Saturday, May 21, 2016

Euthanasia: When you grow tired of caring for your sick relatives, kill them

Mother kills her sick daughter when caring for her becomes too much.

In a world that has become cruel to sick and imperfect people, there is great hope in a community awake and alert enough to recognize what this mother did to her own flesh and blood.

Isn't it ironic that somewhere down the street, politicians craft legislation to legally kill sick people and they are not in jail?

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Sixupman said...

Among my late wife's reading list was mild science fiction,two which come to mind: a man incarcerated in an asylum because he could add up figures without a calculator; the other relates to forced euthanasia, people would order a taxi, but instead of being taken to their desired destination, the doors were locked and they were transported to a death centre. Note: the advent of driverless cars in such respect? Also the prophetic book "Lord of the Worlds" dealt with the subject.