Saturday, February 6, 2016

Francis To Visit Kansas To Commemorate 26th Anniversary Of Pope Michael Election To Papacy

This parody of Pope Francis celebration of Martin Luther's march from Sanctifying Grace and salvation really puts the asshatery into perspective.

Celebrating an anniversary of a false pope is exactly the same as the caccalallies of his Martin Luther happy anniversary celebration.

Saint Padre Pio, help us!


Michael Dowd said...

Pope Francis has become a parody of himself, his own 'Eye of the Tiber'.

TTC said...

That is, sadly, spot on. I don't know how many times I came across satire and thought it could possibly be true!

Sixupman said...

Not to mention his meeting with his 'brother'/ pastor inter pares, Russian Orthodox Primate [government controlled] in that haven of free speech, Cuba. Whereby, it is reported, Franciscus denies the superiority of his Petrine status.