Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sister Seahag Simone Campbell is upset President Trump is curtailing 'liberties' of forcing faithful people into collaboration with spiritual suicide.

Can't stand reading the insidious drivel of this treacherous liar.

“One of the big tenets of the Catholic faith and of the Christian tradition is the dignity of all people and the importance of a well-formed conscience,” Campbell tells Yahoo Beauty. “One of the things that concerns me about quote-unquote ‘religious liberty‘ is that it seems that the preference for the liberty of an employer is being expressed, but not for the employee. As people of faith, I think we are called to be respectful of all people’s conscience. … For me in this instance, it’s most often women who get caught in political machinations and not in actual concern as to what actually happens to them.”

Because she has 'actual concerns about what actually happens to them'

This nutcase nun advocate for having your mother lose her salvation because she suctioned your body apart until you were dead actually thinks she is respectfully serving people's conscience.

Diametrically and diabolically opposed from respectfully serving God's conscience.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Poor gal! Between this and the withdrawal from the Paris Climate boondoggle, she must be waxing apoplectic right now!

Anonymous said...

CRAZY no MAD, if the President said the sky was blue they'd call him on it!