Thursday, August 4, 2016

Anyone know what happened to Fr. Paul Nicholson?

He stopped sending out emails a few weeks back, his facebook account content on youtube has vanished.

I've been immersed in a home project and hadn't followed how things settled after the post-Voris dust up, but I thought he found some folks to help him with production of his videos and seemed to be plugging along. If that fell through, he doesn't need anything sophisticated. He can still deliver content with a computer and a youtube channel. Fr. Mike Schmitz does this very effectively and it's very a very simple platform to operate. If he needs help doing it, we'll be happy to pull a few people together to set it up.

The last post on Facebook that I recall was something about don't criticize the bishops, don't worry about what they say - yada yada - and I remember posting the same comment I keep repeating until I'm blue in the face: Nobody is worried about the bishops or the pope for that matter, what we are worried about is the daily onslaught of heresies coming out of this pontificate are now being repeated by our children and we are not going to stop asking them to cease and desist in the public square because of the baptismal promises we made to Christ.

I don't think others were very receptive to the idea that we should forfeit the salvation of the people we love and not worry about the pied pipers leading them to hell right in front of our eyes because we have some kind of imagined duty to spare the reputation of these wolves. We have absolutely no intention to use silence to give credibility to their counterfeit church. They'd have better luck asking us to look the other way while they ordain and shuffle pedophiles.

I have no idea if these convictions threw a monkey wrench in what he feels called to do for spiritual direction during these times. I certainly hope they have nothing to do with his retreat. His contributions through his internet apostolate were outstanding.

If you're out there Fr. Nicholson, we miss you, we love you, we are praying for you and we hope to see you back soon.


meja said...

Twice Fr. Nicholson came secretly to our very small parish, paid for by a young/middle-aged woman for whom he had private Masses. There was something troubing about that. He is a bit strange. I would avoid him in order to remain true to our holy Catholic Faith. meja

Jefe' said...

July 19th was the last daily email that he sent out. He was a treasure trove of orthodox information! Does anyone know the Diocese he was associated with. Maybe we can reach out to them to find out about him state of affairs.?

Michael Dowd said...

Yes, this is something of a mystery. I was on automatic contribution to him each month then suddenly, about 3 weeks ago, my contributions were returned. If anyone finds anything out about this please let Carol know.

TTC said...

I am surprised to hear the contributions were returned. It could be that he wasn't making enough or had enough and decided to return to parish ministry, but I don't understand why he wouldn't just let everyone know before he shut everything down unless the bishop pulled the plug.

Whatever happened, it's another great catechetical source and spiritual guidance that would be nice to have in some shape or form, once a week, occasionally, etc. To vanish without saying a word is something worth pursuing to see if the chapter can be closed more pastorally, or be assured there is nothing we can do to assist.

I think he is affiliated with London Ontario diocese. I guess if we don't hear anything I will give them a call.

TTC said...

Meja, I get how that would be suspicious to some people but Orthodox priests who grew disgusted with Mapplethorpe will often find friends and community in other ways. If he was doing a private Mass that is weird, but I have often prayed the Holy Sacrifice in small group Masses with priests. I don't see myself inviting him here, lol, but I do want him to know we are grateful for what he gave and we want to know he landed safely back into a ministry with the diocese.

Elizanna said...

Not all of us "love and miss" him that much. Fr.'s statement that an SSPX mass is worse than a satanic black mass was beyond unconscionable. I pray for him that he repent such slander.

Anonymous said...

TTC, not at all sure what you mean by: "If he was doing a private Mass that is weird...." There is nothing weird, abnormal, or wrong (in any way shape or form) about a priest offering a private Mass (with only one, or two or even no one else physically present) It happens all the time and there is nothing wrong with it. Of course, whenever the Holy Sacrifice is offered the place of sacrifice is packed with angels and saints even when on earth there is only the priest who is offering the Mass present.


TTC said...

Yes!! I should have been more clear!

Of course private Masses are done all the time! Nothing weird about that.

The post implied he was repeatedly doing a Mass for one woman, a woman that was a virtual stranger, with money.

I do think that is a little weird, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Check out his contact Kathy by calling 855-377-2851 or emailing her at

Anonymous said...

Elizanna, why don't you spend some time checking out the scandalous SSPX and what is going at their chapels, especially the one in Idaho? Time to take off your rose-colored glasses. All that glitters is not gold.

Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

I was wondering what happened to him also.

Last I saw Fr. Nicholson was with Matthew Pearson [formerly with Church Militant]. Father and Matt posted a photo together on Facebook about seeing where their path will lead them next or something like that.

You might keep your eyes on Pearson's Podcast website, Father might show up there (though his older Youtube videos are now gone from the Pearson site.


On July 11, 2016 he wrote the following on his Google+ account:

[quote] In my summer mission work, I'm helping at a wonderful camp conducted by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart
based in Still River, Massachusetts. Do not doubt me, I am a very happy camper. I gave the sisters little notebooks I had made for the
Jubilee of Me...[end]

I hope all is well with him.

In Christ,

TTC said...

Thank you Julie.

I wrote to the email address somebody posted (thank you!) and did hear back from him.

He has returned to ministry in his own diocese, at their request. He said he has and will continue to pray for faithful Catholic families and crackerjacks! He also asked that we continue to keep him in prayer and he expressed thanks for concern, prayers and well wishes.

I also wanted to add that while saying SSPX is as bad as satanic mass is a tough stance, I have repeatedly expressed my own disgust for ordained men who would pretend they can absolve sins and perform confirmations and marriages. If we found out the Pope was doing it, you would all be singing a different tune. Tricking innocent people into believing they have performed these Sacraments is despicable.

Dymphna said...

When he left Michael Voris he was looking for another broadcast platform. He probably hasn't put a deal together yet.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of Catholics are glad to see him gone. He is a nasty, hateful petty man with not a shred of humility. Not to mention heterodox. His evil and lies he spewed about the SSPX and Fr. Gruner would have been enough to have him defrocked in better times.

Orthodox, my ash. (To quote the master.)


Anonymous said...

All we know as bleivers in Jesus Xrist our Lord and God, and in his Church, that we are passing in big difficult times, all of us... Let's pray for each others, for the church and for all our priests, that Jesus Saves us in this difficult times of the history, and leads all of us to him the Way the Truth and the Life...Amen