holy League on October 7, 1571.

You are right on about O'Malley and Francis favoring immigration if the illegals are entering the US. It would be great if they'd speak to the Turks about letting persecuted Christians in, but Let's not hold our breaths.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis has time and again condemned the attacks against Catholics (and additional minorities) that have taken place throughout the Middle East and elsewhere.

His Holiness has exhorted countries to aid persecuted Christians.

Criticism of Turkey having closed itself to fleeing persecuted Christians aired the other day over Vatican Radio.

Pope Francis has expressed his desire to visit Iraq to pray with and comfort his persecuted spiritual children.

Pope Francis conducted late last year an important symposium on the plight of persecuted Catholics that few Catholic bloggers, let alone the world's news media, publicized.


Dymphna said...

But Steve, none of that comes near the Pope's appearance in Lampedusa.