Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Fruit of Pope Francis "Effect" in the family: The intruder is in the house.

I was struck by the eloquence of this writer when describing the state of affairs inside of the family.

She doesn't write or perhaps she didn't recognize the dramatic shift when Pope Francis began to discredit moral and Sacramental theology and Church teachings on the Sanctity of Life, but her description of the magnitude of damage underway is outstanding.

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Michael Dowd said...

Sad story. Wrong word. Catastrophic story. Modern sexual morality is no sexual morality. I had a case in my own family when my daughter obtained a ministers certificate over the internet and officially married my grandson (her cousin)and his fiance. The marriage lasted a couple of years. Fortunately, they had no children. They see nothing wrong with this kind of thing and, in fact, think is rather cool. By the way my kids all just love Pope Francis.