Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Mark Sheat Show: The Saddam Hussein of Blogosphere.

Is there any faithfully-practicing Catholic left in Blogosphere who hasn't called out Mark Shea's fatwa?

It's nearly unanimous: Shea is a bigger horses ass than Donald Trump on his worst day.

He must be feeling his foundation starting to crumble again - he's responded to the rock Jason Jones has just flung between his eyes.

He's dusted off the crack pipe.

He says he supports prolifers. Absolutely. It's just that as the arbiter of blogosphere for the CDF, when he pronounces a war as unjust, or when the government turns over evidence for him to make a judgment on how they got info out of mass murderers, etc., when people disagree with his pronouncements, they're in a state of moral sin.

He's got parts of the Catechism we are not privy to. He's the magisterium for the parts that have never been published.

Accordingly, he was appointed to set our priorities and we're screwing them all up. Prolifers say "Who cares" about the "rag heads", "kick all the Mexicans and their brats"...

I won't bore you with any more of his screed.

It is seriously the rant of a mentally and spiritually ill person.


Steve Dalton said...

Hey, I heard Shea is no longer going to have a blog at the National Catholic Register! Progress is being made!

Michael Dowd said...

Is the National Catholic Register neo-Catholic, i.e., doctrinally Catholic but pro Vatican II? Seems like they need, at least, to balance out the damage Mark is doing.

In my case I stopped taking the paper and stopped making donations. Same with EWTN. If a "Catholic" paper or blog can't bring themselves to criticize Pope Francis I conclude they are not interested in the truth and want no part of them.

Anonymous said...

National Catholic Register posted something on its site saying that Shea no longer will write for the newspaper because "his writings and engagement on other forums were irreconcilable with our editorial vision or standards of charitable discussion."

Gee, ya think????

If the people running that newspaper were in charge of human technological development, the Wright Brothers would haven't flown their bi-plane, yet, and Marconi wouldn't have broadcast from Newfoundland.

Anonymous said...

Not from the NCR’s website but from a reputable priest’s facebook:


The Register is no longer publishing blogs or commentaries submitted by Mark Shea. Mark’s writings at the or published in our print edition were within our editorial guidelines. However, his writings and engagement on other forums were irreconcilable with our editorial vision or standards of charitable discussion.

Anonymous said...

I met Shea all of 10 years ago and was very much unimpressed. While attending daily Mass is not obligatory I had the naïve thought that 'apologists' who are in love with Our Lord and His Church would be daily communicants. He was not. Which perhaps is neither here nor there but we had such wonderful priests and the Masses so reverent that it was a shame to miss any of them at this week long event. Also, he is a heavy set slob.

And his attacks on others has been over the top for a long long time. He is in no way a 'Catholic' who enjoys it! I know he is a convert but he does not seem to have embraced all the teachings of the faith but it could be that he has been misled by 'progressive, liberal' ones who don't either.

Our Sunday Visitor has some nice brochures. I was going to order some until I saw Mark Shea's name and decided I will not stock anything that would lead others to him.

veritas said...

I have been appalled at a number of comments made by Mark Shea. Each time I have said to myself, "Is this man really suposed to be an orthodox Catholic?"

His incredible theological position, that argued it was a Catholic's duty to tell the truth to Nazis hunting for Jews, even if it meant disclosing the wherabouts of hidden Jews and leading directly to their death, is one of the most unCatholic, indeed, evil things I have heard.

Shea actually criticsied pro lifers for disclosing the barbaric and illegal practices of Planned Parenthood, because the pro lifers had used decption to obtain facts in interviews that would otherwise never have been able to be revelaed. Shea was more worried about the "rights" of abortionists than the butchering of babies!

He also, some years ago, defended a publicly professed homosexual,arguing he was a great man. When Shea was asked whether the fact that the homosexual admitted to having homosexual relations with other men altered Shea's support of him, Shea replied that it was irrelevant!

Mark Shea is not only obnoxious and nasty to anyone he disagrees with, he is so under the banner of being a supposed defender of the Faith.

If ever there was a wolf in sheep's clothing within the Church - it is Mark Shea.

TTC said...

Veritable, thanks for these examples of his gross distortion of Church teaching.