Monday, June 15, 2015

Given the shibboleth coming from Rome, this is no time for sloth.

I am really taking a shine to Bishop Schneider!

In another peculiar development coming from Rome, the other day I read about a 'tribunal for bishops in sex abuse cases' and thought to myself, Gee, I hope they don't use this kangaroo court to remove bishops who are opposed to the Roman Mapplethorpe they are building. I mean, they wouldn't sink that low, would they?

I didn't much like the feeling I had in the pit of my stomach, but I chalked it up to the many years of experiences I had with Fr. Bill Scanlon (RIP) who had a cocktail napkin placed in his personnel file after he made noise about suspicions about a pedophile ring and various characters at Catholic Charities. The napkin said 'fools around with boys'. They used that napkin to torment the guy his entire vocation. It took a terrible toll on his health and destroyed his vocation. We were robbed and the Church was robbed. After his premature death, to those us who loved him and knew of his innocence, the antics rose to the level of
manslaughter. Consequently, when it comes to assessing what the lavender mafia is capable of doing and getting away with, I plead guilty to being 50 shades of jaded. But, I am very aware of my bias and will often dismiss my suspicions.

I must say however that when I read about Archbishop Neinstedt's resignation, the first thing I said was "Oh bleep, here we go!"

I immediately did some poking around to see if it was my imagination that only faithful bishops are being accused of 'mishandling' the ephebophiles the lavender mafia ordained.

I found this on Rorate:

As one conservative bishop after another is speedily removed over allegations of mishandling accusations of immorality and / or sexual abuse against the clergy subject to them, we await the day when liberal bishops and cardinals who are guilty of far greater offenses will experience the same treatment.

So it is more than my post-traumatic biases from the retaliation of scribbling on a napkin at some drunken party and slipping into a personnel file when a priest was on their trail.

Let us face it: The evidence to exonerate the Holy Father of the charge of letting the lavender mafia take over the Holy See is virtually non-existent.

A kangaroo court is in place and lo and behold, it is in pursuit of faithful bishops.

Given what we know about what kind of bishops ordain men sexually attracted to teenagers and then enable them, doesn't this strike you as inconsistent with abolishing the practices that lure teenagers into the hands of sexual predators?

Given what we know about the cause and effect, what are the odds it's a coincidence all the bishops they are accusing do not fit the profile of the real enablers?

Stinks to the high heavens.


Anonymous said...

"The evidence to exonerate the Holy Father of the charge of letting the lavender mafia take over the Holy See is virtually non-existent."

As he is clearly a control freak, and wouldn't cede the reins to anyone, and has promoted, hugged, defended, concelebrated with, and (for photo-op publicity) openly met with the most notorious flamers imaginable (and more upcoming already planned and announced), did you ever consider the possibility that he wears a lavender miter himself?

Anonymous said...

Of all people, Cardinal O'Malley from Boston will be one of those "advising" the Pope in this matter. We had great hopes when he arrived in Boston that he would reverse so many of the wrongs that took place under Bernie Law's tenure. Sadly, he seems to have either bought into the corruption that already existed, or someone has the goods on HIM...he surrounds himself with pro-abortion, high-priced fund-raisers (Jack Connors) amongst other Godless individuals (particularly the Archdiocese's educational liaisons)...there can be no serious pursuit of justice as long as Sean O'Malley is sought out for his "wisdom".

M. Prodigal said...

I read about the family who have suffered MUCH at the hands of an abusive priest and nothing, absolutely nothing, was done to protect them from the monster. I do not know that the bishop was always personally aware of the perversion of this priest but some in the chancery were; they knew he had solicited sex. Unworthy men, predatory homosexuals have been allowed in the priesthood and while care should be taken to protect against false accusations, credible ones must be acted upon. Granted, 'liberal' and unfaithful bishops continue with impunity but this case in MN is far worse than what took down the good Bp. Finn.

And as for C. O'Malley shooting off his mouth and ready to bring down other bishops, his archdiocese is no picture of perfection.

Anonymous said...

We talk much about conservative bishops being targeted while liberal bishops are left alone, but the only way to stop this is to raise the pedophile problems against the liberal bishops as well. When someone can put on the internet a list of liberal bishops and the pedophile priests they protected, we can make the same stink that liberal Catholics did against conservative bishops. But where is the list? Can anyone tell me some examples?

breathnach said...

Anon @ 6:47PM: Leftist,secularist Cardinal Mahoney, the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:47 PM: Bishop Juan Barrow Madrid.

TTC said...

For starters, how about the bishop in Florida who forced his unwanted sexual advances upon an adult employee to the point where he had to quit and file a lawsuit?

What is that predator doing still perched in his position when there is public evidence that behind closed doors he forces his sexual advances upon someone who doesn't want them?

Anonymous said...

Funny, the poster who asked for examples of liberal bishops not being ousted is no where to be found, how predictable...