Sunday, April 24, 2016

God makes all things new again.

I read a few things in Christendom about the Voris story (including a comment that I did not publish) I thought worthy of mention. Namely, that the retaliatory act of the Archdiocese of scrounging up people whistlblower's slept with is justified, because after all, if you report corruption, spiritual abuse or rape, you deserve it.

In a perverted display of 'mercy', one individual went so far as to smear whistleblowers by claiming the reporting of abuse is a smear worthy of comeuppance. I bet that BroomHilda chants the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day while riding the stick up her butt. A regular St. Faustina, that one. Very inspiring.

A formally-affiliated priest is now calling a cease and desist on whistleblowing holy corruption. More astounding, he has alleged Sanctifying Grace is insufficient healing for homosexual sex.

In his disclosure, Michael himself implied that evangelists and whistleblowers should stand in the public square and announce details of our sins before teaching Catholicism or reporting abuse.

Folks, I think we are getting a little daft here.

Look, is there conduct that would make a post-conversion career in evangelism and whistleblowing ill-advised?

Of course.

But do you remember when Christ chose sinless people to 'smear' Herod and Herodias?


I don't either. The Bible I have has Christ calling John the Baptist the greatest man who will ever live.

Spiritual abuse of children is much worse than raping them. So said Christ.

We have spent 60 years trying to get the corruption, spiritual and physical abuse stopped through the ranks of the hierarchy. It was a bust. We were threatened and bullied. The only thing that works is public disclosure and lawsuits. Egg on the face and emptying wallets are the only proven methods of stopping the abuse and corruption.

Exhausting internal methods and after failing to remedy abuse, publicly warning the people, these are the instructions given to us in Scripture. This is not the same thing as having perps hunt down the sexual lovers of a whistleblower to shut them up.

During my days of defying the Church on contraception, I led people astray. I am trying to make up for it and prevent other women from being misled by wayward priests and bishops. The zeal and fire is probably overdone but I offer it as reparation. The same motive holds true for nearly every evangelist. God makes all things new again. Completely.

Keep your powder dry and your intellect clear with Sanctifying Grace.


Dorota said...

The diabolical disorientation has affected even those Catholics, who strive to remain faithful. Clear reasoning and logic are perceived as hate speech even by those who proclaim allegiance to truth rather than PC. Whenever plain talk is heard, and facts are presented, fear ensues - that one my shunned as a radical, if one agreed.

Michael Voris has a very sinful past. For many years he suffered painful consequences of a very disordered life, which he admitted many times. He claims to have turned away from the horrific sins toward God, and he humbly credits the efforts and sacrifices of his mother with that brake-through. It would have been exhibitionist and completely unnecessary of him to let everyone in on the specifics of his former life, ones he repented of. Aren't we instructed by God Himself that we are all sinners, regardless of the particulars of our sins?

Mr. Voris has a clear calling - journalism. Once he had experienced the grace and forgiveness of God, once his sins were washed away, he used this calling to help others turn to God, and he does it tirelessly, with great zeal. Mr. Voris, a former sodomite, not unlike a former alcoholic counselling current alcoholics or a former prostitute counselling current prostitutes, understands his particular weakness very well.

Now, it just so happens that enemies of the Church, seeing that it has been impossible for two thousand years to destroy the Church via an open attack, plotted to infiltrate it and destroy it via sodomy - same weakness Michael Voris was affected by. We know about the plot from "Alta Vendita".

Why should Michael Voris renounce his calling (one he is exceptionally good at), because he has offended God so terribly, when his past life makes him even more aware of the filth the Church is contaminated by so thoroughly, than an average person, and the good fruits of his current clean life and work, are so bountiful?

Those Catholics, who deem him disqualified, seem to not understand the concept of being born again, and being called by our Father, as sinners, to reform our lives and win souls for Him.

Mr. Voris (or someone at CM) has banned me from commenting on CM website. I was critical of the Pope. Although I don't agree with their decision to leave Jorge Bergoglio out of the just attacks against the enemies of the Church, I can appreciate the many positive aspects of their work. It seems that CM is very much needed at this time, especially looking at the outpouring of love, support and thanks after disclosure.

TTC said...

Dorota, your commentary was beautifully articulated. Thank you for expressing them here at TTC!

Michael Dowd said...

Anyone whose profession it is to publicly call out sinners had better fess up to his/her own sin first. Good politicians always have oppo research done on themselves first and get the bad stuff out of the way.

I am happy Michael finally got this off his chest as inevitably someone else was going to do it as there are many folks who know about Michael's former life including myself. I laud Michael for all he does and watch his program every day.

Now having cleared the air on his past life he needs to fess up as to why he bans anyone from commenting who expresses criticism of Pope Francis. This posture is not smart as it weakens the objectivity of his program and costs him listeners and contributors.

TLM said...

Echoing TTC.....wonderful and insightful thoughts, Dorota!! You hit the nail squarely on the head! Thanks so much!!

Dorota said...

@ Kind People

Thank you very much.