Friday, April 8, 2016

First Responders to Pope Francis Joy of Sex

I am short on time but a few things -

The piggies at the National Catholic Distorter are caricaturing the 'exhortation' as Pope Francis giving orders to obstruct Church teaching and point people to see adultery as their personal prelature of how to save souls and to feed the sheep moral confusion without concern.

I wonder if they will come up with a name for this personal prelature. I can think of plenty.

NBC is caricaturing Pope Francis as softenging bans on mortal sin.

I haven't read the thing - but it seems consistent with the tenor of the papacy of Pope Francis. Flooding our homes and family with moral confusion and obstructing Church teaching.

More later!


TLM said...

I admit, I have only been able to read part of it. I think I am on page 87, and have skipped around a little to read paragraph 301 and some others. The later paragraphs are a big problem. Francis seems to start out ok, and then ends up with refuting Church teaching. Cannot figure out if it is really 'Kasper' talking in the later paragraphs or if it is actually Francis who was behind this all along. It's going to take some digesting of the entire thing before we can decipher what he is really saying. He seems to stay on course and then completely contradict himself. Aye yai yai

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I think paragraph 3 is a big problem as it sets the stage for the situation ethics that seems to be throughout this thing. I'm now skipping to chapter 8 for there I understand the real problems lie within.