Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'm sure this set the Pope off!

Yikes, this is a can of worms!

Some new material for homilies focueds on the no good bums and sourpusses inflexible to heresy.

Brace yourself for some good mileage out of that!

I know many, including our Fr. Z, were hoping that SSPX would come into full communion under the reign of Pope Francis.

I was not one of them. LOL.

The issue has always been SSPX took the position that the Church erred on teaching when the "Vatican II" wingnuts did what the Pope is trying to do on every other level and apostolate under the Chair of Peter.

Of course the Pope will assent to a statement saying Church teaching is in error. He has repeatedly said off-record there is no such thing as subjective Truth. I don't have to explain reasons why the CDF would not assent and will never assent to such a statement.

I held out very little hope that a reigning Pope:

a) inviting priests (and laity) to practice contradiction of Church teaching
b) assembling the worst heretics in the See of Peter to be his personal spokesperson on moral theology
c) contradicting Church teaching himself
d) imposing diabolical disorientation in the family, Church and world

...would be the set of circumstances SSPX have been waiting for!

How could they?

Conversely, I cannot imagine the Holy Father sending the welcome wagon to the peanut gallery he knows will publicly expose his errors.

It's not a good marriage. No pun intended!

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