Sunday, March 18, 2018

Pope Benedict XVI letter also expressed his surprise over Pope Francis use of kooky German theologians

How much was left out of this letter is amazing.

From Fr. Z:

This monumental goat rodeo just gets worse and worse. Doesn’t this remind you of the seemingly inevitable truth that while a crime is bad, it’s the cover up that really brings you down.

What's pathetic about this PR campaign is, they're doing everything BUT conceding that Amoris Laetitia is a hot mess and fixing the errors in writing. Pope Benedict XVI hit Goliath between the eyes. Using theologians who lead people to unfaithfulness is a dumb idea.

When the Romans received Pope Benedict XVI's denial of their request to approve their theology, did they say "Oh wow, this is the exact same thing faithful Catholics are saying. We are doing something harmful that we must stop."?


They take the letter and figure out what to redact to make it look like Pope Benedict XVI thinks using unfaithful theologians is consistent with Christ and His Magisterium.

It's like the cheating husband who buys his wife nice jewelry. He's not going to admit what he's doing is wrong, stop it and be faithful to her, but will show up with diamond jewelry from time to time.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.


James said...

I hope Pope Francis’ Reign of Terror ends soon.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

Long ago, I think, they "practiced" their deception. They are experts now.

Jorge's deceit/malevolence in integral, as it is with his sycophants.

I have no respect for most clerics, and precious little left for Catholicism.


Anonymous said...

To Karl and anyone else who is disillusioned with Catholcism- don’t be, Christ said HE will always be with us, and Thankfully so far we still have Him in the Holy Eucharist talk to Him there. The Catholic Faith is The ONE TRUE Religion, Faith. Have Faith Jesus will return and set His house in order. Stay on the Winning side! The one that will get you to Heaven for sure.

TTC said...

Karl, Don't let the devil drag you down into his rabbit hole. Thankfully, The Mystical Body of Christ in His Catholic Church doesn't lose its beauty when I do stupid things. The same thing goes for the rest of us. Even the Holy Father. If you don't feel yourself head over heels in love with Christ and His Sacraments, it's time for some spiritual renewal and rejuvenation of your intimacy with Christ. Find a parish, retreat, new routine of prayer - frequent the Sacrament of Confession - go to Mass as often as you can during the week and fuggetabout the mess they are making in Rome or anywhere else!

john said...

Benedict XVI is a kooky German theologian, himself. Lots of warped views, one of the main men responsible for the ruinous VII. Francis is in part a result of Benedict's crappy theology and leadership.

TTC said...


What?! What did you personally read of Pope Benedict XVI's writings that you thought was crappy theology?

No mortal is perfect, but I was very much in tune to things Pope Benedict XVI said and did and his theology was consistent with 2000 years of the Magisterium.

Anonymous said...

Individuals, when they are angry with God, tend to lash out at His Church.

I’ve silently read many comments, here and elsewhere, over a long period of time and a pattern has shown forth from certain individuals which clearly indicate an anger with God Himself, but which is directed at His Church, which is the only really tangible (yet Divine) thing to attack in this world. How do you attack the Divine? By striking at the work of the Divine.

All peoples are sinful and in need of our Divine Savior, including those within the ranks of the clergy of His Catholic Church. The Church should be full of saints, YES, but, sadly, that is not and has never been the case. Just because I may be angry with God about something that was not good, just, right, or beautiful in my own life, does not mean that God is to blame for that nor does it mean that His Church is to blame for that.

Unless the individual addresses this anger at God, by admitting the truth of the matter, and seeking Divine forgiveness and help, there is a grave danger of eternal damnation.

Pray for the souls of all those who comment here. Pray for Divine peace in their hearts.


Anonymous said...

"Unless the individual addresses this anger at God, by admitting the truth of the matter, and seeking Divine forgiveness and help, there is a grave danger of eternal damnation.

Pray for the souls of all those who comment here. Pray for Divine peace in their hearts."

Thank you. I agree.

But, I have seen, first hand, the corruption of which I speak. Yes, however, I do wonder if God cares(sometimes) or even if He truly, exists(sometimes).


11rhymesandreasons said...

PF has shown us graphically what a pope is capable of doing with a formal papal document. He has demonstrated to us clearly, that ordinary magisterium is only ordinary magisterium when in accord with Tradition, and that a formal papal letter can phase in and out of ordinary magisterium. We all knew about this in regard to faith and morals vis a vis something other than faith and morals. But i would venture to say that 99% of us did not know the same distinction applies to faith and morals in accord with Tradition vis a vis faith and morals not in accord with Tradition. This doesn't make ordinary magisterium any less infallible than Solemn Judgement, but it means that what appears to be ordinary magisterium must be examined by those for whom it is intended, ever since the CDF was compromised. So that goes for all of the V2 popes.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, you lost me. Not that I
am the sharpest tool in the shed.


Michael Dowd said...

I'm with Hilary White that there is little doctrinal difference between Pope F. and Pope B. The main difference is one of style. Pope F. crude while Pope B. is slick.
All the Popes since Vatican II are Modernists with an evolving idea of Catholic truth.

TTC said...

Oh Karl, I am sorry to hear your faith is being tested. I originally blogged about the mess in Rome because there were so many orthodox Catholics whose concerns were being poo-poohed. They were scandalized and speaking about abandoning Christ for sedevacanists. Things are so bad that they do something stupid and scandalous every day and I worry now that it is sucking all of our resources that would normally be spent helping readers keep an intimate connection to Christ and his angels and saints.

Michael Dowd said...

For heaven's sake Karl-This is great time for all to speak out against the infamy that permeates much of the Vatican II Church which is intent on becoming Protestant and is almost there. Speak out, speak up but speak. It is a sin not to.

Anonymous said...

I was raised to understand that my walk might well not be all fun, games and joy and I realize that it is not my prerogative(pierogitive, from my Polish-side) to tell God how to do things.

But, this disorder is outrageous(pandemonium describes it more accurately) and the hierarchy are twiddling their thumbs, as objective truths are being irrationalized away. It involves no mercy or justice.

God needs to act, since those in charge have chosen not to act. But, justice and mercy must be integral to His method of operation, in spite of the reality that vengeance is God's alone.

Or, God is little different than the mafioso-like, arrogant thug, Jorge Bergoglio.


TTC said...

Karl, it's a painful thing to watch. We just have to keep plugging away doing what we think God is calling us to do. So glad you are with us here at TTC.

Michael - I agree!