Sunday, May 1, 2016

Holy Water and Blessed Salt

Fr. Z has, once again, expressed his convictions on the distinctions of holy water from the Old Rite and Novus Ordo.

In nearly 25 years as a priest (anniversary coming in May) I have only… only…. used the older Rituale Romanum to bless salt and Holy Water. I will not change in the next 25 years, if I am granted them.

I use holy water (and water from Lourdes) much more than the average person and occasionally will use blessed salt, but I am not using it as often as I should by any stretch of the imagination. Every time he expresses his zeal for holy water from the Old Rite, which I'm sure comes from experience, I promise myself I will make the time to track some down. Isn't easy to do.

Be sure to also read his replies to comments in the comment section.

He gives a great explanation of blessed salt and reminds us that blessed salt and holy water is also for CONSUMPTION!

Blessed salt can be used for spiritual purposes alone or also for consumption! The prayer in the traditional manner says:

O you creature of salt, I purge you of all evil by the living + God, by the true + God, by the holy + God, who commanded by the Prophet Elisha that you be put into water in order that the sterility of the water would be healed: so that you might be rendered a purified salt for the salvation of believers, and so that you might be a healthiness of soul and body to all who consume you, and so that you may put to flight and drive out from a place in which you will have been scattered every phantom and wickedness, and cunning trap of diabolical deceit, and every unclean spirit be solemnly banished by command through Him Who shall come to judge the living and the dead, and the world by fire. R. Amen.

Consume! Health of soul and of body!

As you can see, blessed salt is for the blessing of holy water, for sprinkling in places, and for consumption. And the Devil hates it.

We really need salt, for our bodies and for our souls.

Why do I keep forgetting this?!!

An excellent reminder. We are so blessed to have the internet where faithful priests are constantly reminding us of the treasures Christ left for our redemption and protection from the wiles of the devil.

Here's another priest I came across on Facebook.

Outstanding content. Love his zeal.

Fr. Mike Schmitz - anyone know where his gig is set up?

I found another one of his videos, tips on praying HERE.

Really, really practical, straight-forward delivery of lighting the darkness.

I'd love to find where he publishes from and tap us all into it.

This a great day in the life of the Church. Not only the Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker, but the first day of May, Mary's month.

Do you all crown the Blessed Mother during this month?

I usually make my own crown, though some years I've asked a florist to make it.   Below is this year's crowning of the Queen of the Angels at the McKinley Hostel.   This winter was unkind, so I gave her a paint job this year.  Came out a little too dark-blue, so I'll have to do it again but at least she didn't go into her month chipped!

Hope  and pray your month is filled with many spiritual blessings and the protection of Our Blessed Mother.  Hope you've given thought to doing the consecration.  I'll try to post it every day.    Let us pray for each other!


Ever mindful said...

Let us not imagine that we obscure the glory of the Son by the great praise we lavish on the Mother; for the more she is honored, the greater is the glory of her Son. There can be no doubt that whatever we say in praise of the Mother gives equal praise to the Son.

St Bernard of Clairvaux

Anonymous said...

Fr. Mike Schmitz has an excellent homily on the Eucharist. You can download the audio from a link on this page:

Direct link to the audio:

H said...

Fr. Mike Schmitz has an excellent homily on the Eucharist:

Here's the direct link to the audio:

Molly said...

Belated, just now catching up on reading. I would presume that Holy Water from one of the RCAB parishes that offer the Extraordinary Form would have been blessed using the old rite? At least, this is why I held off getting Holy Water until I hit my monthly Mass with the homeschoolers at a particular parish in Newton. What do you think? I suppose I should just ask the pastor - not always opportunity to do this though, the line for Confession can be long even mid-day Friday!

TTC said...

Molly, I would think so. I can't imagine a priest who knows the difference would take that kind of a short-cut with such an effective tool against the devil. I would ask him to be sure - let me know!