Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cardinal Wuerl Does a Fred Astaire Around His Slanderous Post

Article was written by "Mary Ann Walsh" and was published by heretical Jesuit rag America Magazine.

Isn't that the nun that works for the USCCB?

Why would America Magazine leave "Sr." out of her name?

Nevermind. I know - for the same reason they leave Church teaching out of their spiritual guidance to their readers.

Was this Cardinal Wuerl's attempt at damage control?

Sister Mary Ann points out that Pope Francis seems to want 'discussion' and the adultery is virtue show has created confusion. She asks his nibs:

Do you think this openness to dialogue confuses the majority of the laity or is supported by them?

Are you ready for Cardinal Wuerl's answer?

Brace yourself:

Pope Francis asked us to speak our minds and hearts with clarity, to listen with humility and in that process to be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Get it?

After the presentation of heresy, when it's faithful Catholics turn to 'speak their minds with clarity', when Team Francis slanders us as "dissenters" and threatens to sue us - that's them 'asking us to speak our minds and hearts with clarity, listening with humility and being open to the movement of the Holy Spirit".

And Boko Harem is their Justice and Peace Committee.

I'm not sure how to say this without making Cardinal Wuerl's statements appear dishonest, but when Team Francis slanders and threatens faithful Catholics when they 'speak their minds with clarity', this is not the conduct of honorable men carrying out that mission. I am sorry to say it.

He goes on to say:

In the closing hour of that daylong discussion, I noted in my brief intervention that obviously there is no challenge to the teaching of the church on the indissolubility of marriage. I also pointed out that many participants distinguish between the doctrine on marriage and the pastoral practice of reception of Communion for those divorced and remarried.


Is that what they're calling their apostasy nowadays in Rome?

What those 'many participants' are doing is "contradicting" 2000 years of theology of the Doctors and Saints of the Church on mortal sin and the Sacraments.

When you 'practice' something that 'contradicts' doctrine and you use your position as a priest, bishop, pope to persuade others to 'practice' something that contradicts doctrine, YOU are the "dissenter". The people resisting YOUR dissent are being faithful to the Deposit of Faith.

Sleeping with a person to whom you are not Sacramentally married places one in state of mortal sin. A physician of the soul would no more give the Blessed Sacrament to a person in that state than an oncologist would inject carcinogens into the cells of his cancer patients.

Any bishop who suggested this 'pastoral practice' is guilty of malpractice.

When that suggestion manifested itself, the Pope's job was to teach and explain the reasons what happens after sacrilegious Communion. His job was not to promote the malpractice as a pastoral practice everyone should adopt.

How about you stop imposing the fate of Judas upon the uncatechized.

How about the Pope give an edict to pull out the Catechism and catechize the uncatechized.

How about you stop the deception and lies and slander and threats.

How about you stop telling our children to commit adultery and take sacrilegious Communion and you hire faithful Catholics to teach your people their religion.

Your recent blog on some bishops seeming to be in dissent from the pope has drawn interest. Do you see this as a significant concern? Can bishops disagree with Pope Francis? In what way can they disagree as members of the hierarchy?

How about that?

There will always be diversity of opinion in the church. But that is very different from denying or dissenting from the articles of the Creed or defined teaching. My understanding of what Pope Francis is asking of all of us is an affirmation of the received faith and an exploration on how we can help reach pastorally those who find themselves in serious situations, particularly relative to their marriage.

He didn't answer the question.

He should just be a man, apologize and take down his post.

We keep saying it but I guess we haven't been clear.

Pope Francis selected a heretic to impose the pastoral practice of contradictions of moral theology and doctrine. His suggestions and practice and synod and its Relatio has placed his papacy in a serious situation.

A quick count of Cardinal Wuerl's attempt at damage control uses 'I' and 'my' about 30 times.

You know what the problem is?

These men think we want to hear what they think.

That ship has sailed brothers.

Long ago.

We've been listening to you demoralize everyone around us for decades.

We are done listening to what you think.

Pull out the catechism and the Deposit of Faith and teach our children their religion.


Anonymous said...

Sister Mary Ann Walsh is still "a member of the Northeast Community of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas." Blame America magazine for omitting that info (which it usually cites) from her latest article.

Remember her in your prayers, because she has terminal cancer and is confined to a wheelchair at the Mercy Motherhouse in Albany, New York, where she continues to do as much as work and prayer as possible (see http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1500791.htm).

TTC said...

I hadn't heard and am sorry to hear of her suffering.

Anonymous said...

At sixty three I can still recall a Catholic Faith that was as clear as crystal...There were no grey and shaded areas....It stands to reason that these buffoons are looking for the big easy...far too many of them are not in the state of grace themselves and rationalizing is always the best course of action. They're sure we're all going skyward...Except the awful trad Pharisees of course...what they don't realize is that we Pharisees make good use out of the confessional and do not exclude ourselves as being sinners....we cause them great consternation because we believe the immutable teachings of the Catholic Church and please God we will continue to do so regardless of how they choose to interpret us.

M. Prodigal said...

Well those folks who 'find' themselves in a 'serious situation'---that would be MORTAL SIN---need not to be confirmed in it but brought to conversion and repentance and reconciliation. That part does not seem to be happening. Is sin still sin? Is there any sin? Don't all people go to heaven????

Anonymous said...

@M. Prodigal

"Is sin still sin?"

When I took my son to CCD he was taught "unloving choices", not sin. That is why I then, and still, scoff at the RCAB.

In the end it turned out to be quite the blessing, it caused us to dig deep and learn what the Catholic Church really teaches. So, in a backhanded way, I thank the RCAB.

Will I attend a local parish, nope; Will I donate to Sean's Catholic Appeal, nope; Am I surprised by my local parish priests weekly begging for priest vocations in the bulletin, nope.

This walls of the RCAB are crumbling and not a thing is going to change around here until all the nonsense stops and a return orthodox Catholicism as it has been taught for 2000 returns.

Thanks TTC for this blog!

TTC said...

"In the end it turned out to be quite the blessing, it caused us to dig deep and learn what the Catholic Church really teaches. So, in a backhanded way, I thank the RCAB. "

Me too. I went out of my way to priests who would tell me contraception wasn't a sin. But eventually he piled on until there could be no mistake: He was lying about the things that were not sinful. And then, I prayed the prayer of Solomon - just show me the Truth, I want to know it.

And show me He did!

It took a couple of years of reading the Doctors of the Church and the Saints, John Paul II encyclicals, Bishop Fulton Sheen.

I knew we had all been robbed.

I am beside myself that we have a pope now attempting to roll the larceny of salvation out as a 'pastoral policy'.

Anonymous said...

Robbed precisely the correct terminology!

The scene from Full Metal Jacket where the drill instructor says "I think you've been cheated" sums up how I've felt about this.

Was tempted to send a copy of "The Papal Plan for Restoration: Restoring the Catholic Priesthood" to my local pastor but am sure it wouldn't help.