Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Voice is heard in Ramah,Weeping and Great Mourning

Prayers that each of you are having a happy and holy Christmas Season. I always get a kick out of how the Liturgical year goes from the birth of Christ to St. Stephen's Feast day and then into the Massacre of the Holy Innocents.

Christ's enemies certainly get themselves twisted up into a destructive tizzy.

This painting really captures the essence of how the terror affects our boots on the ground, doesn't it?

We're still hiding and protecting our children and running for our lives. But don't you wish someone would add a section to capture the terror being inflicted upon us from this pontificate?

The pope holding a Vatifornication Accompaniment decree.

Bishops who tell us Herod is ok because he cares about the poor and healthcare for women and children.

Maybe a section of politically-ambitious bloggers telling these mothers it's ok they're crusading for Herod because the new prolife movement shouldn't focus on the fact that he's a murderer?

Would be quite a picture. Like The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Prayers of intercession on this Feast of the Holy Innocents.

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