Sunday, June 19, 2016

More from Ed Peters on the Disturbing Trajectory of Pope Francis Statements

The pope’s most recent statements on marriage were not slips akin to getting the date of a meeting wrong, they are not hearsay shared by a prelate known for a flexible attitude toward accuracy or stories shared by relatives from Argentina, and they are not hints of his views left ambiguous by some obvious omission. Instead these latest assertions were calmly offered by the pope before a large and sympathetic audience, with expert advisors readily at hand, in an extended manner, all of which factors point, I think, in a consistent if disturbing direction.

When you really start thinking the consequences of his theology through, we may need six months of fast.



TLM said...

Seriously, has anyone else besides me wondered about the Pope's 'mental health state'? His 'off the cuff' statements are ridiculous and ludicrous at best, and anti Catholic and extremely damaging at worst. A latest statement I read at Rorate quoted him as also saying: he (either sometimes or often, can't recall) has a "crisis of faith". Almost like he's having a complete meltdown.

TLM said...

Oh and also, what about the Priests that are 'animals' for not baptizing babies from single parent homes or homes that don't practice the faith?......'animals'?? REALLY???