Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Big Pow-Wow in Rome: What the Church Needs Now is the Dismantling of Oversight and Accountability of Bishops

Their reflections, he said, also delved into "possible forms of decentralization in relation to episcopal conferences" around the world.

The nine-member council, which assists the Pope in matters of church governance and the reform of the Roman Curia, also discussed the work of several Vatican offices, including: the Congregation for Bishops, the Secretariat of State, as well as the congregations for Catholic Education, Eastern Churches and Clergy and the pontifical councils for Culture, Promoting Christian Unity and Interreligious Dialogue.

Following the announcement June 4 of the establishment of a new Vatican office for laity, family and life, Father Lombardi told reporters that the council also discussed the possible responsibilities of a new office dedicated to charity, justice and peace.

The office would bring together four existing pontifical councils responsible for promoting Catholic charity, justice and peace, providing pastoral assistance to healthcare workers and for migrants, refugees and other itinerant peoples.

They have really outdone themselves in audacity in corruption and screwed-up priorities.

We all know what the Church says about 'charity' without truth.

The pontificate of sappy sentiments.

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