Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pope Francis is close to dropping the shoe on the 'papal exhortation'

One reliably informed source, a recognized moral theologian who has seen the draft, said he was "deeply disturbed" by the text as it “calls into question the natural moral law”.

Stampeding towards anathema.

From Rorate

[Abp. Paglia] said the much-anticipated document, which summarizes the Pope’s conclusions of the two synods dedicated to the family, will be “a hymn to love, a love that wants to take care of the welfare of the young, to be close to wounded families to give them strength, a love that wants to be close to children as well as to all mankind in need. "

He is not talking about families wounded by his apostate priests and bishops. He is not referring to the welfare of their victims. He's going to leave all that in place to continue luring a multitude of children into its lethal course.

Something I keep coming back to: The devil is in the details.

I don't think this is a coincidence:

An incredible cloud formation which appeared over the skies of Portugal has been dubbed the 'hand of God'.
The cloud took the form of a fist from Heaven with a hand holding a fireball as it dominated the skyline across the island of Madeira on Monday.


Michael Dowd said...

Thanks for drawing the parallel Carol. With God there are no coincidences. Surely this is another message from Portugal that should especially be noted in the Vatican.
They haven't listened his mother so we should not be surprised that God may take matters into His own hands.

Aged parent said...

The photos of the cloud formation in Portugal made the hair stand on my head. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.