Friday, March 9, 2018

Pope Francis Losing His Popularity Contest

Pew Research reports that Church attendance down from 41% to 38% in Papacy of Pope Francis.

Of course. And this is just the beginning.

Before the ministry of accompanying sexual debauchery became a pastoral thing, our people were resisting temptation and sin by using the Sacraments to draw the strength to live every day in a State of Sanctifying Grace.

The glue that keeps people in the pew is the absolution of our people's sin and the reception of the Properties of Christ in His Body and Blood.

If you don't have that, you are up for grabs to every diabolical spirit that wanders the earth looking for souls to devour.

More than 40% of Catholics concede that Pope Francis has been successful in getting them to accept adultery, abandonment of their spouse and polygamy.

That's one hell of a legacy to offer Christ on your day of judgment.


Anonymous said...

Good way of putting it.

Michael Dowd said...

Francis was elected to put the finishing touches on our complete conversion to Protestantism which began at Vatican II. He has been quite successful in that regard. Next? Married priests? OK on contraception? Eucharist is symbolic?

Yesterday I from Howard Kainz on a comment I made on the The Catholic Thing blog:
Howard Kainz The latest Pew Research poll says 84%, not +90%, of Catholics have a favorable view of Francis, and only 58% of Catholics see Francis as a positive change for the Church.

Note only 58% of Catholics think Francis has bee good for the Church.

TLM said...

Michael.....I'd like to know what 'kind' of Catholics make up this poll. Are they regular Mass attending Catholics? A couple of times a year Catholics? When the 'spirit' hits them Catholics? Just curious. I do think that most SERIOUS Catholics most likely already have his number. Even if they don't have a ton of details, they KNOW he's not leading the Church the way the Church should go.

And yes, I agree with you. Francis is the FINAL wrecking ball.

Anonymous said...

Francis is the Obama of the Catholic Church. We now see how Obama let things go to hell because he wanted the US to collapse, so that it could be taken over and cease to be what it is.

Similarly, Francis has persistently deconstructed Catholic teaching and doctrine--starting with OUR LORD's teaching on the permanence of marriage--and turning the Vatican into a homosexual playground.

We rabbits have to stick together as we oppose Franny's errors and remain true to the Church's teachings. Thank God even the secular world is starting to see Francis's perfidy and perversity.

Kathleen1031 said...

Frankly I was hoping it was junk science. I'm still not sure it isn't, but people are taking it seriously so maybe it isn't. Those numbers are still shockingly high, to me. It is a horror to realize how many Catholics are willing to chase the world.

Anonymous said...

I am skeptical of the concern on Jorge Bergoglio's part regarding the popularity of his behavior or actions.

I believe, increasingly strongly, that what he wants, what motivates him most thoroughly, is the complete destruction of the gospel and the silencing of Jesus Christ's mission. He will do whatever he can to further that end.


Michael Dowd said...

TLM. Michael.....I'd like to know what 'kind' of Catholics make up this poll.

The poll includes all Catholics but those who attend Mass regularly rate Pope Francis lower. According to the data cited by Howard Kainz
42% of Catholics think Pope Francis has not been positive for the Church. This statistic must be from regular Mass attending Catholics.

TTC said...

Michael, you hit the nail on the head!

Every Catholic I know who is immersed in their faith, has read Church teaching with the intention of understanding and living it, lives their lives using Sacramental Grace to avoid sin, goes to Mass greater than once a week - believes Pope. Francis to be a threat to the salvation of people they love. They don't like him. They wish he would make good on his threat to renounce the Chair of Peter. They are very much looking forward to the day the Chair is sede vacante and an election of the next pope is imminent.

On the other hand, the many Catholics I know who haven't been to Church in decades because they've been waiting for a pope who told them it's ok to sleep around, divorce and remarry, use contraception, abort their inconvenient children - etc - they believe Pope Francis is the man. They are still not going to Church though!

Anonymous said...

"Francis was elected to put the finishing touches on our complete conversion to Protestantism which began at Vatican II."

Mainline Protestantism (the liberal, "social Gospel" kind) perhaps. Evangelical, no. Not all Protestants are the same.

Michael Dowd said...

To Anonymous:

I was thinking of the kind of Protestants that believe in contraception. That should include most of the them.