Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What's the Crisis in the "Francis Effect"?

I call your attention to this post at 1P5 about Catholic thinkers remarks on the latest from Pope Francis.

Steve references both Peters and Dougherty's articles and points out the general observation in Christendom that that the reign of Pope Francis is damaging Church teaching on marriage and more importantly the Sacrament of Marriage has been put into crisis.

This observation is irrefutable but I want to keep pointing out that the crisis is much more complex and catastrophic.

What Pope Francis is saying and doing is altering the moral compass in the intellects of the people we love.

It's a crisis of the soul and salvation in the family.

The tool is Church teaching but spiritual abuse is being practiced upon people.

At the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis kept his theology and intentions a mystery.

He deployed the same tired tactics. Appointing heretics. Pretending he had nothing to do with outcome. Failing to stop the nonsense when Catholics reported consequences to family members. Putting energy into firing salvos towards those who practice of living every day in a state of Grace. Moral theology was muddled and corrections were never issued. Inventing himself as the cool cat whose come to help us all out by giving the nudge and wink to adultery, contraception and sacramental chaos. Demoralizing Church teaching to make the 'church appealing'.

Laying out the same traps the heretics have been laying before our families for decades but always keeping it arms length to give the appearance it is possible he has nothing to do with it.

We will never know intentions, but we can make a judgment that the outcome of using heretics and apostates to catechize the flock and mocking those who teach the practice of our religion deprives them of right judgment.

If you want people drive drunk, you hire teachers that tell them it's hip and ok while caricaturing people who don't as antiquated sourpussed sticks in the mud.

When you're in the highest position on earth to calibrate judgment, there's a purpose behind those you put into position and hand them tools.

There's a consistent pattern to appointments and tools in this pontificate.

His theology is now out in the open and we feel deceived.

It's a crisis of honesty and trust.

Yes, he has imposed chaos by suggesting adultery is more salvific than the Sacrament of Marriage. But, I think we are doing a disservice to Christ to caricature the situation as a doctrinal war.

We are in the middle of the grand larceny of salvation of the people we love and care about and for generations to come.

That is the crisis.

I don't wish the man ill-will. I leave his fate in the Hands of God.

What I'm not going to do is sit in the peanut gallery and observe him in silence.

I'm too much in debt to Christ to return that kind of cowardice and too much in love with the people around me.


Anonymous said...

I wonder. Do you worry that the people you love might be liars, gossips, prideful, envious, gluttonous, etc.? Or do you think the only real sin is sexual sin? Reading through your comments, one gets the impression that you are in desperate need of a sexual outlet? Can't you get an annulment so you can begin dating again?

TTC said...

The blog is simply reporting Church teachings Pope Francis is contradicting. I would be surprised to learn he's jabbering on because I don't sleep around, but if you get evidence what's happening is causally related, please send it my way and I shall immediately select somebody from the line and swing into action.

If he authors an exhortation called the love of lying and gluttony, you can be sure we'll write about it. Frankly, I wouldn't give him any more ideas.

breathnach said...

Pope Pander hasn't gotten around to liberating the liars, the prideful,the envious and the big eaters yet. He exclusively lambastes and name calls only the traditional minded. Bergoglio is as obsessed with sexuality as the sex-obsessed secularists.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy are some falling for this Popes words hook line and sinker. Annoy. Must be of the post Vatican error where as long as your not married sex is ok? A sin is a sin and yes Virginia there is a hell, I dare him to speak of that place.

Michael Dowd said...

Re Anonymous.
From all appearances Pope Francis approves of all forms of self indulgence, gluttony, gossip, backbiting, uncharitable acts, name calling, etc. in addition to adultery, sodomy, fornication and whatever else most orthodox Catholics consider objectionable. The man is a virtual walking, talking anti-Catechism. His main issue is with folks who contradict his point of view. That would be Catholics who actually believe and practice the faith that has been around for 2000 years.

TTM is to be congratulated for making us aware of the continuous flow of garbage theology coming the Vatican and some local dioceses and parishes.