Monday, January 25, 2016

Celebrating the Loss of Salvation of Millions of Immortal Souls.

I'm sure you've all read the news that Pope Francis is going to celebrate the most famous heretic leading millions from Christ's Church and the Sacraments.

Perhaps any day now we'll be reading about how Pope Francis will concelebrate a Latin Mass with Bishop Fellay to commemorate when he fled Mapplethorpe?

Mikey says it better than I can.


Anonymous said...

Luther belongs in three places: The deepest pit of hell; nightmares; and on the bottom of my shoe.
Funny that it happens on Holloween- this will bring the creepfest of lutheranism to its rightful celebration day - HOLLOWEEN!

Left-footer said...

I am shocked that some people are praying for the swift and painless death of Bergoglio.

Very uncharitable: a slow and painful demise would give hime time and motive for repentance.

Anonymous said...

Carol -

Could I ask you what "Mapplethorpe" refers to in the body of your post?


JB said...

We are witnessing the Great Apostasy right in front of us. It's no wonder Bergoglio reportedly hates the Fatima revelations.

Amos said...

The post-Vatican II revolution in ecumenism led to this moment, it is the natural evolution.

This means that since the council ecumenism is done in a way that does NOT communicate the need of conversion to the Catholic Church for salvation, but merely “unity,” which implies a mere visible unity. Meaning, that people are already saved where they are at, we just need visible unity.

All post-conciliar Popes continued this mindset, even if they didn’t believe it, their actions communicated it and their ambiguous writings conveyed it – easily interpreted into heresy.

And honestly, the figure that propelled this the most is John Paul II; calling for “common martyrology,” asking St. John the Baptist to protect Islam (yeah, that’s not ecumenism but related), Assisi meetings, Lutheran joint declaration on justification, etc. All of his actions and writings do not indicate the need to convert to Catholicism for salvation.

Now if you were formed in the confusion of the 1960s and 1970s, like Franics, and watched Popes act like this, all the while adopting a form of theology which continuously reforms and changes itself (like Francis when he criticized people who like to stay in the past) then the natural response to ecumenism is this event.

You can thank John Paul II, mistakenly canonized by this same Pope, and the horribly ambiguous and confusing ecumenism that the New Theology imposed on the Church via hijacking the language in the Vatican II.