Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Romans Claim honor awarded to Lilianne Ploumen doesn't mean they support her crusades for abortion and birth control.

They can lie straight-faced.

The Vatican has said a papal honor given to a militant pro-abortion Dutch politician was standard “diplomatic practice” when someone is part of an official delegation with their head of state, and in no way was meant as a sign of support for her politics of abortion or birth control.

Remember the honor they gave to Trump?

Remember when the Holy Family honored Herod?

Oh wait...

Here's a description of the 'honor' bestowed upon Ploumen:
“the Pontifical Order of St Gregory the Great is conferred as a reward for services to the Holy See and the Church on gentlemen/ladies of proved loyalty who must maintain unswerving fidelity to God, the Supreme Pontiff, the Holy See and the Church.”

They must think we are stupid. If Ploumen advocated killing Catholic clergy, the Romans would acknowledge that what she does makes her ineligible for an award from the Holy See.

But Ploumen kills only children and robs women of salvation - victims they don't really care about. That's why they feel uninhibited to publicly display their homicidal bonding with proaborts. Ad nauseum.

That is the bottom line.

When it comes to politicians who advocate killing a certain group of people, robbing them of salvation, women and children are so meaningless to them, they are comfortable using the advocacy of the Holy See to make murdering politicians successful. That's why they are so attracted to communists like Che.

Killing poor or at-risk people decreases the surface population, helps the climate, therefore good comes from killing, it stops being a sin and unrepentant killers can go to Communion.

The Pope Francis/Roman crusades to overcome the 2000 years of the alienation of Herod and Herodias political is self-incriminating.


Michael Dowd said...

"Romans Claim honor awarded to Lilianne Ploumen doesn't mean they support her crusades for abortion and birth control."

This statement just adds the sin of lying to the scandal of support for a known murderer of babies. Is there is no evil the Vatican will not support?

TLM said...

She is not only an activist for the murder of abortion, but she is a 'rabid' supporter of the LGBT community!! Even disrupting Masses in Europe with her 'supporters' in active protest!! Something not a lot are picking up on. She is PRO DEATH all the way around. This 'honor' was totally inexcusable. It was blasphemy to the inth degree actually.