Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Restoring a Sense of the Sacred

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“Strike the shepherd and the sheep scatter” (Zec 13:7). There’s no doubt that the devil has focused his assault on the religious leaders of our day. While these leaders may have had noble intentions of charity and pastoral sensitivity, the results have been devastating. Decades of lenient, non-confrontational leadership have left the faithful feeble and prone to be “conformed to the pattern of this world” (Rom 12:2). St. Augustine once said, “Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.”

The unfortunate laxity of discipline has permitted confusion and strife where there should be clarity and harmony, an authentic unity based on the truth. As a result, the modern trend among those who believe and teach falsehoods that directly contradict the Church’s teaching is to consider these pockets of dissent as merely “differing tribes” within the Catholic Church. In this deceptive tribal system, those who believe in and teach all that the Church teaches are then considered extreme among these tribes.

Right or wrong, religious leadership seemed to calculate that it is better to refrain from “charged issues” for fear of offending some or even losing members. However, St. Peter Canisius cautioned: “Better that only a few Catholics should be left, staunch and sincere in their religion, than that they should, remaining many, desire as it were to be in collusion with the Church’s enemies and in conformity with the open foes of our faith.”

It is time to “rally the troops” … to get on the same page. It’s time to assemble a coalition of leading experts in our time to formulate “the plan” to “Restore a Sense of the Sacred.” There are obvious names that come to mind: Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, and a score of Cardinals, Bishops, priests and laity who understand this critical need in our time; a time that is witnessing a mass exodus from the pews, and is allowing a multitude of souls to be in peril of eternal damnation.

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Michael Dowd said...

Carol, romancatholicman.com is a fabulous site. Thank you. I posted it to FB. The prediction about the Great Apostasy is no longer a prediction; we are living it now.

TTC said...

I know! Doesn't it rock?!!

Anonymous said...

Carol, I thank you for telling us about the website.

How can we protect ourselves if we are in a not-so-good parish with no means of going elsewhere?

TTC said...

Sorry for delay in answering.

Sorry to hear! It is a tough question to answer without knowing more details - ie, do you have children, are you in a place in your life where you can play the role of a citadel? Meaning, can you choose some battles, let the pastor know the theological problem and how it affecting the families, and if he doesn't respond, call his bishop, etc.

I'm assuming you know the routine but let me know if you have more questions or observations.

I also think it is important to say fed. Watch EWTN, make sure you are saying the Rosary every day, stay in a state of Grace, frequent reception of the Sacraments, make sure you have spiritual reading and prayers and writings of the saints, find a network of faithful Catholics even if they are on the internet...

I would check hospital chapels and religious orders around you, check into opus dei closest to you - see if you can get there at least once a month. You have my sympathy and prayers!

TTC said...

ps - you would be surprised how much you can stop by being a citadel. Friendly priests have repeatedly told me if they see me, they are much more careful!