Saturday, July 23, 2016

How would Cardinal Wuerl know?

Cardinal Wuerl told John Allen that 'very few' Catholics are 'unhappy' with the heresy invading our family from this pontificate.

How on earth would he know?

Everyone that practices our religion makes sure they keep him as distant as Playboy magazine.

The man is not allowed in the ball park.

He's not in the loop.

It is so typical of the candyasses in the episcopal see to observe the number of well-healed Catholic evangelists making their opinions public but categorically dismisses the catastrophic damage to the family being reported.

What priest pedophiles?
What priests taking male lovers?
What catastrophic heresy?

Give us a break.

“So many of the priests I know here and around the country are telling me that they find great support in the Holy Father’s encouragement that we reach out pastorally,” he said.

All I can say is, good luck with that.

Cuz when you 'reach out' to draw our loved ones into the snare, practicing Catholics will have a big rat trap waiting to snap on your claws.


Michael Dowd said...

Cardinal Wuerl may be right given the kind of Catechesis most Catholics have had in the last 50 years plus the overall Prostantantization of the Catholic Church. In other words, ignorance and indifference are the reasons few Catholics are the unhappy with Pope Francis, hardly something to brag about.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Wuerl also reported that five-year-olds very much approve of Pope Francis' new "ice cream sandwiches for dinner every night" initiative. "The children really seem to enjoy their dinner more, and, as the pope has said, ice cream sandwiches should not be a prize for the good, but a powerful treat for all kids."

The Cardinal also pointed out that puppies overwhelming approve of the new "poop anywhere you like" papal method of housebreaking the Church adopted at the last Synod. "Not all puppies are saints. We can accompany them and meet them where they poop, which is usually in the kitchen or bedroom." Weurl explained that many puppies may decide eventually to poop outside instead of where they are standing, but letting puppies decide this for themselves "protects and preserves the autonomy of conscience."