Friday, July 28, 2017

Think the pope is contemplating yanking Summorum Pontificum?

I am with the folks passing on this one.

I don't think this is even on his radar. But even if he had the desire to do it, he doesn't have the fortitude to do anything that so brazenly shows his hand. Mr. Nice Guy's modus operandi is invective and slander, removing Cardinals who love it and filling their shoes with a prelate with a history of encouraging adultery and sodomy. All while touting himself as the great, welcoming, open-minded unifier.

We've watched this phenomenon on the parish and diocesan level for decades. I always wonder: Do they think we will all eventually toss our Missals in the trash and follow them into their rabbit hole of mortal sin?

I should think they would know our trajectory by now, so eloquently described on Rev. John Stone’s Twitter feed:

"Pope Francis can have my Latin Missal, when he takes it from my cold, dead hands."

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