Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Faith The Francis and the Romans Abandon

This post by Fr. H is a keeper.

I think Frank Walker may have started the term "the Francis". I took a shine to it. It's a perfect description. It isn't really about the Holy Father, God bless him -- but it describes the insipid culture he is trying to establish from the Chair of Peter as the path to salvation.

If you want a good illustration of the faith the Romans have abandoned, advance the video to 1.25 and let it rip. Spend the 15 minutes. Put it on while you're washing the dishes, preparing dinner, are on the treadmill. Do it.

There you'll find the church of the Francis and the reasons why we will fight it. Pope Francis brings to the table the internal corruption of a culture that excludes moral truth and moral reasoning. He is asking us to enshrine it as the light to embrace and follow.

Every numbnut ordained in the last 50 years is coming out of the woodwork to expose the vice that led them to their blindness to Truth and diabolical disorientation. The things they say and do scream of their own temptations and sins against the First, Sixth and Eighth Commandment. Hurling invectives towards those who decline their invitation, they compound their spiritual afflictions with sins against the Ninth Commandment.

The number of madmen and cowards in the priesthood and episcopal see is a sorrowful sight. But at the same time, the numbers that are resisting are exceeding my expectations. A lot of them are silent but they are there, just doing their thing at the local parish--sometimes a little enthusiasm than they were before the Francis. Maybe they see the writing on the wall and are making up for lost opportunities.

This situation inside of the Church indeed requires warriors who are born to stand out. The work we've done in the secular culture were kindergarten squabbles compared to the battles ahead of us. Now we face the devil in hand-to-hand combat for the freedom from sin. These are the days that separate the boys from the men.

During the Obama administration, we watched the enemy of Christianity advancing on many fronts. The Obama administration supported and funded ISIS ethnic cleansing of Christians in country after country. We watched the enemies of Christianity jockey themselves into forcing Christians to participate in doing harm to bodies and souls or lose their ability to put food on their tables. I heard many Catholics saying Obama is taking our freedoms away.

No way.

Jim's quotes from the movie Braveheart remind us that those who oppose Christ and Truth have no power to take away the freedom to practice our religion. Inside or outside of Christ's Church. I don't care who they are. They can take our ability to earn a living, feed and house our children, they can impoverish or jail us, can take away our positions, they can mock, lie, slander, threaten or even kill us. But our willingness to continue to stand up and say 'here are the list of reasons you are causing spiritual and physical harm to Christ's people and you will never force me to join you' IS the retention of freedom. If we fight a reigning Pope, so be it. Let it be done.

"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives. YOU, YOU, YOU. We all must fight for that authentic freedom and live, my friends. By God we must live. And with the Holy Spirit as your Shield and Christ as your Sword, may you join St. Michael and all the angels in sending lucifer and his henchmen straight right back to hell where they belong."


TLM said...

I've watched it already......He is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! THIS is EXACTLY what the faithful need to hear. Actually, it wouldn't hurt anyone to listen to it at least once a week!! Maybe as part of our Sunday devotions to the Lord!! We got more from this guy than we would ever dream of getting from the pulpit from our 'Pastors'. Such milk toast effeminates they are!!

Michael Dowd said...

In a speech in Cape Town in June 1966, Kennedy said:

"There is a Chinese curse which says 'May he live in interesting times.' Like it or not we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also more open to the creative energy of men than any other time in history."

Our time may be the most interesting time in world history because it may be the end of world history.

Surely, the appearance of the devilish presence of Pope Francis, in view of statements concerning the corruption in the Church by Our Lady at her various apparitions, is a confirmation that our time is singular, challenging and spiritually deadly. One would think this would get most folks attention. Unfortunately, most wouldn't believe it. They really don't even want to hear about it.

gail ryberg said...

Thank you so much, Carole. You are a spiritual anchor, leading us to truths via links!

Kathleen1031 said...

Yes, these are unique times. I read earlier today, something to ponder. That horrible Cardinal Parolin is considered papabile, and of course, his name is Peter.