Sunday, August 7, 2016

Here is something fun for your Sunday morning.

From the National Catholic Reporter:

Women "Deacon" Commission: A grand jury going nowhere.

The pope has settled on the lesser issue perhaps because it only involves spinning wheels and once again sprinkles the air with uplifting stardust that only looks as if it means something real.

You've got that right.

..the special commission strikes me as another balloon that pleases the crowd but pops as it goes out of sight.

Hoot Hoot!

Here's where the grand jury potentially hits a brick wall. The pope has already stood by JPII's stout rejection of female priesthood.

Hello smoke and mirrors.

I see nothing of the kind in a well-intended exploration with competent researchers that I'm guessing will go nowhere. With one perhaps unintended consequence. It keeps the crisis of women's actual entitlements front and center.

Does this scream "We are pathetic creatures without relevance", or what?


Anonymous said...

The truth re papal monkey business...

Michael Dowd said...

You are right about the Pope knowing how to fake folks out while they celebrate him. He does have some kind of special magic but we do have to wonder about it's source.

Anonymous said...

I see the message of Our Lady of Knock to be something more than what they say on TV that it is prayer. Yes prayer is great but there may be more: Saint John is seen standing CLOSE TO MARY with the Bible in his hand open to Book of Apocalypse. Remember that Saint John STAYED CLOSE TO MARY during the crucifixion - in doing so he was the only Apostle who did not deny Jesus as did the first Pope or run and hide like all the Apostles (Bishops) or betray Jesus as did Judas. So at Knock we see Saint John showing us again how to get it right - how to stay faithful to Jesus and the Church - even during an Apocalypse or apostasy - by STAYING RIGHT NEXT TO MARY !

All the tools we need we see at Knock - The Holy Family, The Eucharistic Sacrifice, The Bible, and Staying as close to Mary as we can!

Our Lady of Knock - thank you sooooo much for helping us today!

And thank you Carol for providing a way to get this message out to the world!