Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Update on Bishop Bootkoski's Fatwa on Jannuzzi Family

Maggie Gallagher has more ugly details on Bishop Bootkoski's fatwa on the Jannuzzi family.

It is not enough, apparently to fire a Catholic school teacher for defending the faith. The diocese has to sully her good name by pretending it has never done any of those things, and implying she’s a liar. This gets worse and worse.

Nor is it just on marriage issues that Catholics are being attacked. I learn from Anne Hendershott that last week a priest in the diocese of Scranton apologized for showing an anti-abortion film to Catholic students, after some parents protested to the media. The CCD teacher resigned.

Instead of showing people the door who complain about Catholics teaching the Catholic religion in Catholic apostolates, they kill the prophet.

Again, I'm really surprised these kinds of stories seem like a new phenomenon.

Maggie asks:

These scorched-earth tactics work: How much of Catholic teaching are Catholic bishops willing to abandon to get out from under bad publicity?

The whole thing.

They're willing to lose every soul in their diocese.

And when will they learn they cannot manipulate this media in their favor? The truth will come out.



They have been manipulating the Catholic media for decades. The National Catholic Register has even joined the bishops' mafia.

Exposing their dirty deeds is a brand spanking new experience for them.

A handful of Catholic apostolates and parents with blogs have ended the charade.

They are floored.

They can't believe their eyes.

They are still testing the water. That is why it is extremely important that each little ugly incident tars and feathers the bishop, the priest, the lay person - or sadly a pope - engaging in thuggery.

They are just learning that their slander and threats is no longer an effective weapon against whisteblowers.

They are just learning that their enablers at the National Catholic Register and Patheos have lost the ability to damage control.


Catholic Mission said...

The please the political Left they are officially teaching lies in other areas of the Catholic Faith too.

The FSSP priests are not teaching the truth of the Catholic Faith for political reasons. They are teaching a lie.So what do we do ? We do not discuss it since they are priests?

Priestly Fraternity of St.Peter (FSSP) has changed Church teachings on family catechesis, religious education, salvation, mortal sin, ecclesiology...

Peter Lamb said...

When will more Traditional Catholics wake up and recognise, according to basic tenets of Catholic doctrine that the novus ordo church of Vatican II is not The Catholic Church and have nothing more to do with it? The novus ordo church is the church of darkness which has eclipsed the Catholic Church, as predicted by Our Lady and others. Sedevacantism is the only position for true Catholics to adopt in these times, which is consistent with the Catholic Faith of the past 2000 years. See for in depth analysis of this truly Catholic position.

Anonymous said...

I am still not sure what to do about the Apostacy - but my eyes have been opened much wider recently. I do KNOW to stay close to Our Lady of Fatima. And I do know that the Franciscan Friars and Sisters are the Glory of our Church.

Anonymous said...

I was supporting the Franciscan Friars and Sister of the Immaculate in my post.

I have been hopeing for a Pope to destroy the heretical jesuits; but, instead these good Catholic Franciscans are targeted for destruction for being too Catholic. I do not think the traditionalists are the ones going ("backwards") - it is the modernists who are walking in the WRONG direction.

TTC said...

Peter, not sure if you are new here but the Chair of Peter is where Christ's Church is and it will never be anywhere else.

That no brainer comes directly from the promises of Christ.