Saturday, March 31, 2018

Holy Saturday

Yesterday, local news carried the story of a missing young marine recruit whose body was found in the woods along a major Massachusetts highway. Unbelievably, his E7 marine recruiter is a suspect. The young man had difficulty reaching running/sit ups/push up requirements for military service and his recruiter told him if he moved in with him, he'd help him reach the goals. Anyone familiar with the military would be suspicious the recruiter was up to no good. Recruiters are forbidden to have any communication with a recruit outside of procedure and process.

NCIS swarmed all over the recruiting office shortly after Joey went missing. The recruiter was taken into custody on several unrelated charges - a DUI, a separate altercation with other marines and another incident threatening a Dominos delivery guy with his gun because he didn't get hot sauce with his order. My gut instincts tell me its just a matter of time before they nail him on murder charges.

Please keep this family in your prayers. It's hard to imagine that a person in a position that you instinctively trust could be capable of debauchery, but this is the world we live in. Overcoming family turmoil in the aftermath of death of a loved one, especially a death like this, takes heroic strength.

Another military mother reached out to a Facebook military moms group for prayer this morning. Her 27 year old son died in his sleep last night. She lost her husband and another son years ago. So much suffering in this world.

Many is the Holy Saturday we've all drawn strength from the Mother of God and the Apostles in the death of a loved one. Holy Saturday is the period of being stunned and paralyzed by the loss and changes to your life. Sadness and paralysis, and in some circumstances anger, wait patiently nearby for their opportunity to completely destroy you and everyone around you. If you let it, it can rob you of love, your life and vocation, relationships, the Sacraments.

In her perfection, the Blessed Mother knew and knows how to handle it all. She is the go-to person in the death of a loved one, or any loss for that matter. Especially in circumstances when the confusion and pain distances you from God. She will comfort you in your own pain, keep you close to her Son and His Sacraments and help you to move forward.

If you are feeling the ache of grief great words of wisdom can be found in this post.

My tears are mingled with my drink, for you have lifted me up only to cast me down, and I am as withered as grass. But you O Lord, abide forever. You will arise and have mercy on Sion, for it is time to pity her.

O God, in your passion, the prophecy of Simeon was fulfilled that a sword of sorrow should pierce the sweet soul of your glorious virgin-mother Mary. We reverently recall her sufferings and sorrow; mercifully grant us the fruits of the redemption that was paid for by your own sufferings, through the merits and prayers of all the saints watching beside the cross; who lives and rules with God the Father.

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