Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I thought the Pope said he didn't read blogs.

Blogs have made it into an apostolic exhortation!

I've only read excerpts from the exhortation, so that's a blog post for tomorrow, but if he was as clear as a bell on the existence of the devil and hell with Scalfari, shouldn't he be the one taken to the shed for defamation and slander in an apostolic exhortation?!

This was a fast response. The swiftboating after Scalfari's accusations that the pope renounces the immortality of souls and existence of hell got the Romans hopping like bunnies on Easter Sunday.

I'm relieved he corrected the confusion. What bothers me, is the Holy Father's refusal to hold himself accountable for five years of confusion. Blaming victims, ad nauseum, is not at all helpful.


Anonymous said...

He’s only gotten himself in deeper with this latest, like immigration is on the same level as saving the unborn? Can’t wait for the repercussions from Cardinal Burke’s meeting last Saturday....

Marie said...

He did not reinstate hell. He acknowledged the existence of the devil. But where the devil is, he did not say.

Michael Dowd said...

The only point of the Pope holiness (really hatefulness) essay is to make traditionalists look bad. Pope Francis has to lead by example. His words condemn him.

Anonymous said...

TTC: Your Headline "I thought the Pope said he didn't read blogs" reminds
me of an old sage:

Question: When do we know he is lying?

Answer: When his lips are moving.