Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pope Says Marriage is to be Reserved for a Man and Woman

When it comes to the true nature of marriage as well as gender, there is “critical confusion at the moment”, the Pope said.
When asked about marriage for same-sex couples, the Pope said, “Let’s call this ‘civil unions.’ We do not joke around with truth.”
Teaching children that they can choose their gender, he said, also plays a part in fostering such mistakes about the truth or facts of nature.

The Pope said he wondered whether these new ideas about gender and marriage were somehow based on a fear of differences, and he encouraged researchers to study the subject.

We don't need a complicated 'study'. The ideas spun from the web of lies of the devil and our people are being thrown into web by clergy.

The research is in. The media and government schools brainwashed them with this nonsense, told them their parents didn't love them, nobody believes their old ideas and when we tried to get our priests to teach the Catechism and back us up, they either did nothing or they regurgitate the lies of the devil. After 40 years of it, the pope has joined the chorus of affirming the lies of the devil.

While I appreciate this attempt to clarify his four years of dismissing and ridiculing Church teaching, he followed up this remark by saying sins of the flesh are not mortal:

There is a great danger for preachers, lecturers, to fall into mediocrity,” which is condemning only those forms of immorality that fall “below the belt”, he said.

Really? Because we'd all like to know where these priests exist outside of his imagination.

“But the other sins that are the most serious: hatred, envy, pride, vanity, killing another, taking away a life … these are really not talked about that much,” he said.

“The most minor sins are the sins of the flesh,” he said, because the flesh is weak. “The most dangerous sins are those of the mind”, and confessors should spend more time asking if a person prays, reads the Gospel and seeks the Lord.

Minor sins are venial sins that don't result in the loss of salvation.

Sins of the flesh are mortal sins that, without absolution and firm purpose of amendment, have the effect of dying with mortal sin on your soul and spending eternity in hell. There is nothing minor about it.


Anonymous said...

Pope Francis can't stop talking out of both sides of his mouth. Marriage is only between a man and a woman, he writes, but what about his photo op and visit with the Spanish transgender "man" who was preparing to marry another woman, in which Francis described the dominant partner as "she who is now he"?

Francis's claim that sins of the flesh are the least harmful directly contradicts Our Lady of Fatima's statement to Lucia that more people go to hell for sins of the flesh than for other sins. Common sense echoes this fact.

Francis is duplicitous. He can't walk a straight line, as usual.

Anonymous said...

sixlittlerabbits, if the pope can't walk a straight line, then he probably should stop nipping at the chianti. ;)