Monday, April 18, 2016

You're all batpoop crazy. Get a shrink.

When the pope was in the US, he astoundingly took the position that Donald Trump was not a Christian because he does not support illegal immigration. Something, by-the-by, which is not a teaching of the Catholic Church.

When his politically-charged statement blew up, he said his statement wasn't intended to dissuade Catholics from voting for Trump.

This week, the communist candidate whose agenda includes killing sick and imperfect people and children who are 'not wanted' was invited to blow the smoke of satan from the highest perch of Christ's Church, Vatican City.

When thinking people responded that this action gives the appearance the Pope is throwing the support of the Chair of Peter towards Bernie Sanders, the Holy Father went straightaway to his Divine Mercy spirituality and said giving the US presidential candidate a platform in St. Peter's Square to teach the culture of death wasn't political and you better go find a shrink if you think it is.

I wonder if we'll see ISIS or the klu klux klan giving a papal seminar.

Sanders and his wife stayed overnight at the pope's residence, the Domus Santa Marta hotel in the Vatican gardens, on the same floor as the pope.

It wasn't political? I guess he expects us to believe Bernie Sanders was invited to the Vatican teach theology.

We've grown accustomed to Church leaders overlooking the empirical murderers of children to advance a political agenda and then defend their misfeasance by insulting the righteous people who pointed it out. Admittedly, I'm pining for the days when the occupant of the Chair of Peter was safe from this graceless spiritual poison.


Anonymous said...

Remember the Lincoln bedroom?

How does one just happen to be in the hotel lobby, just at the moment the papal entourage is passing through?
I wonder if it is customary to make a small donation before reserving a room in the papal hotel.
I wonder if a small gratuity might influence an enterprising monsignor to open a few doors at just the right moment.

Felix M said...

A liar and a bully boy.

It would be a sad joke to call him "Holy Father", as he is quite devoid of genuine fatherly charity. Unless it gets him some good publicity.