Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pope is Petitioned to Correct His Heresy On Humanae Vitae

We are truly living in extraordinary times when the faithful has to draw a petition to ask a Pope to step into the public square and correct his contradiction to Church teaching.

But here we are.

Outstanding work done by organizers of the petition. Deo Gratis.

Please take the time to sign the petition and encourage anyone and everyone in the truth to sign it.


Anonymous said...

Thank You, I signed it!

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks for bringing this petition to our attention. I signed it. What strange times we live in. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord.

TLM said...

I signed too, along with my H. Indeed this is a new concept, sending petitions to the Vicar of Christ to publicly uphold the Gospel instead of spouting error at every turn. Unbelievable!!!!

S said...

Didn't sign. I think its stupid. "The pope is a heretic, i think ill send him a note" when he made his ' breeding like rabbits' crack what did people think he meant? Think how evil that comment was. It was an assault on the fundamental underpinning of the sanctity of human life - all babies are good. The 3rd secret is in the rear view mirror. Are we better off with pope fr. Z, Pope Voris? How about we stick with the triumphant and grasp the current... dare i say... vacantcy?