Saturday, May 28, 2016

One can hardly believe Archbishop Wenski has the gall to memorialize his arrogance in the public square.

It's the same old story - a priest firing faithful nuns: Where there is smoke, there is fire.

A group of lay people in the parish notice something just wasn't right so they hired a private investigator. Lo and behold he found evidence pointing to the priest taking on multiple lovers. They pass said evidence on to his bishop.

What does Bishop Wenski do?

Oh come on, you know!

He authors a poison pen letter against the people giving him the evidence!

The Christifidelis document, titled “Dossier on the Improprieties of Father Pedro M. Corces And an Appeal to His Excellency Archbishop Thomas Wenski For Urgent Action” and dated May 16, consists of information provided by an investigator hired by the parents. It accuses Corces of improper relationships with a maintenance worker he hired and three other individuals associated with the parish, including a deacon.

The deacon, the maintenance guy, the butcher, the baker, the candlestickmaker --- and Bishop Wenski thinks gathering evidence of the source of the stink of sulfur coming from the rectory is what went awry in the situation.

He said the adults had to go and spoil everything by sending him a letter informing him of the priest's misconduct. Now he's got to yank the priest and all the children are 'dis-edified'.

He must have been drunk to write this ancient clerical skullduggery down on paper and send it out into the world.

Will they ever learn that if they set the wolf up to consume our family, we will stop their attempts to unify us to their vices?

It's hard to muster up hope the lights will ever dawn on marbleheads.


Ana Milan said...

This is the kind of abuse that Pope Francis should be attacking instead of calling Traditional Catholics who are trying to fight this sodomy in the priesthood Pharaohs, Pharisees & cold hearted fundamentalists. Climate change & the environment are not CC problems but governmental ones. Instead of saying that Atheists & Pagans can gain Heaven by good deeds and the Jews needn't be evangelised etc. why doesn't he uphold the Gospels, Deposit of Faith & Tradition of the CC which we received from Jesus through His Apostles and which the Church authorities did uphold until Vatican II? This disobedience is directly contrary to the Great Commission and his (& other Popes & Hierarchies since Vatican II) appalling lack of respect & complete refusal to accomplish Our Lady's request to have Russia consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart defies explanation. One can only assume there are very few Catholics among the Hierarchy and even those are mute. We have been told that the Vatican reeks of Satan and this is the outcome. We are all affected by it.

Anonymous said...

The bishops need to understand that we are calling them out.
They can no longer maintain the Vatican II "spirit" of various abuses.
The bishops are causing a schism by not providing traditional Catholicism.

Dad29 said...

Same old story, indeed. We are reminded of +Rembert Weakland.

Not really a good memory, either.